2009 Stories

2009 IWRY Stories

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November 1
In The Gloaming
By Landrews
Angel and Buffy keep running into each other

November 2
Give Thanks (Forgive Despair)
By escritoireazul
There are many ways to hurt and even more to love.

November 3
Call of the Wild
By Ares
Not all is as it appears when investigating the disappearance of a young couple in a small village in Wales.

November 4
By seraphcelene
PG-13/light R
What Angel remembers between Hell and home. Set post-Beauty and the Beasts.

November 5
Give Your Thanks (And Join The Fray)
By Leni
It’s Thanksgiving ’08. Buffy and Angel celebrate their first holiday as an official couple – or at least, they try to. WIP.

November 6
Love's Truest Language
By Fluff
PG with barely visible PG-13
"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck."- Emma Goldman

November 7
By AnneGables
Set after Buffy and Angel have their fight at the police station in L.A. For anyone who asks why Angel can go into Buffy’s dorm room without an invite: Spike didn’t need one when he went in Willow’s room and Sunday’s vampire crew stole Buffy’s stuff, right? I just choose to feel that Angel’s asking for Buffy’s invite in the ‘The Yoko Factor’ was more an emotional requirement. Anyway – just go with it.

November 8
Damnation's Castaway AwakeningBy Kairos
Angel's back from Hell. Buffy does what she can.

Winner Reader's Choice Best Angst

November 9
Never Meant to Be
By Aaronlisa
There’s a reason why Buffy and Angel never really work out whenever they try.

November 10
I'll Never Forget
By angelus2hot
An alternate ending to I Will Remember You. Buffy doesn't forget.

November 11
By oy_humbug2 (Charlynn)
When Wolfram and Hart use a little black magic and some rock and roll to compel Buffy and Angelus together for one cataclysmic yet passionate evening, consequences are rendered that neither the slayer nor the vampire expected, ones that will impact and change the world and their relationship forever.

November 12
The might have beens that made their relationship.

November 13
The State of the Union
By Yseult deBreton
NC-17 (for ze sex)
How do you celebrate an anniversary when you don’t know it exists?

November 14
Fade Out
By Dark Star
It's always about the blood.

November 15
By starlet2367
NC 17
A getaway

November 16
Weight of Life
By Anna/bite_or_avoid
Absolution is not his to have. Post-NFA.

Winner Reader's Choice  Best Happily-Ever-After

November 17
The Stakes
By only_passenger
NC 17
Buffy never could choose. The universe, she thinks, should have chosen for her.

Winner Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 18
Four Re-ensoulments and a Funeral
By Jo
It’s about souls, and magic, and those in-between times.

Winner Reader's Choice for Best Drama

November 19
To Say Goodbye
By Montana
PG 13
Six times Buffy says goodbye to Angel. And one time she doesn't.

November 20
In Time
By littledust
NC 17
Buffy and Angel steal another moment in time.

November 21 Built to Last
By Vatrixsta Cruden
Rating:PG (though it's probably safe at PG, I like to hedge)
In every moment of decision, different worlds are born.

Winner Reader's Choice Best Romance

November 22
dreaming (even if it breaks your heart)
By Lee
She doesn’t dream much anymore.

November 23
By Ares
Where do dead men go when they’re, well…dead? Set sometime in the future, post NFA.

November 24
Paid in Full
By Chrislee
An old debt is repaid.

November 25
We're Always Saying Goodbye
By Biggrstaffbunch
They come full circle, one way or another.

November 26
By Insomnfreak
I suck at summaries. It’s about Buffy and Angel.

November 27
As I'll Ever Be
By Spiralleds
Before you cross the street, take my hand. Life is just what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. ~John Lennon

Winner Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 28
Off the Beaten Path
By Leni
The Meeting. Yes, THAT Meeting. Set in early BtVS6/AtS3.

Winner Reader's Choice Best Overall Story

November 29
Five Times Angel Drew Buffy
By a2zmom
NC 17
Drawing her was the only way he could hold onto her.

November 30
Star Crossings
By lynnenne
Summary: It is the star to every wand’ring bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass come
- William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

Bonus Fic
Smoke Damage
By Kairos
Something very personal got left behind in the wreckage of Angel's LA apartment. Now it's resurfaced, and it may be all that's left of him.