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2006 IWRY Stories

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November 1
By Jo
If you’re old enough to watch the show, I guess you’re probably old enough to read this. There’s the odd naughty word and just a smidgin of sex.
It’s about Angel and Buffy, and communication, and the Post Office. The Oracles lived under the Post Office, if you recall.

November 2
By Lostakasha
Post-Chosen, Post-NFA, Post-Shanshu. Angel understands worship’s most damaging truth: sometimes prayers are answered, leaving victims in their wake.
Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Angst.

November 3
here, not waiting
By Regala Electra
Wherein not-ghosts pay many visits, Buffy meets a transdimensional being, a treasure hunt of a sort is begun, a horrible metaphor is invoked, and they meet again.

November 4
Puzzle Pieces
By *stars*
AU, all human fic. When Hank Summers suddenly reappears in his daughter’s life, Buffy thinks that all of her dreams were coming true. She is about to find out how wrong she was about that.

November 5
Ever After: Five Fairy Tale Endings
By seraphcelene
Love can be as sharp as the point of a knife, as piercing as a sliver of glass. Five fairy tales, Buffy and Angel.

November 6
Facing the Future, Facing the Past
By Lee
How does one move on? To embrace his future, Angel must first say goodbye to his past.

November 7
By Leni
Seven years ago she'd thought she'd burn and never ask for anything else if only she could enjoy a moment like this.

November 8
What is Forever?
By married_n_mich aka smiling
Buffy’s having a hard time since her mother’s death and only one person can help her through it.

November 9
By Ares
A chance encounter?

November 10
Talk Like Lions
By WesleysGirl
It's Buffy's turn to remind Angel how to be strong.
Winner of the Reader's Choice for Drama

November 11
By Maren
Intermezzo: a short dramatic, musical, or other entertainment of light character, introduced between the acts of a drama or opera.
Winner of the Reader's Choice for Best Happily Ever After

November 12
Gods and Monsters
By Lamia Archer
NC 17
A really weird morning after leads Buffy into a world where her wildest dreams can come true, until - as usual - it turns out that things are not always as they seem.
Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Romance and Best Overall Story

November 13
As Dark Things are Loved
By Redbrickrose
The thing about circles is they come back around.
Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Overall Story.

November 14
Persistence of Memory
By Tesla
Even if Angel hadn't lost his soul, people would have died in Sunnydale

November 15
Four Times Buffy Saved Angel’s Life (and One Time She Couldn’t)
By semby
If she had the choice, she’d save him every time.

November 16
Their Love Will Never Fade Away
By angels_terra
Angel gets a vision.

November 17
By Snow
NC 17
What if Wolfram and Hart had brought back Buffy instead of Darla?

November 18
What We Do
By Ares
NC 17
There are few rewards in this new reality.

November 19
It Had To Be You
By biggrstaffbunch
Just because they're both human now, doesn't mean they're automatically gonna get a happy ending. Three seasons, three sides of the Shanshu-ever-after.

November 20
With Wings
By Jo/Canadiangirl_86
There are some things even a 250-year old former vampire is afraid of.

November 21
A Sorta Fairytale
By Rachel
A semi-chance meeting, because really, when was anything ever chance with them?

November 22
Same Time, Next Year
By Emma Grant
NC-17 for explicit m/f sex
Angel goes to San Francisco after Cordelia has a vision that Buffy is in danger there, but he finds more trouble than he'd bargained for. (Set after the end of BtVS S4 and AtS S1, just after Restless and To Shanshu in LA.

November 23
Out of Time
By Dark Star
Who knows what the future holds?

November 24
After the End
By violaclaire
The B/A meeting post-Flooded/Carpe Noctom.

November 25
By Spiralleds
The shanshu doesn't make things any simpler. Sometimes you need serendipity. (Post-Chosen and Not Fade Away)

November 26
A Place in Hell
By Laure
Willow didn't give Angel his soul back and when Buffy stabbed him with the sword, something very different happened to both of them.

November 27
City in the Sun
By Denny
NC 17
Post-Chosen, Post-NFA. Buffy celebrates a special day by remembering a good day.

November 28
What Am I To You
By A2Zmom
When Angel unexpectedtly shows up at Buffy's door, she realizes how little she knows him and wonders if she ever did.
Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Overall Story.

November 29
By tkp
Used to be "5 Ways B/A Never Shagged", but Spike decided to make it eponymous. B/A, with a heavy B/A/S at the end.

November 30
Happily Ever After
By Lynne
Angel goes home again

Bonus Fic
Dead Letter Office
By Jo
It’s about Angel and Buffy, and communication, and the Post Office. The Oracles lived under the Post Office, if you recall. That was what I said about ‘Letters’, and it holds good for this, too. But this is different. Maybe 50 years after Not Fade Away. In this dimension, anyway

By Chrislee
Buffy is never far from her past. But eventually she must let it go