NOTE: The essays/comments/miscellaneous writings included here are the property of the writers. The opinions expressed in them are not necessarily the same as mine. But, hey, I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion!

I Can't Take My Eyes Off You: Angel, Spike, and the Nature of Evil
By Lynne ♥ An intelligent look at the relationship between Angel and Spike- no, not the romantic one.

Spike/Angel Manifesto
By Romany ♥ Romany went looking for Spike and found Spike/Angel instead.

Ten Commandments
By B. Cavis ♥ Spot on (and often too funny) look at the ten commandments of fanfic.

Newbie Thoughts
By Carmen Sandiego and Snowdrifted ♥ Wonderfully irreverent look at our beloved shows by two new viewers.

The Unlimited Playground of Fanfiction
By Amy Berner ♥ Keeping our beloved characters alive through fanfiction.

In the world of fan fiction, great TV and movie characters never die.
By Malene Arpe of the Toronto Star ♥ A look at fanfic and the part it plays on keeping television shows alive.

Inextricably Linked: an essay on B/A/S
By Nevernever ♥ Ever wonder what's so damn fine about Buffy and Angel and Spike together? You're not alone.

Not Fade Away
By The Royal Anna ♥ An eloquent and heart-breaking look at the end of an era.

Fanfic Rules For Absolute Beginners
By Poshcat ♥ Poshcat helps the helpless.

Christian Allegory in BtVS/Ats
By thedeadlyhook ♥ The Jossverse is symbol-rich and this essay examines the Christian symbols in the shows. Intelligent and immensely readable.

Wish Someone Had Told Me...Fanfic Writing Do's and Don't's
By Poshcat ♥ A great list of things to avoid (and things to consider) while you're crafting your masterpiece.

Buffy and Spike: A Love Story
By The Royal Anna ♥ A careful examination of the Buffy and Spike relationship. Wonderful reading.

The Grand Unified Theory - Human, Vampire, Soul, Redemption
By DLGood ♥ A fascinating look at the character of Angel, in all his incarnations.

More Than Just Who's Got the Power: Buffy and Bridging Gender Fault Lines
By Kendra Washington ♥ An academic paper on the balance of power in the Buffyverse.

Musings on my One-True-Pairing
By Purple Smurf ♥ Purple Smurf examines the B/A relationship, which has been considerably complicated by Spike.

Reading "Reading the Vampire Slayer"
By Sunka ♥ What happens when a new fan of the Jossverse gets ahold of some essays about the Jossverse? Check it out.

My Angel
By Ebonbird ♥ A poetic look at Angel's characteristics.

Spike Isn't Scary
By Wiseacress ♥ An interesting look at the character of Spike.

Pairings and Pet Peeves
By Minim Calibre ♥ Minim discusses characterization faux pas.

The Last Temptation of Angel Investigations
By D.M. Evans ♥ The author calls this a biased look at the implications of "Home" and thoughts on what season five might hold. Warning: There are spoilers here, just so you know.

Why I'm Returning My Ats Season One DVDs
By Markeyisapunk ♥ An interesting look at the end of Buffy, and the ways in which the viewers have been let down by the shows.

Wanted: Resolute Heroes
By DLGood ♥ I stole this little gem from Dlgood's's a wonderful look at the the reasons why, for Dlgood at least, Buffy's hero's journey seems unfinished. It's an excellent piece.

What do Buffy and Angel mean? Really.
By Margot Le Faye ♥ Originally posted at the Babble Board, Margot answers the question, what do Buffy and Angel mean, to each other...and to us.

Chosen: A Look At the Final Episode
By Annie Sewell-Jennings ♥ Annie takes a careful look at what "Chosen" means for all the characters in the Buffyverse.

All About Angel
By Kita ♥ A beautiful look at Angel. Pure poetry.

Our Slayer Won't Go Gently Into the Dark NightBuffy Saved The World
Both of these essays come to me via my friend Starlet who took them from her ISPs Entertainment section.

Fandom Sociology: The Mechanics Behind the Beast
By Princess Twilight ♥ A tongue-in-cheek look at the who's who of the fandom.

What the Bad Angel Really Did in Buffy's Room
By Chris Geary-Durrill ♥ A humourous look at what Angelus was up to in Buffy's room.

Buffy and Spike: An Exercise in Futility
By Magi ♥ Magi gives us her two cents on why Spike and Buffy just don't cut it as a legitimate pair.

Buffy and Angel: All Paths Lead Home
By Margot Le Faye ♥ Margot is the champion of hope for the battered B/Aer's heart. This "essay" was a response to a post on the BA Fluff list, but reading it just gave me a huge shit-eating' grin. If you're worried that the path won't lead our beloved characters back to each other, read this!

Raves and Flames: The Art of Feedback
By Queen of Cups ♥ Learn the difference between giving useful and mediocre feedback.

Character Assassination
By Queen of Cups ♥ The Queen of Cups takes a look at some of the most common blunders made when writing characters.

Aggressiveness in Females: Biological or Sociological?
By GatorJen ♥ Gator Jen takes an academic look at agressiveness in females...using Buffy as an example.

God Personally Offended
By Liss ♥ WARNING: This satirical look at the reactions of both God and Satan to a "potential" romance between Angel and Cordy is NOT Cordelia friendly. But it's kinda funny!

A Soliloquy for Buffy and Angel
By Trammie ♥ The Buffy and Angel story has captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers around the world. This essay touches on why we're so enchanted by their story.

The Search For Redemption Doesn't Exist!
By SCWLC ♥ SCWLC examines whether redemption is even possible for Angel.

You watch a show about...what?
By Chrislee ♥ Rambling thoughts about the show that changed my world.

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