Fire & Thirst

Fire & Thirst

By Starryseed
Author's Notes

The fire lasted seconds.



An eternity.

Yet even the flames-perpetually burning, "available only in a Hell dimension," (stop by today!) couldn't begin to compare to the torture he put himself through.

He deserved to burn.

He deserved to die, and not just the simple death of a sired vampire. He should be dust. He should be nothing. No, he needed to suffer. For what he'd done to her.

Blond hair-a dark alley. Proper ladies shouldn't be out this time of night. Especially not in this part of town. But she wasn't proper, was she? No, darling boy-

No. Not her. She wasn't the One. His Chosen One.

Buf- He couldn't even think her name. He wasn't worthy of it. He relished the pain when it made him forget, cursed it, when it brought her face God she's so tiny and perfect and strong to his mind. Eyes that were green in the sun, blue in the deep darkness so dark, in bed, beneath me, burned him. Seared, worse than the flames of Hell.

When they disappeared, suddenly, his mind shattered. Naked, trembling, weak as an invalid who'd been in bed for 20 years just like that boy in that story, the one with the whole universe inside his throat his hand moved. Felt something small, closed around it.

My love . . .

heartcrownhandsheartcrownhandsheart. . .

Things went dark.

Thirst. Hunger, it burned in his stomach. Tightened the muscles. Sanity came and went. Inside his mind, there was limited control.

Enough not to let go of the ring. And to not kill one of them. Sweet. Close. So close . . . The scent called to him. PainfearsweetsweetbloodlikeherfaceinthesunbutI'veneverseenitinthesunandneverwill. Called so much that he shifted. Moved closer. Would have attacked. But the dog smell came.

Days. Hours?

Hunting again. Rats aren't enough, not any more. Not like before he first saw her. Blond young long hair sunlight cherry sucker. Sweet smells again. This other scent; so familiar, almost his, so close. He can't help it, and attacks. She takes him out easily.

The next time he wakes up, he sees her . Proper ladies shouldn't be out this time of night. Especially not in this part of town. Chains prevent him from reaching her. Tasting her.

So hungry.

The End

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Author's Notes:
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Summary: Angel's sanity slowly slips away after Buffy sends him to hell. When he returns to Sunnydale, there's no promises that he'll be okay anytime soon.

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