I'm changing the format of the Good Words page. Come here for story recs. These are stories I think are fabulous.
I haven't abandoned my fave authors, though.
I've just moved them.

Recs for February 2008

Thine Is, Life Is
By SeraC/seraphcelene
A bleak post-apocalypyic world- beautifully (and horribly) rendered.

By starlet2367
No pairings, but definitley C/A positive; Cordelia gets a vision on Halloween.

Rule of Three
By tesla321
A lyrical examination of of the B/A/S relationship,rather than a plot driven story.

By adjovi
An interesting post-NFA fic writeen in the second person.

In the Darkness, Bind Them
By shealynn88
Willow and Giles share their magic in this slightly dark, beautifully written fic.

Nearest, Dearest Enemy (Calm Before the Storm)
By escritoireazul
Set in season two, these linked ficlets examine the cracks in several relationships: Jenny/Giles, Dru/Spike, Cordy/Xander and Buffy/Angel

Show Me How It's Done
By adarog
Not a threesome that I would ever believe in, but a hot fic nonetheless.

Haikus of Sleaze
By mistletoe54
NC 17
Angel's sexual history told in a series of haikus...naughtier and more eloquent than you could imagine.

Clair de Lune
By spikendru
NC 17
Oz looks for a way to manage the wolf and turns to an old friend.

More Immortal Than the Stars
By Altyronsmaker
NC 17
After Angel delivers the amulet to Buffy in season 7, he pays a visit to Spike. Beautifully written fic.

By Lostakasha
Connor is so sympathetic in this post NFA fic.

Of All the Wonders That I Yet Have Heard
By Girlpire
What if Darla had lived after giving birth to Connor? This is a terrific and sympathetic Darla-centric fic.

Bed of Bones
By having_written
Buffy hunts for a demon with an unusual killing style...and deals with her own personal crisis. Circa season 2. Gorgeous.

The Little-Known Pleasures of Cross-Referencing
By penwiper26
Beautiful character study.

This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.
By Viciouswishes
NC 17
This is a dark and delicious.

Fundamental Forces
By carlyinrome
An unusual pairing - or, at least, not one I've read before- but this fic is striking for several reasons, not the least of which is the beautiful writing.

Magic Man
By EntreNous
NC 17
There is a darker place for Xander after he leaves Anya at the altar.

Two unnamed ficlets
By Stultiloquentia
Connor, Spike and Angel in the first and Spike/Buffy with a BIG twist in the second.
Snark and sex and terrific writing.

Untitled ficlet
By redbrickrose
The story of Buffy and Angel is in the books. Look it up.

Sisters of Mercy
By soundingsea
Strong R
A dark look at this pairing- where Spike is called upon to be more than he is.

A Circle of Currents
By LAndrews
Angel would do anything for his son in this beautifully written fic.

The Last of the Jedi
By Ruuger
A nice glimpse into Riley's character.

Never the Middle of the Night
By only_passenger
only_passenger's fabulous fic Prestige was recced last year during my March month of recs and this fic is part of the same verse, the snapshotverse. Never the Middle of the Night has a great Buffy voice and is filled with shadows.

The Last Days of Autumn
By cindergal
Cindergal tackles one of my bulletproof kinks with beautiful restults.

A Slate Not So Clean
By Eurydice72
Wes, Angel
Wesley pays a visit to Faith's hospital bed at the end of season 3. Gorgeous Wes characterization.

By Renee
Buffy and Angel don't say a single word to each other in this lovely post NFA fic.

Snapshots of Wesley
By darkhavens
Six drabbles inspired by Wesley icons.

Recs for August 2007

Time Lapse
by The Deadly Hook
A lovely, sympathetic and graceful fic. The featured story at Sublime this month.

Little Deaths: Family and Incest in the Jossverse
by Kita
Kita takes chances, bends slippery words to her considerable will, and doesn't hold back- pushing boundaries and characters into often uncomfortable places

Camera Obscura
by Lostakasha
This story is a sort-of sequel to Lostakasha's brilliant fic, Pentimento. Camera Obscura is a beautifully written Angel/Oz fic - full of sensuous detail and sharp, inventive prose and is a reminder of why we write these characters

Recs for April 2007

by romanyg
NC 17
If you have not yet discovered the pleasures of Romany’s Spike/Angel- this is a great place to start. This ficlet captures everything that’s wonderful about these two- the darkness, the snark and the lust.

A Better Where To Find
by Doyle
Cordelia, circa “You’re Welcome”, has one more good-bye to say in this ficlet which is heartbreakingly Cordy.

by selenak
This is a season five story featuring Wes and Connor- though not sexually. There are some minor issues with grammar, but overall I think this fic is worth reccing because it’s quite lovely in many other ways.

by Trix/Trixie Firecracker
Trixie has long been one of my favourite writers of B/A, (although she writes other pairings beautifully, too.) I am so happy to have stumbled upon this spare post NFA fic, which I somehow missed when it was first posted.

Insider Information
by kcarolj65
I’ve never read a story like this before. Buffy shares the truth about Spike’s sexual prowess with…fanfiction writers. Adorable.

Enormous Panties and Other Things
by viciouswishes
NC 17
Cordy is tired of being alone on a Friday night and invites Gunn to go dancing. Great characterizations and hot, angst-less sex. *g*

Late Shift
by NWHepcat
NC 17
A very dark Xander fic that in less capable hands might have spun wildly out of control. Instead this fic is filled with malice and violence and the teensiest bit of sorrow. (Well, for me anyway.)

Alone at Last
by Tania/itsabigrock
NC 17
This is an Angelus/Darla fic which is filled with gorgeous detail and the most wonderful sense of foreshadowing. Darla and Angelus play an interesting game of cat and mouse with Holtz and reveal much about the nature of their relationship as they do.

Girl, Invisible
by snowpuppies
Faith/Dawn…an interesting look at Dawn as she navigates the minefield of her existence.

Rough Replacements
by august/unwinding
NC 17
I don’t think I’ve ever read a better Buffy/Giles fic than this. Many of you probably read it when it was first posted back in 2004- but if you haven’t read it, you must. It’s quite stunning. No, never mind ‘quite’ it IS stunning.

by Yoon Ha Lee/yhlee
This is a fabulous little Faith/Angel story- although it’s not particularly shippy. What it is, though, is a wonderful glimpse at Fred trying to put the Wolfram and Hart pieces in some kind of order she can understand- in a manner that is totally in character.

by Ash C
This is an extremely graphic fic, but I figure every rec list should have at least one. As I told AshC, I don’t believe that Spike and Angel would do these things (to Lindsey) now- but back in the day they would have done this sort of thing with glee. And if you’re willing to suspend disbelief, this is a harrowing ride.

Close Encounters
by Sunnyd_lite
This is a simple B/A fic set in season two circa “Lie To Me.” Interestingly enough, the first voice we hear in Spike’s- but then, he always was a keen observer of people. A great little fic. 1

Street Hassle
by Madame Meretrix
NC 17
Street Hassle revisits the landscape first visited in Madam Meretrix's fic Pretty Baby, this time focusing on Angel and Spike. Sure, it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (the characters are human)- but the writing is excellent and the setting is gritty and filled with realistic details.

Fett for Bot
by Brandil
NC 17
This Warren/Spike fic has some wonderful character moments, not the least of which is Spike using his considerable charms *ahem* to get exactly what he wants, while Andrew watches.

The Same Old Story
by Minim Calibre
NC 17
If you like your Slayers on top of each other, this Faith/Buffy fic is the story for you. Buffy and Faith manage to stop the verbal sparring just long enough to get busy, um, doing other stuff…

Blood Will Tell
by Crazydiamondsue
NC 17
This is an adult Spike/Riley fic set around ‘Into the Woods’- it’s really the only time you could set a story like this. Spike exploits Riley’s darkness. In a very good way.

Like An Animal
by Samsom
NC 17
I figured it was about time I offered up some C/A. Some hotter than hell C/A. Which may not appeal to the B/A shippers out there, but can still be appreciated for the hotness and a dead-set-on-getting-what-he-wants Angel. (My favourite kind!)

Hands On
by EntreNous
This is a great Wes/Dawn fic. Yes. Wes/Dawn. Wes proves the true meaning of multi-tasking. EntreNous makes the slightly unbelievable, 100% believable.

Anything of Nothing
by Yin
NC 17
I know a lot of Buffyverse fans love Spike/Xander and I’ll admit it up front, they don’t do much for me as a couple. This fic, however, is a wonderfully written smutfest that is dark and then, suddenly, filled with light.

A Pivot for the Sun
by seraphcelene/SeraC
NC 17
If you’ve never read seraphcelene, this is as good a place as any to start. This is a dreamy, slightly dark look at Riley circa ‘Into The Woods’ with some well imagined back story and some Buffy and Spike (and Riley) action.

Dead Things
by Kangeiko
A wonderful Connor-centric piece- where your are caught between feeling sorry for and fearing him.

by Only Passenger
NC 17
How this fabulous B/A fic has been overlooked, I do not know….but if you have even the slightest interest in adult B/A fic that is wonderfully written…this is just gah!

Girl Talk
by Rahirah/Barb C.
Buffy ruminates over the three major relationships in her life- Angel, Riley and Spike and while Barb is a well-known B/S shipper, she does justice to all the men in Buffy’s life. Great Buffy voice.

The Broken Chain of Being
by Up Your Peach/Rubywisp
Xander grieves (somewhat unexpectedly) for someone from his past. Lovely characterization and story.

untitled Angel/Connor fic
by Darlas Mom
NC 17
It's not the easiest thing to make Connor/Angel palatable- but this little fic manages quite nicely and has lots of other things (great characterization and writing included) to recommend it.

A Year and A World Away
by Resolute
The story is an excellent Riley-centric fic, . Riley has left Sunnydale and is off in Costa Rica. The story is filled with great details and characterization. I like Riley a lot and I enjoyed stepping off the path with him.

by Enigma731
Michelle is a new-to-me writer and I came across this fic last night. She says it's a part of a series, (the second fic, Fall is also worth a look) What I liked about Cave (and Fall, too) was its starkness. The language is stripped down- and so are the characters (Buffy and Angel).

The Heaven That Leads to Hell
by Lostakasha
NC 17
A wonderful dark fic featuring Dawn and Lindsey that I wouldn't have believed possible and yet works beautiful. And it works beautifully because Annie always writes such wonderful characterizations- a few careful sentences and we know these are the people we know- even when they are doing things we might never believe in. The Heaven That Leads to Hell is believable and chilling.

Brief Encounter
by Shaping Light/DeborahMM
NC 17
I haven't read all that much Fanged Four fic- but if I thought it was all as good as this, I might give it more of a chance. This fic is filled with wonderful period detail and terrific Darla and Spike characterizations.

Older recs

Clean of You
By Mad Poetess
A lovely Wes/Lilah fic.

The Nature of the Beast
By Jo
It's a way in the future fic. It's B/Aus, sorta, and it's riveting; sad without melodrama, smart and powerful

Bath and a Story
By Glossolalia
NC 17
Connor and Angel and yeah, like that. But this fic is just so. good.

By Trix/Trixie Firecracker
Nobody gives as fabulous a first person Buffy pov as Trix...and this Buffy/Wes story is just filled with melancholy.

The Confessional
By tkp/thekorapersonality
Incarcerated Faith is visited by Angel, who in many ways is every bit as much a prisoner as Faith is. The Confessional takes on the big topics: redemption, love, God, faith and does it with Faith's brutally honest voice. Chilling and wonderful. Hopeful, too.

Seduction 101
By flurblewig
NC 17
A steamy (and often very funny) Nina/Spike/Angel fic.

You Who Never Arrived
By M Phoenix
A lovely Dawn/Riley fic.

By Jane Davitt, Allegraslade, Bit, Darling Effect
NC 17
It's totally all human, AU, full of intriguing plot, well developed characters, emotional punch and some of the best written smut I've ever read, particularly if you are interested in D/s and like to have your bottom smacked. (Ok, or not,!) I read it in one long (LONG) breathless gulp. Un-put-downable.Wes/Faith

Something Else
By romany
If there is such a thing as perfect Angel/Nina- this is it.

Triple Layer Birthday Cake
By Nyxie
NC 17
A smoking hot Angel/Nina/Faith fic. Pure porn genius.

Fade Together
By Chlare
NC 17
Wes/Angel generally, but their relationship is most certainly coloured by Buffy. Lovely.

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