Nine Drabbles

Nine Drabbles

By *Stars*
Author's Notes

For: southernbangel
Title: Forever Yours
Other Characters: Faith, Willow, Oz
Timeline: Future. What if Angel had remained human after IWRY but he and Buffy had a long-distance semi-relationship? How would a post-NFA reunion go?
Prompt: Rome, plane, penny
Comments: If it could be mushy, happy, fluffy B/A I would love you forever and ever.

Buffy sat back in her seat, the airport lounge becoming less comfortable with each passing second. He had told her his arrival time, the number of the plane he would be on and what he would be wearing, just in case she’d forgotten what he looked like, he had teased. That was a thought she couldn’t fathom. Every inch of his body would be forever ingrained in her heart, she’d never forget what he looked like; not in this lifetime nor the next.

As the announcement blared loudly over the intercom system of the next arrival, Buffy sighed heavily. She’d begged Faith to come with her, but her sister Slayer had declined. She had offered her services as chauffer to the airport, but that was as far as she went. Faith knew better than anyone what lay beneath the surface of her two sex starved friends and she had no intention of bearing witness to them ripping each other’s clothes off in the middle of Rome’s largest airport. She enjoyed a good kink every now and then, just as much as the next person, but some things she wanted no part of. Buffy and Angel getting it on in plain sight was one of them.

Buffy didn’t understand Faith’s adamant decline of tagging along. It wasn’t like she and Angel were planning on doing it right there in the airport, in front of everyone. Hell, they probably wouldn’t be doing it at all. Their on again off again long distance romance had been almost worse than when he had been in Sunnydale and had the curse. Every time they had tried to get together since that day he took his first breath in over a century, something happened.

Reaching in the right pocket of her short leather coat, Buffy grabbed hold of the lucky penny Willow had given her. She claimed it was the very thing that she had wished on the day that Oz had walked back into her life. She held out all hope that it would bring the same magic with it to whoever possessed it, which in this case would be her best friend. Buffy smiled at the thought, Willow had always been the hopeless romantic. Buffy hoped that this time, her friend was right.

“Penny for your thoughts,” a familiar voice offered.

Storing those musings for another time, Buffy rose out of her seat and threw her arms around Angel. It had seemed like forever since the last time they’d been offered time together.

“I missed you,” Buffy choked out through tears she wanted desperately to hold in.

Angel glanced around at admiring smiles they’d managed to get from the other Lounge patrons in only a few seconds.

Stepping back away from Buffy, Angel reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small box. “And here I’d been practicing the whole plane ride all of my arguments for why this will work this time, and why you should just trust me and give in to your heart, and quit being responsible for a change, and then you go and say that.”

Buffy’s tears dried and her smile beamed from ear to ear, “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she squealed, jumping into Angel’s arms.

Cheering and clapping erupted from those who had stuck around to watch the events unfold.

Angel smiled, whispering in Buffy’s ear, “But I didn’t even ask you yet.”

For: flyergirl
Title: Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
Other Characters: Spike, Wesley
Timeline: Future
Words/Phrases: "There's such a thing as too much information", a drinking game, a sex toy other than a dildo/vibrator

The previous night’s Thanksgiving celebration had ended after the drinking game Spike insisted everyone participate in. ‘Up and Down the River’ managed to inebriate all of the party’s guests to the extent no one could leave. Everyone but the winners of the game had passed out, fully clothed, pretty much where they sat. The winners however had opted to carry the evening’s activities on into the morning hours with a little private party of their own.

Buffy had consumed enough alcohol to make even a Slayer incredibly giddy and yet she seemed to be the more conscious of the two. Thinking their guests were all asleep for the night, Angel dragged his lover into their bedroom for a little post-party fun. Buffy shhh’ed Angel all the way down the hallway, and continued to do so even after the door to their room was closed. She was all for more fun to be had just between the two of them, and she even had the perfect pair of accessories to wear, but having the rest of the house listen in on their fun wasn’t really in her plans.

Angel’s tolerance for alcohol had diminished greatly after the final battle of the End of Days and his human status had been returned. He liked this living and breathing thing, and the having lots and lots of sex with Buffy thing was even better. His life was turning out pretty much the way he’d dreamed it would ever since the first day he’d laid eyes on her.

Eyes of which, were about the size of saucers now as he watched his lover move to her own rhythm, removing clothing as seductively as any woman possibly could. As she undid her white lace bra and let it easily slide down her toned arms, Angel groaned in satisfaction. Buffy quickly moved her right index finger to her lips and in that old schoolmarm way warned Angel to keep quiet.

Maybe it was the way she warned him to keep it down, or maybe it was just warning him at all that fuelled the fire that was burning him up inside, he wasn’t sure. One thing he was sure of though was his desire to have her, to have her right then. With one fluid motion Angel was behind Buffy, wrapping his arms around her now naked body. Angel groaned again, more loudly this time, partly out of desire, mostly out of defiance.

Buffy smiled at her lover’s reaction, trying to entice him further she bent over at the waist, her bottom thrusting directly into his most sensitive area. A giggle escaped Buffy’s lips as she felt his reaction to her move bulging through his black trousers. Before Angel could make any concerted effort to wrangle his lover in, Buffy had reached under the edge of their bed and retrieved the riding whip she’d purchased online from one of those sex toy sites. Twisting and standing quickly, Buffy was suddenly upright and standing behind Angel. With one quick snap, Angel felt the whip sting his cheeks even through the cloth of his pants.


Buffy giggled and repeated her action.

“Baby, if you do that one more time, I’ll have you upside down and fucked into next Friday,” Angel warned, his desires for his lover only growing with each slap of Buffy’s new toy.

“Oh my lord! There’s such a thing as too much information you know!” came Wesley’s voice from outside their bedroom door!

This time they both giggled.

For: mshepnj
Title: An Interview with a Vampire
Request: Angel sadly recollects the feelings. tastes, scents of his day of humanity with Buffy
Other Characters: B/A or Just A (thinking about B) or A confiding to a friend about B (your choice)
Timeline: Future - AU or Canon - your choice
Prompt: Candlewax, chocolate, crackling
Comments: Just ANGST. Pleeeeease?
A/N: Yes, totally ripping off of Anne Rice. The idea is hers, not mine! She and Joss own this stuff, I don’t!

There’s a man sitting at a table, pen in hand, writing paper in front of him. “Testing. Testing,” he says into the recorder before rewinding and playing it back. Once satisfied that everything was in good working order, he speaks to his companion.

“Angel, are you ready?”

The vampire nods his assent.

“The date is 23 November, 2099. Time, 9:00 p.m. My name is Michael Callahan, and I am interviewing the vampire, Angel. Also known as Angelus and The Scourge of Europe.”

“Angel, could you tell me how you came to be? Who made you and who have you made since?”

Angel answered the meaningless questions the young man posed. He needed to satisfy the writer’s urges to know the whole story, when in truth, there was only one story to tell. It was just a glint in his long, lonely existence, but in reality, it was the only bit worth telling. Finally, after hours of recalling events and people he had little desire to remember, he reached his time with her.

“If you will please excuse my ignorance, my studies have indicated that the Slayer never existed. She was pure myth, created by the vampires to further enhance fear, both within their clans and with the human race. For knowing a vampire had successfully ended the life of a Slayer would have surely brought deathly fright to a potential victim.”

Angel stared unemotionally at the young man. His beliefs, though false, were common among the humans of this time. After his beloved had passed on, the lineage of the Slayer ended. There were no Slayers in this day nor had there been for almost a century now. The thought of her death, their time together, the legacy that ended with her brought him to his knees. Tears flowed easily down his face, Angel sobbed openly.

When the vampire had finally let go of the tears for his beloved, tears he thought he’d long ago shed, he sat down at the table and recounted his memories. His most poignant tale, the writer would later concede. He’d never believed in the myth of the Slayer, but sitting and listening to the Vampire Angel, he couldn’t believe otherwise. The tale was rich with love and lust, heartache and death. To hear the story was one thing, to listen to the heartache echo from the vampire was truly another.

“She had come to tell me not to return to Sunnydale. To tell me that I had left her and that was my choice, so I needed to stay out of her life. She had moved on. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but I knew she was right. I had no right to interfere in her life anymore. She needed to find someone who could give her everything I couldn’t, and then it happened.

“We were standing in my office having this conversation when a demon crashed through the window. Buffy kicked it, I wounded it with an ax but still it took off through the window. We tracked it, and in the process I end up with some of its blood….blood that made me human.”

“Wait….let me get this straight? You were made human? By demon blood?” Michael asks, confused.

Angel nods solemnly remembering that day as if it were yesterday. He continues on, explaining the day he spent with Buffy. Just the two of them, just some guy and his girl. The chocolate they fed each other, the ice cream and everything else. He had felt like he was high on some drug, but it wasn’t some drug. It was her, and all that she did to him, but magnified.

“We fell asleep in each other’s arms, watching the candle wax drip down over the edge of the glass from the candles we’d lit before we made love. The smell of vanilla and Buffy was completely intoxicating,” he continued with a hitch in his voice. He was trying desperately not to break down. He’d kept this day to himself for exactly one hundred years now.

Today was the day, one hundred years before.

The tears crept out again, and Angel brushed them away with the back of both hands. He could never have imagined how hard this was going to be. The secret that only he’d ever known, until now.

“But you’re a vampire…what happened?” Michael asks, curious and impatient all at once.

“I….I uhh….I asked the Oracles to change me back.”

“You what?”

“I had the day taken back. When I was human I almost got Buffy killed. I went back after that demon to prove… prove I could, and it almost got us both killed. I couldn’t do that to her. I couldn’t put her in that kind of danger. She would have done anything to save me, and I knew that. I couldn’t let her do it. So I took the day back, like it never happened. No one but me would ever know.”

“You never told her?” Michael asks sadly.

“I couldn’t,” Angel answered, tears still streaking his face.

“But…why? Why now? Why me? You’ve kept this horrible secret for a hundred years…why now?”

“Why do you think?” Angel returned, rising from his chair he moved away from the table and walked across the room towards the window looking out over Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

Michael had only now realized that the morning sun was rising. He had been so consumed by Angel and his story that he had lost an entire night. A single tear slid down his cheek as he listened to the crackling of skin and bone, burning in the early morning sun.

For: baffae
Title: Wrapped up in Love
Canon: based on IWRY
Other Characters: only B/A
Timeline: set in IWRY
Prompts: sheets, shoes
Comments: a cut scene from the day that wasn't. like a different version of the cookie dough fudge mint chip bit

They had spent the day in bed, just the two of them sharing moments, sharing their love, sharing ice cream. It would be a day to remember, a day neither would ever forget. They had both dreamed about this silently but never had dared to say aloud their fantasy, for fear the spoken words would banish any possibility they might have at happiness.

But the day had come and they were taking full advantage of it.

Wrapped in the sheets from the bed, but more importantly wrapped in each other’s love, Buffy and Angel held each other, savoring every second as if at any moment it could be ripped away. Finally, at Angel’s urging, they two moved their party into his shower, tripping together over a pair of discarded shoes that had been haphazardly kicked off in their haste to enjoy one another.

The water sprayed warm over both their naked bodies as they kissed and touched and died a thousand deaths inside each other.

It was a day neither wanted to forget.

But it was a day only one of them would remember.

For: cornerofmadness
Title: Even the Rain Bleeds
Episode: IWRY
Timeline: Au from that eppy, let's say Buffy's there for Hero
Other Characters: well Doyle and Cordy.
Prompts: I can't think of a single prompt outside of rain

She had promised him she could handle it. She had promised him she could take care of herself; that she didn’t need him as anything more than a man by her side. Angel was everything to her regardless of his status in this world. Technically dead or fully alive, her heart did not discriminate; right now, she almost wished it had.

She almost wished she’d let him take the day back.

She almost wished…

Maybe he couldn’t have stopped Doyle as a vampire, anymore than he could right now as a man, but at least he would know. Instead she stood back, rain soaking her body, but not caring in the least, and watched as he clung to Cordelia, and cried on her shoulder.

Both of them mourning the loss of the man that had sacrificed himself to save the world. A man they both cared for in different ways. A man Buffy hardly knew. Both sharing a moment Buffy could never be a part of.

She almost wished she hadn’t been here to see this.

She almost wished it had been her instead of Doyle.

Staring down at her crimson hands, the ones she’d so desperately tried to save Doyle with she realized, that even the rain bleeds.

For: candylea
Title: Nightmares Buffy has a flashback and confronts Angel about whether it was real, his response is up to you, cos angst or fluff are cool! prompts.....stilettos, yoghurt, space, any, all or none is fine.

She’d had the same dream now, three times a month for three months running. Buffy wasn’t sure what the significance in all the three’s were, but the dream in itself was becoming more of a nightmare each time. It always started out innocently enough; she was dressed in tight red leather pants, matching stilettos and a flashy silver shirt that tied loosely around her neck and back. She was in a club, dancing, enjoying herself and then it would happen.

She would loose herself in the rhythm of the music, close her eyes to better feel the beat and when she’d open them again she was in Angel’s apartment…in Angel’s bed, licking ice cream and yogurt off his chest, making love for hours at a time. Then suddenly the scene would change and they were standing in his kitchen, she would beg him not to do it and cry that she’d ‘never forget’. And as the panic took over her body and her heart would begin to race like wildfire, Buffy would wake up; sweat soaked, rapid breathing and a tightness in her chest…her heart ached.

After the ninth time waking up from that nightmare, Buffy decided it was time to pay her former beau a visit.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Buffy,” Angel denied.

“Well it’s coming through in high-def, clearer every time kind of surround sound, you know like I was actually there kind of clear. I can even tell you what flavor ice cream we had,” Buffy shot back.

Angel turned away, unable to look Buffy in the face, unable to tell the lies he had to tell to spare her the agony that only he was suppose to feel.


“I think you should go Buffy. It was just a dream, that’s all.”

“Maybe it was a premonition…” Buffy offered hopefully.

“It was just a dream. Nothing like that could ever happen, not to me anyway.”


Angel finally turned and looked at Buffy, only one more lie he told himself, “Look, I have a case I’m working on. I have to meet a contact. I have to go.”

“I….I see.”

“It’s just a dream Buffy, that’s it. But if I suddenly turn human, you’ll be the first to know.”

He grabbed his coat off the hook and shrugged into it and headed out the door, leaving a very solemn Buffy standing in the doorway, tearfully looking after him.

For: bashipforever
Title: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
Timeline: Future
Prompts: clock, tea, tears
Comments: Have a heyday with it. Do basically whatever you want. If you feel the need to add another character to the drabble go for that too.

Angel stared at the clock that sat on his desk in his den, the same clock that had sat on his desk years before at Angel Investigations. The timepiece no longer worked and hadn’t for years, and with good reason. He’d never forgotten that day nor would he ever. He only hoped that when they met up again on the other side, she would forgive him for what he had done.

Buffy paused in the doorway, brow scrunched up as she watched her husband. He did this from time to time; sat at his desk and stared at that old clock. It didn’t work, hadn’t for as long as she could remember, but for some reason she could never get him to throw it away. She’d even tried to get rid of it once on her own when he was away. That was one mistake she’d never repeat. The tears he’d shed over that old antique when he’d thought it was gone forever was more than she could bear. She’d spent three days in the Sunnydale Landfill until she’d found it.

What a woman wouldn’t do for the man she loved?

Well, most women wouldn’t dig in a landfill for a clock or anything else, no matter how much their significant other loved the item. But for all she and Angel had gone through to get to this point in their lives, she would have gone to hell and back for him. Just like he had for her.

“Tea?” she asked finally, rousing her lover from his trance.

Angel looked up and smiled, “Please, one…”

“Lump. I know. It’s been almost ten years now Angel, I’ve fixed you tea enough times to know how you like it!” she returned as she sauntered over and climbed on his lap.

Wrapping his arms around her he nestled his chin on her shoulder, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume.

”Well, you know…you do forget things from time to time,” he teased, Buffy having no idea that there were things, big things, she really had forgotten.

Buffy spun around and eyed Angel, “One time! I forgot our anniversary one time and you never let me forget it!”

“It was our first one.”

“Yeah, but I was saving the world still, what did you expect? I’m not Wonder Woman you know!”

“No you’re way hotter than Linda Carter,” Angel returned with an appreciative smile.

Buffy playfully slapped Angel as she got up to go get the tea.

“One lump, don’t forget!” he called after her.

“I won’t! I’ll never forget!” she answered over her shoulder as she left the room.

A single tear slid down Angel’s cheek at those words.

For: blueyedangld21
Title: Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Timeline: IWRY, two weeks after that day (time not turned back) LA, Angel's Apartment
Prompts: room full of rose pedals, vanilla candles, romance
Comments: Wasting no time, Angel proposes to Buffy. *g*

It was two weeks to the day, almost to the hour and minute he took his first breath in over a century, and Angel was planning on making the most of it. He'd debated this decision like none other in his life and chose this time to listen to his heart above common sense and reasoning. He had balked at first, not sure whether this new status of his as human was permanent or not and who could blame him. With the way things had been for he and Buffy caution was not something to take lightly.

Seeking out the advice of the Powers and his closest friends, Angel decided that he needed to seize the day and conquer his fears. And so that is what he was doing. Romance was first and foremost on his mind. Their first time together had been anything but romantic, and their first time after he had been turned human was lacking slightly in that department too as far as he was concerned. Lust and desire and long suppressed need had fueled them on that first day. This however would be different.

Carefully placed vanilla candles and a room full of rose pedals were what he was planning for tonight. He wanted to leave no stone unturned in his bid to win Buffy's heart, and hand for good. They were destined to be together, that he was sure of; why else would the fates deal them this hand.

When Buffy arrived at his apartment after her return to LA, Angel wasted no time in getting down to business. Sweeping her off her feet and down the stairs to his apartment, he didn't even give Buffy time to say a word about the scene he'd laid out for her.

"Buffy, will you marry me?"

For: leni_ba
Title: Some Things Need to Change
Fluff: Angel's human. Now that he's seen in sunlight, he SO needs to change that wardrobe.
Comments: if you can include Cordelia's friendly ghost in any, you'll be my hero.
Prompts: black-and-white movies

Angel sat on the couch in Cordelia's living room pretending to be engrossed in the old black and white movie that was playing on the television. He could have cared less about Bela Lugosi's version of Dracula; he wasn't even close to the real thing. But on second thought, maybe he should give Bela some credit; he wasn't nearly the drama queen the real Dracula was.

"Do you like this?" Buffy asked as she held up a light pink and blue stripped shirt for Angel's consideration.

Without looking Angel mumbled his answer, "Mmm…hmm…"

"Annnnngel!" Buffy pouted, "This is Cordy's shirt! You're not even looking!"

Before Angel could respond a pile of clothes with tags still on them were dumped unceremoniously on his head.

"Gee…thanks Dennis," Angel mocked at the air, hoping Cordelia's friendly live-in got the underlying sarcasm.

"Well, you're not paying attention! You need new clothes! You're not dead anymore! You need to get away from all the blacks and stuff. That's so…." Buffy trailed her sentence.

"Me?" Angel returned, hoping that maybe his girlfriend would let the subject….die for lack of a better term.

"Although it pains me to agree, Buffy's right! You really need a new wardrobe," Cordelia chimed in.

Angel shot his friend and employee an annoyed look.


"My wardrobe is fine. Besides, I thought you said it made me look mysterious and sexy," Angel stated, looking at Buffy for confirmation or denial.

"La La La La La…" Cordelia began singing with her hands over her ears; she turned and left the room.

"What?" Angel looked baffled.

The End

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Author's Notes:
Rating: PG
Summary: Answers to nine miscellaneous drabble requests.

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