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November 1
All Souls' Day - By Spiralleds
NC 17
You want one that doesn't have NFA spoilers? Buffy doesn't know any more than we do when NFA ended. The not knowing has taken its toll on Buffy and requires trying something radical.
Winner of Best Romance and a Reader's Choice Winner for Best Overall Story

November 2
When Others Slept Soundly - By TiarraJanae
My smarting wounds washed in blood, I sought him whom my Soul did love.

November 3
No Accounting For Taste - By Lee
When you’ve faced numerous apocolyii, hell gods, bloodthirsty Uber-Vamps, dragons, and hordes of demons, an interior designer is nothing. Right?
Winner for Best Comedy

November 4
Courting Sin - By Leni
Rewrite after ‘Passion’. There are two stories I’ve wanted to write since I began to write fanfiction: A) What if Angel never lost his soul – and wasn’t in danger to lose it? B) What would have to happen for Buffy and Angelus to get together in S2? This is option B.

November 5
Spades and Heartbeats - By MellindraX
A card game with the Scooby Gang becomes a consideration of lies and their detections with Angel and Buffy.

November 6
Promises in Black - By Bri Stevens
Buffy's birthday is approaching, and she decides to give herself a gift. A life.

November 7
Touchstone - By Maren
Everything he has done, every life he has lived, he evaluates in reference to her. She is his touchstone.
This story is unfinished.

November 8
Early One Morning - By Moscow Watcher
How did Buffy land in the middle of XIX century? Why couldn't she remember anything? An investigation... of sort.

November 9
Holding On - By Chrislee
Futurefic. A reunion and a parting.

November 10
Moths - By Bisi
NC 17
This was going to be Buffy and Spike exchanging Bad Sex stories, but it took a wrong turn. A/S, A/B, B/S implied.

November 11
Breaking Point - By Kristi
“It doesn’t matter. If Dawn dies I’m done with it. I quit.” Buffy in The Gift. An AU where Dawn does die in The Gift and Buffy makes good on her word.

November 12
That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles - By Smilin_N_Michigan
NC 17
Buffy hasn’t seen Angel since he dropped off the amulet, but they do chat on the phone once in awhile. Angel’s too busy being on the run from Wolfram and Hart to actually stop by and see her. This story is set five years post NFA and Chosen, Buffy gets sent on a recon mission from Giles. Will she find more than she expected?

November 13
A Thousand Tiny Deaths - By Nyxie
They meet once a year--long enough to avoid temptation, short enough to avoid losing touch.
Winner of Best Angst

November 14
Kindred - By Ares
Buffy is in Los Angeles one week after Angel and his team stood and fought in that alley.

November 15
If I Know What Love Is - By Snow
If I know what love is, it is because of you.

November 16
Frustrated, Much? - By Isis FG
NC 17
Angel stays human and he and Buffy follow through with their decision to wait, but frustration is getting the better of them.

November 17
Be No Flower - By Glossolalia
NC 17
This fic includes B/Oz and A/Oz in addition to B/A.
"Angel's never going to stay away from her forever. Nor will he ever stay."

November 18
Imaginations of Her - By Semby
When one more has been lost, they find each other again.

November 19
Return to Me - By Lamia Archer
Buffy travels halfway around the world to find Angel, and finds that's only half the journey.

November 20
Awaken - By Jo/Canadiangirl_86
Angel’s mourning is Buffy’s epiphany.

November 21
This Happened - By Chrislee
Seven encounters that might have happened.

November 22
Standing in the In Between - By Lilian
In Rome, Buffy is remembering things that never happened.

November 23
Pluperfect - By Jo/The Librarian
It’s about their moments of perfect happiness.
Reader's Choice Winner for Best Overall Story

Black Friday - By Ducks, The Anti Joss
NC 17, eventually
There's a lot of reasons why the day after Thanksgiving is the worst shopping day of the year. Black Friday, 2005 (For those unfamiliar with the term, that's the day after American Thanksgiving, when everybody in the universe goes holiday shopping.)
This story is unfinished

November 24
Nine Drabbles - By *Stars*
Answers to nine miscellaneous drabble requests.

November 25
Second Chances - By angelic_amy
Post ‘Lover’s Walk’ Pre ‘The Wish’.

November 26
Wish Your Heart Makes - By Viola Claire
“He’d been telling himself he wouldn’t dream of Buffy, and he’d known that he would.” Set during “Nightmares”.

November 27
It's Only Time - By a2zmom
Additional scenes from IWRY.

November 28
Vigil - By Dark Star
Buffy finds that she doesn't have to cope alone.

November 29
Walking Away - By NWHepcat
The snow makes her think of the Christmas they'd walked together in the daylight. But what he mostly did was walk away.

November 30
Bodiless Within The Bodies - By thekaropersonality/tkp
Buffy’s in L.A., then Angel comes back; Angel’s in Tibet, then Buffy comes back.
Winner of Best Drama

Like A Someone Broken - By Rachel
Rating: R
Summary: You tide me over with a warmth I’ll not forgot and I can only give you love.
Reader's Choice Winner for Best Overall Story