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I Can't Take My Eyes Off You: Angel, Spike, and the Nature of Evil.
Written for Tania's Essay-a-thon. Her request: Compare Spike and Angelus pre-soul in terms of the nature of evil. Please use examples of known exploits/obsessions if possible, and how these motivators relate to their ensouled counterparts.

The Soft Chewy Center: Layers of Life in "Underneath."
This is an essay on the AtS Season 5 episode, "Underneath," written by Sarah Fain & Elizabeth Craft. For Crazydiamondsue's Buffyverse Mini-Marathon Discussion.

Why We Fight: An Essay on Truth and Purpose
An analysis of Angel 5.13, "Why We Fight." Examines the episode's inspiration in Frank Capra's war documentaries, Sam Lawson's significance as narrator, the role of truth and lies in Angel Season 5, and the themes of friends, family and purpose.