Newbie Thoughts

Newbie Thoughts

By Carmen Sandiego and Snowdrifted


March 16

Buffy S2: So, I'm guessing that the event of Buffy/Angel sex and Angel becoming Eeeeeevil is like, some kind of big fandom watershed moment? 'Cause even if it isn't I'll admit that whole sequence sucked me in. Geez, now I might actually like, be interested in the characters and shit like that. Plus I also enjoy Spike's sarcasm. Heh. "We do still kill people, mate, it's kind of our raison d'etre." (I still don't like his hair, but I enjoy the sarcasm.)
snowdrifted this morning: "Everything about Angel is totally every fangirl's dream. He even has the Cool Apartment of Sexy Brooding Bachelorhood

March 17

Me and Sis: *watch Ms. Calendar tell Giles absolutely nothing about her Cure for Angel while printing things out and looking secretively at teh computer screen*
Me: "See, she'll tell Giles nothing, and then she'll get offed and nobody will know anything because she's saving it for later."

Me: *fixes tea in kitchen*
Sis: *wails from livingroom*
Me: *returns* "What?"
Sis: "Angel killed Ms. Calendar!"
Me: "nooo!"

Sis: "Nooo, they have to save Angel! This is awful!"
Me: "It's OK, they'll find the floppy disk and then they'll save him, really."
Sis: *frets* "They'll have to!"

Also? The long black coat is a good look for Angel. Just sayin'.

Still don't care for Drusilla, and still think that SMG shouldn't ever do crying scenes


During poltergeist ep:
Cordelia, onscreen: *sets up exorcism candle in bathroom and looks at self in mirror*
Me: "ooh, she's in front of a mirror now."
Sis: "Nothing good ever happens when people stand in front of mirrors."
Me: "Huh-uh." *tsk*

During sea-monster ep:
Me: "Um, ew."
Sis: "Yeah."

During finale ep(s):
Angel, onscreen: *lurks around in scungy t-shirts and stringy hair*
Me: "Why is he all dirty and yucky looking?"
Sis: "Because he hates himself and he's lurking around and being cursed."
Me: "But he got to do that before and at least wear a clean shirt."
Sis: "Well maybe they'll explain it all."
Me: "hrmph."

Buffy, onscreen: *lurks around hospital wearing a black hat*
Me: "oooh, no one will see her!"
Sis: "She's wearing a black hat!"
Me: "No one will notice her if she's dressed all in black"

Spike, onscreen: *shows up and beats up cop* "Hi, cutie pie."
Sis: "ooooh...."
Me: "Helloooo..."

A few minutes later:
Spike: *snarks at Buffy and smacks her*
Buffy: *snarks at Spike and smacks him*
Spike: *scowls*
Buffy: *scowls*
Me and Sis: *dying in hysterics*
Sis: "This is so great on so many levels..."
Me: "This is fantastic..."

Several scenes later:

Angel and Buffy, onscreen: *fight with swords*
Me: "ooh, swords..."
Sis: "and you can tell it's actually the actors fighting too, so that's cool."
Me: "yeah, cool."

Angel and Buffy: *kiss passionately and all is good*
Me: "ooh! But don't forget about the evil devil dude behind you..."
Angel and Buffy: *smooch and swoon tearfully*
Me: "don't forget about the swirling vortex..."
Angel and Buffy: *hug and stroke each other lovingly*
Buffy: *stab*
Angel: *swooshdisappear*
Me and Sis: "nooooo!"

Some time later:
Sis: "But, but, but Xander!"
Me: "Oh yeah, Xander! Ee!"
Sis: "He told Willow he loves her, but this will never work now!"
Me: "Twooo wuuuvv- wait, what do you mean it'll never work?"
Sis: "Because she's with Oz! And he's with Cordelia now! And he cares about Buffy and still wants to help her save the world..."
Me: "Oh."
Sis: "And Buffy can't have Angel and save the world at the same time!"
Me: "Oh, yeah..."
Sis: "But but but but but..."

March 19

I also watched the "eggs" episode which I hadn't seen all of, it was most amusing.

Buffy and Angel, onscreen: *smooch and snog like there's no tomorrow*
Sis: "Definitely not a bad day job."
Me: "Getting to kiss him, you mean?"
Sis: "Oh yeah."
Me: "Yep, not bad at all."
Sis: "He's very kissable."
Me: "Mm hmm."
Sis: "Not so shaggable, though."
Me: "Oh, because of the whole cursed soul thing."
Sis: "Yeah..."
Me: "Yeah...
Sis: "Now, Spike, on the other hand..."
Me: "Oh, he has no cursed soul problems, he'd be extremely shaggable."
Sis: "Yeah, we need some Buffy/Spike action."
Me: "But that's not 'till Season 6."
Sis: "We need to skip right ahead to that, maybe we'll actually see stuff besides a camera pan shot of the bedpost."
Me: "Yeah, totally. Hrmph."

March 20

Buffy Season 3 - During S2 I was still hesitant for much of it, but now I fully embrace it, I do. All 'ships, all the time, I say. Xander and Willow! I wuv them! I want to draw hearts around them! But hey, man, where's the Spike? I was just starting to enjoy him and now he's peskily offscreen.

And the Buffy chatter continues...

In the Buffy's-back-in-town ep:

Giles, onscreen: *fixes tea bashfully in kitchen*
Me: "Eee! Look! He's happy Buffy's back!"
Sis: "Eee! He so is! And look at how they've sexified him all up this season."
Me: "They have?"
Sis: "Yeah, see how his glasses are all slimmer and cool-looking?"
Me: "Ooh, yeah."
Sis: "And he's wearing a nice vest!"
Me: "But he wore vests last season, too."
Sis: "But this one's so much trimmer and nice-looking." *squeals*

In the Faith's-new-in-town ep:

Faith, onscreen: *tells provocative stories in a provocative outfit*
Me: "So, Faith is basically there to be a sex object."
Sis: "She totally is."
Me: "In a way that is completely different from Buffy and her being an everyday sort of sex object."
Sis: "Well, Faith has brown hair, so it's totally a different thing."
Me: "Totally."

Buffy, onscreen: *shows up in vampire lair wearing a pink dress, pink shoes, pink purse, pink hairband, pink nailpolish and pink lipstick*
Me: "What is with all the pink on her now?"
Sis: "Yeah! Every episode, the pink! What happened to the badass black nailpolish from before?"

Buffy, onscreen: *puts claddagh ring on the floor*
Me: "Ah, see, 'cause that's the spot where she stabbed him."
Sis: "But she still loves him, see."
Me: "She so does."
Ring, onscreen: *does glowy-glowy thing in the darkness*
Me and Sis: "oooh..."
Angel, onscreen: *falls nakedly from the ceiling*
Me and Sis: "OOOHHHHH..."
Sis: "Yes, more with the naked-ness! We like that!"
Me: "Now that was unexpected..."

In the Jekyll-and-Hyde ep:

Buffy, onscreen: *skulks through graveyard wearing black hat and black leather jacket*
Me: "Oooh, she's wearing black again now, that means she can run into Angel!"
Sis: "Just like old times! And it's a nice jacket, too."
Me: "It really is."
Angel, onscreen: *flashes nakedly through bushes*
Me and Sis: "Ooooh..."
Me: "There he is! It'll be Angel!"
Sis: *cheers*
Angel, onscreen: *growls with blood hanging from mouth*
Me and Sis: *gasp* "Noooooo!"

Some time later:
Angel: *is all chained up and snarly*
Me: "Look, he's got pants now."
Sis: "Heh."
Me: "And shoes."
Sis: "HA! That's great! Where'd he get the shoes, but no shirt?"
Me: *chortles into sleeve*

Some time later:
Sis: "Is he ever going to get any dialogue?"
Me: "We don't know."
Sis: "Hrmph."

During Chocolate-Bars-of-Evil ep:

Buffy's mom, onscreen: *eats chocolate while attempting to ream Buffy out*
Me: "She's eating that chocolate way too obviously."
Sis: "The chocolate will turn out to be possessed."
Me: "Yeah. It'll be some aphrodisciac chocolate..."
Sis: "Ooh..."
Me: "Ooh, and Giles and Buffy's mom can snog..."
Sis: "If ever there was 'ship that needed to be shipped, totally Giles and Buffy's mom."
Me: "Totally."

During Faith's-evil-Watcher-shows-up ep:
Buffy and Angel, onscreen: *exercise in the former vampire lair*
Me: "Ooh look, he's doing vampire Tai Chi!"
Sis: "He learned that while he was in the demon dimension, of course."
Me: "And look, still no shirt."
Sis: *giggles gleefully* "Maybe Buffy took away all of his shirts."
Me: "She so did."
Sis: "They were interfering with his recovery."
Me: "Clearly..."

Willow and Xander, onscreen: *touch each other's hands cutely while passing a book*
Me: "Eee! Xander and Willow!"
Sis: "Eee!"
Me: "They are so cute! They sooo need to snog and shag in secret."
Sis "They so do."
Me: "Eee!"
Sis: "Eee!"
Sis: "But where is Angel?" *tsk*

Faith and Buffy, onscreen: *sling arms around each other in a completely platonic-slayer-friendship-kind-of-way and skip off to slay things*
Me: "And the slashers rejoiced."
Sis: "Totally."
Sis: "But where is Angel?" *tsk*
Me: "I dunno. Shivering somewhere with no shirt on."
Sis: "You know, I'd even take dream sequence kissing at this point."
Me: "Between who?"
Sis: "Oh, anyone."
Me: "Yeah..."

Faith and Buffy, onscreen: *pout in front of their respective slayers*
Me: *gasp* "That's why Buffy always wears pink now! It's to make her look different from Faith!"
Sis: *gasp* "Yeah!"
Me: "Faith gets to wear the black now."
Sis: "She so does. 'Cause she's the badass slayer in town."

March 22

Me and Sis, in kitchen: *fixing morning tea*
Me: "The long black coat really is a good look for DB."
Sis: "It really is."
Me and Sis: *sip tea*
Me: "And also, the short brown suede coat is pretty good, too."
Sis: "Oh yes, very true. Mmm."
Me and Sis: *sip tea*
Me: "Or really, no clothes at all, even..."
Sis: "Yeah, we need more of that..."

During Faith-has-no-remorse ep:
Buffy, onscreen: *wears black from head to toe and goes to see Angel*
Me: "She's all in black again! Like old times."
Sis: "It's because she gets to see Angel. He gets her in black."
Me: "Mmm."

Buffy, onscreen: *goes to find Faith and takes white leopard-print coat with her*
Sis: "What is WITH all of the coats?"
Me: "She's wearing them every single episode now!"
Sis: "She has one in every colour, and many in pink."
Me: "What's with the old lady coats already?"
Sis: "They're not a good look for her."
Me: "Well but she couldn't wear all black to go see Faith, so she had to put the white coat on top of the black. Faith is the only one who can wear black if she and Buffy are in the same scene."
Sis: "Ah yes, very true."

Faith, onscreen: *calls Buffy "B"*
Me: "She needs to stop calling her "B"*
Sis: "YES."
Faith: *calls Buffy "B" again*
Sis: "Call her "B" ONE MORE TIME..." *death grip on remote control*
Me: "ARG."
Faith: *calls Buffy "B" again*
Sis: "Oh, that's it, she's going down..."
Me: "We keel her."
Sis: "That's 4 times in the same scene!"
Me: "Yeah, we GET it."
Sis: "Faith's badass. OOOh, she's so badass she only talks in initials."
Me: "Gah."

Sis: "You know, DB is a man of many things, but unfortunately he doesn't seem to be a man of many facial expressions."
Me: "Mmm. True. He does tend to emote by twitching various features."
Sis: "Yeah."
Me: "But he does do that whole smouldering thing."
Sis: "Yeah..."
Me: "And he has the whole muscular broad shoulders thing..."
Sis: "YEAH..." *drools*

The Spike-returns-to-Sunnydale ep pretty much went something like this for us:
Me: "Spike!"
Sis: "SPIKE!"
Spike, onscreen: *is drunk and sad about Drusilla*
Me: "Aww!"
Sis: "Awww, Spike!"
Spike, onscreen: *gets love advice from Buffy's mom*
Me and Sis: *dying in hysterics*
Spike, onscreen: *harps at Buffy and Angel and then gives them love advice*
Me and Sis: *rolling on floor dying in hysterics*

Spike needs to come back more often.

And I also have to add: Xander and Willow! Eeee! So cute! With the smooching, so cute!
But alternate-universe-Willow in leather, straddling a chained-up Angel? While Xander watches? Gggaaagggg.... *twitches out* I suddenly became a grandma scandalized by what teenagers are watching on television these days...

March 23

During Buffy-reads-minds ep:

Angel, onscreen: *hangs out in tank top at former vampire lair*
Me: "ooh, look, he's in a tank top. Hee hee..."
Sis: "Let's see that scene again!" *gleefully rewinds tape*

During the-box-of-evil ep:
Evil dude, onscreen: *sneaks out of plane in blazingly obviously evil way*
Sis: "No one will see him."
Me: "Nooooo, no one. Ooh, but Faith will."
Faith, onscreen: *shoots guy with bow and arrow way too big for her to carry*
Me: "Huh. So Faith likes the weapons. WE GET IT."
Sis: "It's a bit much, isn't it?"

Buffy and Angel, onscreen: *hide in bushes outside City Hall*
Me: "No one will see them...*
Sis: "Oh no, never."

Buffy, Angel, and Willow, onscreen: *set up to break into Mayor's office from roof*
Me: "There's always a skylight, of course. We know these things, we've seen Mission Impossible."
Sis: "Always. Ooh, but look, Angel's opening the window for them, awwww..."
Me: "Awww, that's nice of 'im."

March 24

Buffy S3 finale -
*So, uh, Angel biting Buffy and feeding off of her? Dude, kind of KinkyHot but in a very weird way. I think sis and I just stared agape at the television for several seconds.
*Willow and Oz! eee! The cuteness! OK, I'm still 'shipping the Willow/Xander a little, but Willow and Oz are SnugglyCute with each other. And Willow finally got some, so go her.
*So, do we need to start watching 'Angel', too? If we carry on watching only 'Buffy' are we only going to get half the picture, or what?
*I want Buffy/Spike.

Dad, at dinner table: "So, don't they all start to notice all these people dying, in Sunnydale?"
Me: "Well but that's why Buffy and her pals are there, see, to kill the vampires. And there's a hellmouth, and blahblahblah..."
Dad: "No no, I mean the people of Sunnydale. Why would anyone move to Sunnydale if they suddenly realize they're likely to have ghouls and demons attack them every week?"
Me and Sis: "Um, mumblemumblemumble..."

During Buffy's-evil-roommate ep:
Buffy and pals, onscreen: *hang around the campus common room*
Me: "Oh look, it's a college common room that looks nothing like the old highschool common room, *cough*"
Sis: "No, actually I think it's the old highschool cafeteria, see how the floors look the same?"
Me: "Ah yes, of course."

During Buffy-sleeps-with-jerk-guy ep:
Buffy, onscreen: *wakes up in jerk-guy's bed*
Me: "Hey look, red sheets."
Sis: "Does Buffy have red sheets? She must have changed her sheets just for him."
Me: *thinks* "No, she had white sheets before. She'll be in his place now, he's the one with red sheets."
Sis: "Ah."
Me: "But he doesn't have the red brocade sheets like Angel does."
Sis: "Right, so he's definitely not as good as Angel if he doesn't have red brocade sheets."
Me: "Definitely not as good."
Dad: *walks in* "Hey, so what season is this?" *sits down*
Me and Sis: "Season 4."
Dad: "Where are they?"
Me and Sis: "At College, in Sunnydale."
Dad: "But what happened to Angel?"
Me and Sis: "He went off to L.A. to have his own show."
Dad: "Oh." *picks up episode guide and reads through it."

Dad, at dinner table: "So, don't they all start to notice all these people dying, in Sunnydale?"
Me: "Well but that's why Buffy and her pals are there, see, to kill the vampires. And there's a hellmouth, and blahblahblah..."
Dad: "No no, I mean the people of Sunnydale. Why would anyone move to Sunnydale if they suddenly realize they're likely to have ghouls and demons attack them every week?"
Me and Sis: "Um, mumblemumblemumble..."

During Buffy's-evil-roommate ep:
Buffy and pals, onscreen: *hang around the campus common room*
Me: "Oh look, it's a college common room that looks nothing like the old highschool common room, *cough*"
Sis: "No, actually I think it's the old highschool cafeteria, see how the floors look the same?"
Me: "Ah yes, of course."

During Buffy-sleeps-with-jerk-guy ep:
Buffy, onscreen: *wakes up in jerk-guy's bed*
Me: "Hey look, red sheets."
Sis: "Does Buffy have red sheets? She must have changed her sheets just for him."
Me: *thinks* "No, she had white sheets before. She'll be in his place now, he's the one with red sheets."
Sis: "Ah." Me: "But he doesn't have the red brocade sheets like Angel does."
Sis: "Right, so he's definitely not as good as Angel if he doesn't have red brocade sheets."
Me: "Definitely not as good." Dad: *walks in* "Hey, so what season is this?" *sits down* Me and Sis: "Season 4."
Dad: "Where are they?"
Me and Sis: "At College, in Sunnydale."
Dad: "But what happened to Angel?"
Me and Sis: "He went off to L.A. to have his own show."
Dad: "Oh." *picks up episode guide and reads through it."

March 29

4. Buffy S4 so far -

Oz! How dare he be so unkind! Stupid Werewolf girl! And he made Willow cry and everything! *pats her* *waggles finger at him*

I have the feeling they're having a hard time hitting a stride with a plot arc this season. And things feel very different with the gang all split up. Plus, every so often they mention Angel or Cordelia and it seems like I'm missing half the story. At the end of S3 I completely agreed they needed to split up Buffy and Angel (because really, how much more plot did that pairing have left in 'em?), but now they have to find something else for Buffy to be continually occupied with.

We're also not loving that Giles and Xander seem to have been reduced to comic relief. And Anya's fun but not as fun as Cordelia was.

But we LOVE the Spike. And LOVE the fact that James Marsters is now in the credits. The ep where they think they're engaged is fantastic - how could SMG and JM possibly have filmed that episode with straight faces?

It's funny how changing their "looks" is a really simple way of making them all look more grown-up or whatever. Buffy's bangs are gone and she wears long clothes instead of mini skirts, Giles wears sweaters and has ditched the ties, and Willow wears dressier clothes and has a nice hairdo instead of the floppy fuzzy things they had her in in highschool. Xander's image still needs work though...

All the college testimonials crack me up, I must say. Except for the demons/spells part, it's all true. Because, of course everyone has unfortunate roommate experiences, and of course everyone slacks off a little and goes to the pub, and of course highschool sweethearts break up after they go to college.

I'm sure Riley has lovely muscles underneath those button-down shirts, but dang it he's just so boring. And with the military plot he's even more boring, somehow.

April 1

I like Riley more now, but now I'm mad that his loyalties look questionable. I mean, he was all boring at first and he and Buffy really have no chemistry, but gosh darn it all the boy was growing on me! He tries so hard, and he's so nice to Buffy... *hugs him*

Willow and Tara are just darned adorable. And they introduced them so very well, ya know? And *snif* I just want poor Willow to be happy and *whonk* not cry any more... *pats her*

I really really really wish I had Angel S1 now to watch, because now that they've done this crossover thing twice I really really want the whole story. Not that, you know, the 5 seconds' worth of Angel that we do get with Buffy isn't very easy on the eyes, but still...

Quite enjoyed the Faith-Buffy body-switching ep. It made me feel a little more sympathetic to Faith in the long run, and SMG and ED did very well impersonating each other ;)

Love Anya. She's so tactless. :D

Oh Xander, why don't you have more to do? *patpat*

Oh Spike, why are you breaking up the gang? *grr* It's making it much harder to appreciate your keen wit.

Oh Oz, I just can't stay mad at you, poor dear... *consoles*

Giles! Giles can sing and play guitar! *boggles*

This whole "Adam" thing is about as interesting as watching white toast go stale. The squirrels outside my window have more complex plots running between themeslves than this dude/thing has with anyone else.

April 2

Final thoughts on Buffy S4

The finale was...there. Huh.

I think if I'd been a fan waiting 4 months after that ep for something new, I'd have been a little peeved. If the ep was really setting up Buffy's primal slayer-ness, then why did the other 3 of the gang need crazy dreams? They were neat little character studies in and of themselves, but overall didn't wire me to my chair.

In retrospect, it seems like the only characters that really changed or developed all that much in S4 were Willow and Anya. Giles sat around and hosted team meetings, Xander went from odd job to odd job and shagged Anya, Buffy and Riley, uh, had lots of sex and killed things, and it strikes me that Spike's role was really reduced to comic relief. Willow got to explore her spells and start a new relationship, and Anya got to learn how to express emotions and be more human-like. Am I missing something else?

[EDIT]: Well, of course, Riley's character did change quite a bit, because he had to learn how not to be Mr. Rules Guy all the time and got softened up a little by being with Buffy. But he was a new character anyway and so doesn't count ;) ;)

I find it interesting, to say the least, what escaped and didn't escape the network censors on this show. They wouldn't show Willow and Tara kissing (although it would have made perfect sense if the same plot trajectory had happened to a boy-girl couple, IMHO, so a girl-girl couple really should not be any different), but they had no problem showing Buffy and Riley having HotNakedSex 'till the cows come home, showing Bondage!Willow! straddling Angel while Xander watches (S3), letting Faith spew the things that come out of her mouth (esp Faith!Buffy in the body-switching ep, to Spike), and all manner of other things. It seems to me that if they're going show all these other things then the overall censor bar should be less restrictive.

April 18

Season Five

Dawn OMG WTF?? Where did she come from now?

Poor Riley, he's so earnest and yet so unappreciated.

Tara and Willow continue to be adorable.

Anya continues to be fabulously tactless.

Magic shop = new hangout! Yay for Giles, getting something to do!

Xander looks less schlub-like, this is a good thing.

Spike OMG kissing Buffy dream sequence shirt-ripping AGHLULJGHGHGHHGGGG... *faints* *dies* Um, ah, that is...*cough* that was a rather pleasant surprise. JM can take his shirt off more often, that'd be fine. *ahem*

April 19

Buffy Season 5

During Spike-dreams-about-Buffy ep:

Buffy, onscreen: *marches into Spike's lair all slayer-like*

Spike, onscreen: *taunts and struts all vampire-like*

Me and Sis: *wait with baited breath OMG*
Spike, onscreen: *tears off shirt*
Me and Sis: "Oooohhhh"….
Me: "Let's see that again!"
Sis: *rewinds*
Me: "Mmmm..."

Spike, onscreen: *kisses Buffy like there's no tomorrow*
Me and Sis: *GASP*

Spike and Buffy, onscreen: *continue to snog like hot bandits*
Me and Sis: "OOOOOHHHHH..."

Spike, onscreen: *awakes from dream*
Sis: "NOOOO!"

During Tara's-birthday-party-ep:

Xander, onscreen: *helps out in magic shop wearing relatively tight green shirt*

Me: "That's a nice shirt on Xander."
Sis: "It really is."

Me: "You know, Xander's actually looking fitter than he has in past seasons."
Sis: "He really is. Much less schlub-like."
Me: "No more schlub-Xander!" *waves Xander flag*

Tara and Willow, onscreen: *dance and float around in the air*
Sis: "Awwww..."
Me: "That's just darned cute!"
Sis: "Because of course they would float, they're witches!"
Me: "They totally would."

During Spike/Buffy-confrontation ep

Post-titles credits: *flash David Borenaz's name across the screen*
Sis: "AGPHGFJZGGG…" *twitch*
Me: "That was almost a convulsion, are you OK?"
Sis: "Yes I'm all right I'll be fine..."

Post-Spike/Buffy-confrontation ep:
Sis: "So, Riley is so going to have to get himself killed..."
Me: "You know, he so is going to have to die!"
Sis: "I don't see how they can get around it."
Me: "Because they don't need him anymore! He's so expendable..."
Sis: "And they can kill him now and Buffy will be all sad..."
Me: "But not for long, because we know now that traumatic events can be overcome in like, a week..."
Sis: "Right, and Buffy will be all sad and then Spike can console her..."
Me: "He so can..."
Me and Sis: *daydream happily*

2. Slightly deeper thoughts:

*I am so loving the Buffy/Spike dynamic. Spike is definitely my favourite character by now, all 'shipping aside, but the Buffy relationship just makes him more interesting to me. If he had continued as a straight-out villain he still would have been useful, but then his character wouldn't have changed as much.

I like this arc they're developing, because it makes Spike more complicated. Because really: when Buffy and Spike had their little (or not so little) confrontation in the alley, Spike laid all his cards on the table and was the most vulnerable he's ever been in front of Buffy (and he kind of enjoyed it, I think). She took advantage of it and rejected him, making herself look stronger. But when Buffy was in tears later at her house and Spike could easily have done what he wanted to do, kill her, he didn't take advantage of her, he hesitated. I must have more of this.

*Anya is wonderful. I can't wait to see more of her and Xander, too, because they're funny but also honest and kind to each other. Now if only they could do more than be reduced to comic relief...

*I've heard very very snippity-ish snippits of what Willow does later on (don't spoil me further), but really nothing concrete, other than that she does Big Magic stuff. Still, I'm curious about that, too, because they keep dropping little hints that both she and Tara have mondo magical skillz, and I want to see them do more than just single spells at a time.

3. On the non-Buffy front, I must return to grading today. And not wibble about the draft I handed in yesterday which I now think is complete crap.

4. Erm, it's nice when you write a ficathon assignment, when the person you wrote it for actually acknowledges it just a teensy bit. That is all. *sniffle

April 23

*Still felt sympathy for Riley overall, and Sis and I both agree his exit was perfect - he feels no need to return, but he left Buffy with all the good dramatic angst. Very efficiently written. Still, now that he's gone, I don't miss him at all.

*Don't mind Dawn after all, either. MT does a good performance, and the character is very believable as a teenager - she's emotional, defiant, wants to be a girl. All good fun.

*Continue to adore Spike, and his whole unrequited love thing. And I love his pet names for people :)

*The Buffy Robot was extremely well used, I'd written her off as a one-time deal but they made her into a purposeful plot device.

*The Season 5 Finale was a great hour of television. Very very dramatic and noble "end" for Buffy, and wow was it ever heartbreaking to watch the gang gathering around her at the very end. Even Spike cried ;_;

*Of course, still not nearly as heartbreaking as Joyce's death and everyone's grief and Buffy having to deal with finding her. Oie. *takes stiff drink*

*Anya and Spike are now tied for my favourite characters.

*Poor Tara, going insane like that. :(

*But wow what a great villain! Glory was fantastic, so believably evil and yet almost loveable in her earnestness. Definitely up there with the Mayor. ;) Ooh, now if Glory and the Mayor ever got together...

*Cannot wait to see the real Buffy/Spike action. Mrawr.

April 27

This morning: hid out at home with snowdrifted and watched the 2nd disc of Buffy S6.

This afternoon: met with supervisor and had good chat and feel mildly better about proposal, although still have a bit of work to do.

This evening, after meeting: watched "Smashed" and "Wrecked".

Um. Angel who?

*puts episodes on continuous loop in brain*

May 2

"You've got a scythe? We've been using wooden scissors!"

1. Wrapping up Buffy Season 6:

*Oh thank God Giles showed up! I hadn't realized how much I missed him :)

*Oh thank God nobody else died besides Tara

*So sad Tara died ;_; Any hope for her coming back in some sort of spiritual-ghost-vision sort of form?

*Really really really hope Spike redeems himself

*Still mad that Xander left Anya at the altar ;_; I mean how unfortunate was that for Anya? *sniffles*

*SO glad Buffy finally came to her senses and realized she can stop treating Dawn like a 4-year old.

*SO glad Xander got a chance to save the day

May 20

No time for tragedy

1. And we've wrapped up Buffy Season 7, ladies and germs! Whew, 7 Seasons is a long time for a show, I gotta say! That's a whooooollle lotta episodes.

During “Touched”

Spike, onscreen: *arrives in abandoned house and finds Buffy there*
Me: “Yay!”
Sis: “More Spike! More naked Spike is what we need, though.”
Me: “Totally.”
Sis: “One quick shag before the world ends, not too much trouble is all I’m sayin’.”
Me: “Mm. Or even a bit of canoodling wouldn’t go amiss.”
Sis: “Also true. Perhaps some face-stroking, too…”
Me: “Definitely face-stroking. And some hand-holding. Hand-holding!”
Sis: *sighs*

Spike, onscreen: *tells Buffy he loves her*
Me: “Aw!”
Sis: “Awwww!”
Me: “Spike! Spike!”

Spike, onscreen: *tells Buffy she’s the most amazing woman in the world*
Buffy, onscreen: *lets single tear fall down cheek*
Sis: “Spike!”
Me: “SPIKE!”
Sis: “He loves her! He really does!”
Spike and Buffy, onscreen: *lie down in each other’s arms*
Sis: “It’s..” *whonk* “So touching…”
Me: “Excuse me I think I have something in my eye…” *snif*

Faith, onscreen: *whines about what a crappy leader she is*

Principal Wood, onscreen: *whines and feels sorry for himself about how he can’t even run a highschool*
Me: “No no, but see that’s not because you’re a bad Principal, that’s just because you were only brought in just this year.”
Sis: “Yeah sweetie, it’s not your fault you’re so badly written.”
Me: “Poor dear.”

Faith, onscreen: *gets physical with Principal Wood*
Me: “Oooh, now that’s interesting…”
Sis: “Because, hey! Why not?”
Me: “It’s the end of the world, somebody might as well be getting it on.”
Sis: “Absolutely.”

Faith and Principal Wood, onscreen: *snog topless like hot bandits*
Me: “Ooh…”
Sis: “Now he’s very nice and muscled without his shirt on, now isn’t he…”
Me: “Mm hmm…

Me: “You know, he so totally is the romantic lead guy.”
Sis: “He has the bedroom eyes.”
Me: “And the sensitive voice.”
Sis: “And the muscles.”
Me: “Definitely the muscles…”

Kennedy, onscreen: *seduces Willow*
Me: *tsk* “Still not Tara.”
Sis: “No. Hrmph.”
Me: “And still very UNDERAGE!”
Sis: “So totally underage! Willow with the underage girl, OMG!”
Me: “Bah.”
Sis: “Stupid Kennedy. She’s just a brat.
Me: “She totally is. She may go now. Shoo!” *makes shooing gestures*
Sis: “She’s not good enough to lick Tara’s boots.”
Me: “Totally not good enough. And for that matter she’s definitely not good enough to be licking Willow.”
Sis: “Hah! Not nearly good enough!”

Other comments:

*I adore Andrew. He was a little spooky last season by virtue of his association with Warren, but really underneath it all he's just a very eager, slightly snivelly geek who wants to feel useful. *pats him*

*So sad they had to kill Anya in the end, but if she did have to die I'm glad it was in battle at the very end and not earlier on in the season when it looked like Buffy might kill her. Her character really did have quite a good arc from Seasons 4-7.

*I did love the "every future Slayer shall now have the power" bit at the end, it was great. Perfect message to send, and who cares if it unsettles the premise of the show? Because really, who says there just has to be one and only one Slayer? A bunch of men who died thousands of years ago? Shee-ah, yeah right.

*In my head Faith and Principal Wood (I just can't muster up calling him Robin, for some reason) are totally riding off into the sunset together.

*Spike is still my favourite :) *hearts him* What a tortured angsty season he had - rightfully so - and how worthwhile for his character arc, too. But is he dead? I've seen him on the Angel S5 discs, so he can't be gone for good, right?

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