2008 Stories

2008 IWRY Stories

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November 1
Night Time is the Right Time
By married_n_mich
As Buffy teams up with Faith to find other slayers, she starts dreaming about Angel. One or two dreams were no big deal in her opinion, but when they start happening more often? And then someone else from her past enters the picture to tell her she’s on the wrong track, what is a slayer to do?

Winner of Reader's Choice Best Happily-Ever-After

November 2
In Sunshine or In Shadow
By Spiralleds
The pipes, the pipes are calling/ From glen to glen, and down the mountain side/ The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying/ 'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.

November 3
Of Dragons and Vampires
By Moscow Watcher
What if Willow couldn't bring Buffy back from her catatonic state in The Weight of the World? What if Buffy slept through a regularly scheduled apocalypse?

November 4
and every breath we drew was (hallelujah)
By biggrstaffbunch
Hard R
I did my best, it wasn't much/I couldn't feel so I learned to touch/I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you. Angel, Buffy, and reunion. Happy endings don't come easy. Sometimes they don't come at all. Five times our star-cross'd lovers never made it to their final act.

Winner of Reader's Choice Best Angst
Winner of Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 5
Gamble on Destiny
By Leni
PG-13. If you watched ‘The Wish’, you’re good to go.
Suppose Angel avoided getting staked, and then managed to save Buffy from the Master. The story starts an hour after the worst of the battle has passed.

Winner of Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 6
What's Cooking?
By Lee
Angel has a new crush and it isn’t Buffy.

Winner of Reader's Choice Best Romance
Winner of Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 7
On the Road to Somewhere
By clevermonikerr
Angel experiences some changes after he leaves the monastery, and finds new life on more ways than one. AU from Heartthrob.

November 8
By Ares
PG13 for violence
Some say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What about the bad? Can evil intentions bring about some good?

November 9
Weighing Each Link of the Chain
By quirkytaverna
Whistler brings the big moments and the big decisions. Buffy is surprised to see him.

November 10
I Can't Stop Loving You
By angelus2hot
Angel reclaims his soul mate.

November 11
Always & Forever
By Aaronlisa
Angel & Buffy share a love that's eternal.

November 12
The Burning Girl
By Trixen
Thou shalt not suffer a slayer to live.

Winner of Reader's Choice Best Drama

November 13
Here, Instead of Other Theres
By landrews
Angel's madness is destroying him. His family tries to help him.

November 14
Saved the World, But I Never Saved You
By thenyxie
There are some things in life you never get over. This is one of them.

November 15
By Dark Star
What do you do when your heart is broken? Takes place between Becoming (part 2) and Anne.

November 16
A Life in Hell
By Laure
R, language, hints of sex
Buffy and Angelus have been living on her estate in Hell in peace and solitude until she receives a summons from the King of Hell that she can't ignore.

November 17
Capturing the Moment
By Bruttimabuoni
Thirty precious seconds just before the start of Innocence. Approximately 29 seconds before, in fact.

November 18
No Romeo and Juliet
By bringthewonder
The aftermath of Buffy's death and resurrection.

November 19
Persistence of Memory
By tkp
Angel thinks turning back the day he turned human (in the episode “I Will Remember You”) is one of the best things he ever did. These are the other things.

November 20
A Brief History of Time (A Love Story)
By Lamia Archer
Now she realizes that, had they never met, she wouldn't be. She'd be some other girl, some other Buffy.

November 21
Fire & Thirst
By Starryseed
PG 13
Angel's sanity slowly slips away after Buffy sends him to hell. When he returns to Sunnydale, there's no promises that he'll be okay anytime soon.

November 22
5 Times it didn’t work out and 1 Time it did
By Bashipforever
Easy wasn’t in the equation for them. It never had been.

November 23
A Second Surprise
By Zoe/baffae
“The part of the end of the night [morning] where we say goodbye, it’s getting harder.”

November 24
Be Careful What You Wish For
By annegables
Spike makes a wish that has unusual consequences.

November 25
Off Route 17
By ClawofCat
Something stable, something familiar. She needs that. She needs land and not water.

November 26
Angel, After
By Lostakasha
Seasons and centuries pass, but Angel’s devotion to Buffy remains.

November 27
Set Your Hope On Fire
By Regala Electra
In her dreams, she brings the First Slayer out of the desert.

November 28
You Ain't Goin Nowhere
By clevermonikerr
Buffy finds Angel in Chicago, and realizes that they’re still the same.

November 29
By Jo
The Bachelor Party is the episode immediately prior to I Will Remember You. Leafing through a book on Angel’s desk, Doyle finds a photograph. This story explores what Angel might have been remembering, before Doyle came into the office.

November 30
I Was Lost
By a2zmom
Angel wakes up in alley with no memory of anything that happened once he was resouled. Somehow, he needs to make sense of his life. Uses some elements of the AtS comic After the Fall, although knowledge of that story is completely unnecessary.

Bonus Fic

La Mariée
By Maren
NC 17
If all the things that made you who you are disappeared, would you still exist?

Crash Into Me
By landrews
A ghost asserts herself to get what she needs from Buffy and Angel.

By chrislee
Sometimes you have no choice but to say goodbye.