Their Love Will Never Fade Away

Their Love Will Never Fade Away

By angels_terra
Author's Notes

A white light flashed before his eyes. He swiped his hand through his spiked brown hair trying to figure out what had just happened. He had just had a weird dream or vision. In it, he had seen a dragon flying in the sky. Angel wasn’t sure where all these images had come from. He had never met most of those people, so why did he vision them. Fred, Gunn, Hamilton, Eve and a few others were some of their names. In addition, the last time he had seen Wesley he was laying on his back in Sunnydale.

‘Were these things to come? Did they just give him a vision? Could he change this path for them?’ he thought.

“What’s the meaning of these images?” he asked.

“A guide no more no less,” the female spoke.

“Does it mean there is a way for me to stay human and still help Buffy?’ he questioned.

“When one door closes another opens,” the male answered.

“Could you give me a direct answer?” Angel said angrily.

“To answer you, yes. We have shown you what is to come. Let your memory stay strong and even a mere lower being as yourself can help,” the male stated.

“The Morha Demon said, ‘Together we are strong’. Does this mean we are to always be together,” Angel asked trying to clarify.

With a sigh the sister said, “Yes, all is as it should be.”

“The powers have lost a warrior though. I can be a liability for Buffy this way. And my soul tells me that I still should fight the good fight,” pausing to collect his thoughts,

“What I mean is there away to still have the strength I once had?”

Sister and brother turned to each other. They did not speak a word but conveyed a conversation through their eyes.

“My brother thinks you are a lower being and shouldn’t waste anymore of our time. However, I see a warrior for the light in front of me. One who is willing to sacrifice everything he desires to help the world,” she said.

Angel nodded his head at her. He wasn’t sure if this meant they would help him or not. He began reciting a prayer that he hadn’t said in over two hundred years.

“My dear sister has a soft spot for this romantic thing. Because it not only pleases her but it will also help the side of good it shall be done. You shall be less than what you were yesterday but more than you are now,” the brother recited.

“Does that mean that it's completed?” Angel asked.

Suddenly he was flying through the air and smacked into the wall. Then he heard, ‘Take care of her, others, and yourself, Champion of Light’

Angel sat in his car staring at the sunset. He needed to go inside and talk with the others but couldn’t tear his eyes away. Finally, the last light disappeared from his sight. He was now human and free from his demon. The Oracles had given him the gift of strength so he could still fight.

‘Wait, is that what they did? I left before finding out exactly what they did.’ he thought.

He decided he needed to go inside, talk to the others so they could figure out what happened, and fast. There were many bad things coming if those images were right.

Angel began strolling through those images again.

Doyle. They needed to destroy that thing before it could kill him. Angel was proud that Doyle finally understood what it meant to fight the good fight.

Faith. She was going to wake from her coma soon. The path that she would leave behind wasn’t going to be pretty.

Parker, Riley, Adam, and Dracula. Angel almost wished he could growl again. That vampire would get his head ripped off if he touched Buffy. He was going to have to write a timeline for everything he had seen so he would not forget.

Buffy was going to jump off that tower to her death. She was doing this to save a sister that some monks had created. Shivers ran up his spine at the thought of living in this world without her. How could they even think he would go on if she weren’t here? He knew in his heart he would have greeted the sunrise on her grave.

Then there was that whole vision about Cordy and him being in love. Yeah--right. She was like an annoying baby sister to him. Baby. He had had a son. Conner. The child then disappeared into a demon dimension, kidnapped by Holtz. They must have dug deep into his memory for that one. This vision tore at his heart because it was thing he couldn’t have. On the other hand, maybe now he could.

Cordy then turning evil and sleeping with his son, Connor, the one she helped raise. That was just plain disgusting, incest. Those Oracles sure had a sick sense of humor.

Willow. Sweet, shy, innocent Willow. She couldn’t have gotten addicted to magic and then went and tried to destroy the world. All this was happening while Buffy was sleeping around with SPIKE. Next time I see Spike I am going to stake him myself.

Angel began laughing aloud at that. Those images were so ridiculous to him. They said if he chose the path of being a vampire this is what would happen.

Shaking his head to rid himself of all those crazy thoughts he opened the door. He climbed out of the car and strolled into the office. The office was too quiet for the middle of the night. It was their busy time of day. A note on Cordy’s computer caught his attention.


Doyle and I took the rest of the day off. We didn’t want to hear those noises coming from downstairs. If your closing down for good then I get servants pay for at least two weeks. Doyle says to have a great time.

Cordy and Doyle

Rolling his eyes, Angel headed for the elevator. The basement was also very quiet. Looking around he seen no sign of the blonde beauty. He turned the knob to his room and gasped at the sight before him. Buffy was lying on his bed sleeping in all her glory. The picture that she made was heavenly and it was a good thing that the curse was gone. Her hair was sprawled around her on the pillow like a halo. Her cheeks were flush from sleep, her arms spread out above her head, and her legs spread apart.

From the view alone, his pants had suddenly got tight. He quickly pulled his shirt over his head as he stalked toward the bed so he could devour his pry. Firmly but gently he pulled on Buffy’s body bringing her butt to the edge of the bed. Angel draped her legs over his shoulders and started massaging her legs.

Inhaling her scent as he lowered his head to her made his cock twitch. Slowly he moved his tongue from her clit to her opening. He pushed his tongue in and explored her depths. Buffy began moaning as her hips began to move. Angel placed his hand on her stomach to hold her down.

His other hand was sliding up her leg as he reached the apex he slowly inserted one finger. His tongue slide up to her clit and began flicking against it.


Her eyes still hadn’t opened but she intertwined her hands in his hair. His tongue was flicking faster and faster on her clit. She was now grinding herself against Angel’s face.

“Oh. God. Yes. Please. Angel. More.”

Quickly he inserted a second finger and began pumping them in her. He curled them so they would brush her special spot. He could tell she was on the brink so he clamped down and started sucking on her clit.

“Oh Angel! I’m going to cum.”

Angel bit down and pushed her into an orgasm. Her juices started flowing heavily out of her and her muscles clenched hard around Angel’s fingers.

He groaned at that and decided he had waited long enough to enter her. He stood quickly and shed his pants and boxers. As Buffy’s eyes finally opened, Angel’s hungry stare greeted her.

Bending down he captured her lips with his. The taste of herself on his lips sent an ache back to her core. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him closer to her.

Angel nudged at her entrance but refused to give her what she wanted.

“Angel, please I need to feel you.”

Groaning again Angel sunk into her opening. When he was fully inside her, he stopped moving, enjoying the feel of her heat surrounding him.

“Buffy, I love you!”

“Mmm, Love you too!”

Slowly he pulled his cock completely out of her and pushed just as slowly back in. She could feel his every inch sliding in and out of her core. Their lips smashed together as their tongues started sliding up and down the other. His chest was rubbing against her nipples causing them to harden.

Still he moved so slowly in and out of her. The tenderness that he showed was heartbreaking.

Buffy however needed more, “Angel, harder please.”

“Shhh baby. I want to enjoy feeling you for as long as I can.”

Pumping in and out of her, he could feel her getting wetter and wetter. Suddenly an incredible sensation rocked through him. Looking down at her, she was smiling at him. Every time he pulled out, she clamped her muscles around him.

“Buffy, don’t”


Still he pushed in so slowly that it was driving her mad. She moved her hand down to her clit. Locking eyes with him, she began moving them in a circular motion. He groaned when he saw her eyes roll back into her head. Her muscles were now clenching on their own accord. The feelings and sight were just too much for him.

He reached down and grasped her hips, and started pounding into her.

“Yes, Angel.”

Reaching down he began helping her massage her clit.

“Baby, you are so tight. It feels so good.”

“Angel, oh god Angel.”

Slamming his hips forward he drove into her. Angel felt her body tense as her orgasm hit her. Her walls were milking him as he spilled his seed deep within her body.

Angel bent down and kissed her gently as their lower bodies still rocked together. Falling down beside her, he pulled her body over to him. Reaching down and kissing her forehead he whispered, “Sleep baby, we will make another day like this one tomorrow.”

The End

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Author's Notes:
Rating: MA
Summary: Angel gets a vision
Disclaimer: The story has not been beta'd so any mistakes are mine. I don't own any of these characters, I just write for the fun of it

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