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2007 IWRY Stories

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November 1
Souvenir is French for Memory
By biggrstaffbunch
He sends her gifts from all over the world. She wonders if this is real. Or if it even matters. Buffy doesn't know what Angel wants of her, and maybe that's the only thing that's stayed the same between them after all these years. Or maybe nothing has changed at all, and maybe that's the problem.

November 2
Five Ways Buffy and Angel Never Meet And Never Have To Say I Love You, Post NFA
By LAndrews
Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Overall Story

November 3
The Lull
By Dark Star
Sometimes the easiest decisions are the hardest to make. This story is set between Choices and The Prom.

November 4
Doesn’t Everyone Know R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.?
By Lee
It’s amazing to Buffy how such a simple children’s rhyme reminds her of how far they’ve come.

November 5
Almost Perfect Happiness
By TinPanAlley
For once, she was going to cut through the bullshit and find out where she and Angel stood with each other.

November 6
All The Promises We Make
By Lynn
R for a few cursing but PG-15. :)
After Buffy leaves Angel wonders if he made the right decision

November 7
Five Times Angel Lied
By Spiralleds
Is it better to not make promises if you can’t keep them?

November 8
Nascent Descent
By thenyxie
Post-NFA. She’d go to Hell and back to save him.

Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Overall Story

November 9
Sun in the Daytime, Moon at Night
By Susan aka apckrfan
Angel goes in search of Buffy when he sees her in the tabloids one too many times. This is pure, unadulterated fluff!

November 10
A Lifetime or Five
By bashipforever
She’s tired of waiting, tired of never meaning to do anything.
Spoilers: S8 Btvs comic book

November 11
Remembrance Day
By Jo
If you’re old enough to watch the show, you’re old enough to read this. If you’re on a diet, though, beware.
Lest we forget

Winner of Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 12
The Alley
By Ares
Angel’s life has been defined by many moments spent in alleys. Things haven’t changed.

November 13
A Ghost Story
By Moscow Watcher
What if it was Buffy who wore the amulet?

November 14
In The Sun
By Hannasus
As it turns out, he doesn't make a very good human. He should have remembered this about himself.

Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Happily Ever After.

November 15
So Many Things
By Kiki van Buren
Her love for him is so many things.

November 16
Some Girls Wander By Mistake
By Madame Meretrix
Italy, 2018. Angel heard that Buffy was dead. He heard wrong.

Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Drama.

November 17
Fool Me
By Leni
Part of 'Morning After & Other Fairytales' 'verse. Alternate 'The Prom'. "You are worth better things, Buffy."//"Loneliness? Anger? No date for the prom?" She enumerated. "Yes, I see how those are better things."

November 18
By Jo
Sometime after the last we heard of Angel and Buffy. Diamonds are forever.

November 19
By krypton288
"I was in Heaven," she tells him. Missing scene during early season six BtVS and season three AtS.

Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Angst.

November 20
By Lostakasha
here was happily, there was ever, and there was after; disparate concepts belonging together only in cartoon fairy tales and in the dreams of the very, very young.
This is the third in a trilogy that began with Pentimento and was followed by Camera Obscura. The important points from those stories are incorporated here, so if you hven't read them you'll be up to speed.

Lonely Hearts
By Eleni
Journeys are all about how you reach the destination.

November 22
By Jack
Sometimes a second chance is the only thing you need, and sometimes it's the only thing you aren't going to get. Unless of course you're lucky enough to have a big hearted, higher being meddling on your behalf.

Winner of Reader's Choice for Best Romance.

November 23
Split the World
By Semby
They'd break down the barriers between time, space and dimensions to have just one more day together.

November 24
By globalfruitbat
There were things Buffy thought about when she thought about Angel. These thoughts, though...were new.

November 25
By enigma731
This is the heart of her disguise, the skin she hides in when she doesn’t want to see the reality of her newfound existence. Sometimes she amazes herself with her own capacity for being a stupid teenage girl.

November 26
Frozen Moments
By Dark Star
One who lives forever must find a way to remember.

November 27
By Ducks, The Anti-Joss
NC 17 Language, violence, sexuality
Legend has it that Angel was supposed to cross over during Buffy’s resurrection, but as usual, network politics (and Joss’ complete lack of give-a-shit) prevented it. I wanted to consider what might have happened if Angel had been there. (An Alternate “Bargaining” and “After Life” (BtVS Season 6))

November 28
Soap Opera Cliché
By A2Zmom
Cordelia rolled her eyes and looked heavenward. "Just when I think the Buffy/Angel show can't get more 'As The World Turns'." AU from the end of the episode Sanctuary.

November 29
Here, Your Wandering One
By Maren
San Francisco seems like a good place for a fresh start.

November 30
Know Thyself
By thekorapersonality
Buffy and Angel go back in time. Mostly porny.

Bonus Fic
One Thousand Kisses Deep
By seraphcelene
The slayers came when they were called and as they rose, Buffy fell.

By Chrislee
Rating: NC 17
Summary: What if the news of Buffy’s death post-The Gift was delivered differently?