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All Angelus
All Hands on Deck
Angel Annex
Angel Official Fanclub
Angel's Secrets
Angelus Dedication
The David Boreanaz Chicken Conspiracy
The Detective Formally Known as Angelus
That Angelic Glare


And The Reason Is You
Bedtime Story Awards
The Big Bad Awards
Blood Calling Awards
The Broken Heart Awards
BTVS Awards
The Crossing Over Awards
Fang Fetish Awards
Heroes Awards
Love's Last Glimpse
Rogue Poet Awards
Shades of Grey
Shattered Frames Awards
Spark and Burn Awards
Spuffy Awards
Sunnydale Memorial Fiction Awards
Sweet Pain Awards
The Willowy Goodness Awards


A Lasting Love
A Slayer's Love
Angela's B/A Fic
Apocolypic Paradise
A Really Happy Ending
B/A Index
B/A University
Blood Roses
Buffy and Angel Fanfic
Buffy and Angel Homepage
Buffy's Angry Puppy
Chosen Fics
Cruel Obsessions
The Dance Studio
Denial Haven
Destiny Awaits
Dream Universe
For the Love
Forbidden Dreams
Forever, Always and Then Some
Hearts on Fire
Helygen's Haven
Holding My Hand
Immortal Love
Infinite Love
In the Arms of An Angel
Julia's Buffy and Angel Homepage
Land of Denial
Lost in Pylea
Lover's Walk
Mexx's Videos
Midnight Shine
The Naughty Slayer
Near You Always
Now and Forever
On the Wings of Destiny
Primordial Souls
Reborn Desires
Ring of Fire
She Comes To Me
The Slayer and Her Angel Fanfiction
Staying in Touch
Still My Girl
Sunlight and Shadow
This Love
Two Hearts Beating as One
Warriors and Lovers
The Wedding
When the Sun Sets


Sarah's Home
Sarah Michelle Gellar. com
Sweetly Pink


147 Blue Roses
A Cynic Vexed By Love
Always the Coat
Anger's Passion
Barb C's Fanfiction
Beautiful Breathless
Bloodshed Verse
Blood and Ink
Blood, Love and Rhetoric
B/S Diaries
Dark Dreams
Destroyer of Worlds
Fatal Attraction
From Underneath
The Good, the Bad and the Spuffy
Guilty Pleasures
Heat. Desire.
Hopelessly Romantic
The House of Bloodshed
The Lonely Ones
Love's Last Glimpse
Nautibitz Fanfiction
Nothing Like The Sun
Stay Beautiful
When Buffy Smiles
When In Rome


Angel's Archive
Chipmunk Robots on Ice
Damn Skippy's Cordy and Angel Archive
Hazel Eyes
Little Heaven
I Need You


A Slayer is Born
A Tomb With a View
Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society
And Occasionally, Frolic
Anthony Head: The Unofficial Site
Arcebus Caerus
Angel:the Series- No Limits
Angel Investigations
And You Thought You Were Obsessed
Angel Cakes
Aixla's World of BtVS
BBC Buffy Homepage
Beauty Power Death
Bloody Hell!Another BtVS/Ats Links Page
Blue Moon
Breathe No More
Buffy Cross and Stake
The Buffy Tarot
Buffy Thank You
Briony's World of Buffy
Buffy After Dark
Buffy's Buffet
The Buffy Dimension
Carley's Bufftastic Angelic Website
Chosen Two
City of Angel
City of Hellville
Clotted Cream
Cracked Verse
Darla: New, Improved and Revamped
Doyle-Glenn Quinn
Drusilla's Dollhouse
Drusilla's Webpage
Dusk 'til Dawn
Eliza Dushku Central
Empty Mirrors
The End is Coming
Fanged Four
The Fanlistings Uniting Fans
First Time For Everything
Flights of Angel
Forbidden Dreams
Freeze Frame
Fun With Broken Toys
Gingerbread House
Going Through the Motions
Hellmouth Central
Hellmouth High
Immortal Memories
Impaler General
Impish Eyes
Infinite Destruction
Insanity Squared
International Buffy Fans Meet-Up Day
It's Kind of a Destiny Thing
Kabeka Adulation
Kate's Spike Angel Buffy Page
King of Pain
LA City of Demons
London Calling
Love Isn't Bliss
Loved - a Connor rec site
Monosyllabic Eccentricity
Moonlight Slaying
Morbid Much?
Morticia's Morgue
Obsessed Much
Of Demons and Destiny
Operation: Blackout
Out-of-Control Buffy Shriners
The Perfect Thing
Perpetual Wednesday
The Poisoned Heart
Rebel to Rogue
The Road to Pylea
Scoobie Gang Domain
Shack's Fanfiction Clearinghouse
Slayer's Empire
Slayer and Scooby Central
Slayers Outside Sunnydale
Slayer Sense
Soul Behind the Face
Tea at the Ford
True Love Productions
Walk Through the Fire
The Watcher's Web
When Buffy Smiles
Xander Xtreme


A Little Sign That She Cared
A Slayer, A Hacker
Aadler's Favourites
The Adventures of Mr. Gordo
After the Farewell
Angel's Oasis
The Angst Archive
BtVS Fanfiction Chamber
The Babyverse
Back in Time
Better Buffy Fiction
Biblioteque Diabolique
Bite Me, Please
Bleeding Hearts
Blood and Beers
Blood is Not Enough
The Bloodshed Verse
Bodice Ripper
Bright Minds, Dark Magic
Buffy Fanfiction Archive
Buffy Fiction
Buffy Stories
Buffy Survivor
Buffy's Haven
Bugger This
The Bunny Warren
Call of The Dark
Deathless Ruby
Diamond Tears
Digital Candy
The End
Ever Faithful Englishman
Fashionably Evil
Fictionised. net
Fiction Plaza
First Impressions
Five Things
Forever Faith
Forever Fandom
The Glass Onion
House of Blues
The Human Condition
The Immortal Slayer
In Your Wanderings
Just Rewards
Last Days of Pern's
Last Time I Saw You
Mad Cow
Monster Girl
Moonlight Fiction
The Mystic Muse
The Naughty Slayer
Nothing Fancy
Organized Insanity
Passion Fanfic
Pink Rabbit Consortium
Pony Goddess's BtVS ands Ats Fic
Power Plays
Project Paranormal
Pure and Simple
Queen C Scribes
The Scribes of Angel
The Sexier Side of Buffy
Sign it as Proof
Sinful Adult Fanfiction
Sinful Archive
Slightly Over The Edge
The Spuffy Realm
Taramisu's List
Thanks for the Memories
Thrown With Great Force
UCS-Unconventional Shippers' List
Unfit for Society
Unquenchable Lust
Walking a Thorny Path
Watchers - The Virtual Season
Warriors and Lovers
We Invented the Remix...Redux
WriterCon Archive
Xander Xtreme


A Cynic Vexed By Love - Redrover1980
A Host of Furious Fancies - Jonquil
A Light in the Dark - beanbeans
A Little Sign That She Cared - Bri Harper
A World of Their Own - JamesChick
Acerbitas - Ness
Adds Mystery - WesleysGirl
Adventures in the Jossverse - Flaming Muse
Ahn's Fanfiction Page - Ahn
Allison East's Buffy Fanfiction - Allison East
Also Comes in Strange - itsabigrock/Tania
Always Beneath You - PrettyPoppy
Angst n Romance - Ness
APCKRFAN's Fanfiction - Apckrfan
Archives of Nymue - Nymue
Athenewolfe - Athenewolfe
Back Away Slowly - don't make eye contact
Back Off...This Puppy is Mine - Lusciousxander
The Bear Cave - Bear
Between the Dream and the Reality - Monique
The Brat Queen -The Brat Queen
Beauty Effulgent - Crazydiamondsue
Beautiful Breathless - HW
Bedtime Stories - PJzaliday
Between the Darkness and the Light - Mary
Biteable - Jackson
Black Roses and Blood Red Skys - Talion
Blood and Weetabix - Indri
Blurred Vision - Queen of Cups
Boca del Infierno - Aadler
Bogwitch - Bogwitch
The Bright Side of Death - Felisblanco
Bring on the Bloodshed - Bloodshedbaby
Brushstrokes - Lizbeth Marcs
Brynn's Homepage - Brynn McK
Buffy Fic - WyndGyrl
Buffyfic - Tesla
BuffyL's Fanfiction - BuffyL
Burning Eden - Chelle
Call of the Slayer - Tygerlily
Castles's Keep - Glacis
Catoninetails' Fanfiction - Catoninetails
Cat's Fanfiction - Cat
The Chambered Heart - CelesteAvonne
Chasing the Night - Diabola
Chez Gwyn - Gwyneth Rhys
Chiaroscuro - Miss Murchison
Chosen - Vash
Closer - Janet
CJS Place - cjsplace
Come Undone - Jules
Cracked Open - Copper
The Cradle - Auroramama
Crazy Melty Land - Jenny
Cruel and Unusual - Missmorganpryce
The Crypt - Byrne
Dank Little Corner - irifko
Daniella's Bureau - Daniella
Darkhaven's Slashverse - darkhavens
Dark Dreams - Ariane
Dark Penumbra - Bogwitch
Darkest Dreams - Patricia/lafemmedarla
Deep Down - MandyC
Deepest Darkest Desires - Edibbea and Yindagger
Defy Convention - Fayth
Den of Debauchery - Lady Angel
The Diamond Edge and Tangled Threads - Mer
Diavolo Nero - Soulstarsinger
Distorting Mirrors - Deborah MM
Djinn's Lair - Djinn
Dreaming Sideways - Liz
Ebonbird's Fan-Fic Cache - Ebonbird
Ebony Silvers - Ebony Silvers
Echoes of Eternity - Jacqui
Effulgence - Soulvamp
Effulgent Eclectivity - Am-Chau Yarkona
Elena's Stories - Elena
Escritoire Azul - Carla
Eternal Hearts - Angel Wings
Eternal Obsession - Kimber/spikespet7
Europanya's Fanfiction Portal - Europanya
Every Six Seconds - Gia
Exaggeration and Blank Verse - inlovewithnight
Fanalecta - dodyskin
Fanfiction by Deadsoul - Deadsoul
Fanfic by Lori - Lori
Jane Davitt's Fanfiction - Jane Davitt
Fanfiction by Joan the English Chick - Joan the English Chick
Fanfiction by Michelle - Michelle
Fanfiction by Sienna - Sienna
Fanfiction by Slade - Slade
Fic By Herself - Herself
Fic by Nwhepcat - Nwhepcat
Fiction by Lex - Lex
Fiction by Salieri - Salieri
Flurblefic - Flurblewig
Fly With Me - Soft Princess
Foolish Words - Stultiloquentia
Fray Adjacent - velvetandlace
Freaky Alternate Universe - Roseveare
Friction Fiction - Scarlet
From Underneath - AJ Hofacre
Getting Cookies - echo
Gila's Cave- James Walkswithwind
The Girl's a Firecracker - Trixie Firecracker/Trixen
Glossings - Glossolalia
The Good, the Bad and the Spuffy - Magista
Gossip Flambee - Hth
Greydon Creed's Fanfiction - Greydon Creed
The Grey Elf's Lair - Jason Vey
Hall of Mirrors - Doyle
Have Ship Will Slash - Lisa O
Heart and Soul - Tiana
Heartsongs - Spike's Heart
Hero Complex - Joanne W
Heroine Chick - berurya/_eb
Her Stalwart Standing fast - JK Philips
House of Leaves - seraC/seraphcelene
Icing on the Cake - Carolyn Claire
I'll Be Your Mirror - Amy B
Incomplete Catharsis - Nicole Clevenger
The Inner Geekdom - Amy
Into the Mystic - Groovekittie
Jaded Rose's Realm - Jaded Roze
Jeanne's Fanfic - Jeanne
Jemima's Chevron - Jemima
Joy and Sorrow - Draxar/John Franglen
Joyce Renee's Buffy Fanfic - Joyce Renee
Just Between Us - EntreNous
Just Human's Home Page - JustHuman
Just Stake Me - The Deadly Hook
Kendra Boyle's Fic - Kendra Boyle
Kim's Angel Fanfic Page - Kim
Kittens in the Dark - Leni
Kitty and MBards Fanfictastic Site - Kitty and MBard
Kungai - Helen Raven
La Passion du Sanguinaire - Josey
Learning to Tango - Tango
Lee's Fanfic Page - Lee
Leporidae - Rabbit
Lesson the First - Kangeiko
Lisa's Fanfiction - Lisa
Little Heaven - Little Heaven
Lorina's Buffy Fanfic - Lorina
Love That Dares - Lady Mol
Lunar Solstice and Other Nonsense - Kantayra
M.A.E.L.S.T.R.O.M. - Mexx
Masters and Minions - Medea
Me and the Text - Elizabeth Scripturient
The Merry Melodies of Sunnydale - Eric Jablow
Michelle's Buffy Fanfiction Page - Michelle
Midnight Moon - Athenewolfe
Mommanerd's Fanfiction - Mommanerd
Monster in Her Man - Rikko_oko
Moonbeam's Fanfiction Predilictions - Moonbeam
Moosesal's Fic - Moosesal
The Muse's BtVS Fanfiction - A.E. Berry
The Muse's Oubliette - Kuzibah
My Immortal - Kate
My Metaphor - Denny
The Mysterious Planet - Duncan Johnson
Nautibitz Fanfiction - Nautibitz
NeverNever Land - nevernever
Night Flowers - kallierose
Night Never Ending - Lynne/Germaine_pet
Night Vision - Calla
Nomelon's Fic - Nomelon
North of Sunnydale - Elinora
Obsessions of a Twisted Mind - Uncaged Muse
Oni's Place - Oni
Only Words - Estepheia
Passion's Possibilities Larilyn
The Pearl - Kate Bolin
Peasant's Plot - Peasant
Philologer's Stone - ruuger
Poshverse - Poshcat
The Powers, Prophecy and Pinocchio - Cynamin
Quill Mistresses - Mazzy
Rain on Dust - 1stRabid/Raeann's
SaberShadowKitten - sabreshadowkitten
Sarah A. David - Sarah A. David
Scribe - Scribe
Scribblings - Stultiloquentia
Seanachais - Perry Smith
Seductive Embrace - SpikesKat
Seeing Red - Jenni
Sepulchre - soundingsea
Shaddyr's Eclectic Collection - Shaddyr
Shadowcast's Fanfic - Shadowscast
Shrift's Fanfic - Shrift
SigmaZed's Fanfiction Archive - Sigma
Skip the Light Fandango - Maren
Sliver of Ice - viciouswishes
Small Bites - Shadowlass
Smiling in michigan - Smiling in Michigan
Spikedluv's Scribblin' - Spikedluv
the speed of glaciers, maybe -Annakovsky
Spike's Guilty Pleasures - Ripe Wicked Plum
Starlet Fic - Starlet
Stumble Into Grace - Kristi
Subtle Salvation - LadyCat
Suddenly Painless - nongenius
Sugar and Spike - Sandra
Suki Blue Fiction - Suki Blue
Tales of William the Bloody - Mandy
Ten's Fanfic - Ten
TiaLorna's Fic - Lorna Dominey
Tongues and Tales - Dana Woods
Troll Princess's Fanfic Stash - Troll Princess
Troublesome Little Nook - inalasah
Twin Flames - Calla and Alley and Kiki
Undiscovered Continent - faithgirl
Unexpected Places - Trekker
Vagabond Soul - IsisFG
VampieGirl's Fic - Vampie Girl
Vampire Seasons - The Resident Web Vampyr
The Velvet Vampire - Gabrielle
Weathering the Storm - Trammie
Wednesday's Child - Taramisu
When Buffy Smiles - Mrs Muir
When Dragons Dream - Elisabeth
When In Rome - fer1213
Whiskey Meteor World - Whiskey Meteor
White Carousel - Dark Star
Wicked Energy - Lady Anne
Wicked Rita's Fan Fiction - Wicked Rita
The Willow Codex - Ryan
Willow's Dragony Dreams - Elisabeth
WinkyVerse - pigpimping
With Peaches on Top - Indie
Wolfling's Lair - Wolfling
The Writings of Enigmatic Blue - Enigmatic Blue


B-Gurl Imaging
Buffy: Between the Lines
Buffyverse Music Video Archive
Candy Mountain Dreams
Captured Memories
Digital Emissions
Drink My Soul
Eye Candy
False Colors
Fertile Surroundings
Happy Ending
Joss'd - the podcast
Reed's Fan Art
Shady Designs
Witty Comeback


The 11th Hour
The A-Z of Buffy Slang
Above the Law
All Things Philosophical on BtVS
Angel Fanfiction Resources
Angel Phenomenon
Beta Readers
Bloody Priceless
Bored. com
Bright Shiny Objects
Bronze Magic Box
Buffista Filk
Buffy Series Chronology
Buffy Sing-a-Long
The Buffyverse Onomasticon
Buffy Dialogue Database
The Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Writer's Guild
Christianity Today
Challenge in a Can
Chief Seattle Reviews
Collected Musings of Shadowkat
The Comic Book Guide to Buffy
Dark Side of the Net
Deep In
Demons, Demons, Demons
Excess, Folly and Delight
Existential Scoobies
Fanfic Links
Fanfic Symposium
Geoff's Comments About BtVS and Ats
Ice Cream for Freaks
I'd Like To Test That Theory
Institute of Vampirology
Library Card
Polyamorous Recommendations
Random Squee
The Reference Key
Refractory: a Journal of Entertainment Media
Romantic's Garden
Slayage: On-Line International Journal of Buffy Studies
Organization for Transformative Works
Queer Vampires
Shippers Resource
Story of the Claddagh
Television without Pity
Twiz TV
Uniquely Pleasurable
Vague It Up
The Wading Pool
Watcher Junior
WikiProject: Angel
WikiProject: Buffy
Writeboard A Buffy/Angel Fanfic Index


Adds Mystery
All Mine
Clockwork Vampire
The Crypt
Darkhaven's Slashverse
Eternally Yours
Fanbot's Realm
Friction Fiction
Have Ship Will Slash
Hidden Desires, Midnight Kisses
It's A Slayer Thing
Leather Lust
Minotaur's Site
Mistress Kitten Fantastico
Moist and Delicious
Night Never Ending
The Other Shore
Polyamorous Recommendations
The Quill Queue
Riley Slash
Ruby Red Desire
Sacrificing Desire
Slashydale Archive
Slashing the Angel
Slash the Girls
Step Away From My Spike
Tales from the Attic
Tea For Two
Whiskey Meteor World
WillSheNillShe Slash Fiction
Wyndgirl Buffy Femslash
Yes They Are


All About Spike
Crystal Prism Clear
Deadly Gorgeous
Don't Kill Spike Club
Fists and Fangs
Heat. Desire.
Impish Eyes
Kate's Buffy Site
Lost Souls
Marsters' Mobsters
Official James Marsters Website
The Soulful Spike Society
Spanking Spike
Spike's Lair
Spike's Salivation
Tabula Rasa

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