WHAT: Five Things is a fanfic archive dedicated to stories that look at 'five things' in the lives of characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Angel the series.

WHY: a2zmom posted a list of 'Five Things' stories in her Live Journal. She wrote: "There is one challenge that stands head and shoulders above the rest. A challenge so simple in its premise, a challenge that has lead to stunning flights of imagination, a challenge that keeps on giving, since to this day, people are still writing fic for it. At this point, it's crossed all fandoms, even found its way into a published work(!) and shows no sign of slowing down."

WHO: After reading a story by Basingstoke, Five Things That Aren't True, written for the Smallville fandom, Kita saw the possibilities and issued the 'five things that never happened challenge' to Jossverse writers.

WHERE: Five Things is hosted at Chrislee's site, Octaves of the Heart. Graphics have been designed by Carly.

WHEN: We opened January 1st, 2006 with 27 stories.

UPDATED: July 2009 with 8 more stories.


LET US KNOW if you've written a Five Things fic or know where we can find one.

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