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These stories have been nurtured and cared for by Starlet, Lynne, Vatrixsta Cruden, Dark Rhiannon, Trammie, Lerdo and Brislurker. I am extremely grateful to them for their help and encouragement, as well as their friendship.

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. I love them, but they are not mine. No profit is made from this site; no infringement is intended.


A Long, Strange Journey
Rated NC-17♥ Buffy, Spike and Angel set circa "The Girl in Question"

All of This and Nothing
Rated NC-17 ♥ Many years in the future, post "Not Fade Away" and everyone's human. (While the story is B/A, Nina figures quite importantly and, um, that's all I'm saying.)

Auld Lang Syne
Rated PG ♥ Written for the BtVS Lyric Wheel, this is a Christmas story, B/A style.

Autumn of Strange Suffering
Rated NC-17 ♥ This fic represents two firsts for me: my first slash story (Wes/Angel) and my first Angel Book of Days challenge.

Baker's Dozen
Rated PG♥ This is a post NFA fic written for the We Will Not Fade Away ficathon. It's B/A.

The Bargain
Rated NC-17 ♥ Further examination of a D/s relationship between Buffy and Angel, this story contains elements of bloodplay, sexual torture and other potentially objectional material. Post "Chosen."

Beautiful Lie
Rated G ♥ Set in season three, this ficlet features Buffy, Angel and a swing.

Best Years
Rated PG ♥ This is another fic that came as a result of the BTVS Lyric Wheel. In addition to using the lyrics sent to you, the story had to be set in Season one of either Buffy or Angel. Mine is a little Willow POV.

Rated PG♥ This is my second contribution for Project Paranormal. Buffy and Giles head to Bath to deal with a nest of Vampires and Angel deals with a demon of his own.

Blood Oath
Rated NC-17♥ This is a post Season 3 Angel story. Cordelia is still missing. Angel and Wesley are estranged. The pull of blood is strong.♥ This story won the B/A prize at the Shattered Frames Awards in August 2003.

Breath and Memory
Rated NC-17 ♥ Buffy, Spike and Angel in the future. With sex.

Rated R ♥ This is my entry into the Winter challenge for the Angel Book of Days challenge. It's a dark story featuring Drusilla and Angel set mid-season 3 of Ats.

Rated R ♥ Angel contemplates his life from the bottom of the ocean.

Change in the Weather
Rated PG ♥ Buffy gets an unexpected Christmas gift. Futurefic.

Rated NC-17 ♥ Buffy receives a diary and attempts to sort through her thoughts. Spoilers including the end of Season 6. ♥ First Place Winner in the Buffy Category at the His Girl Awards.

Rated R ♥ This story was written for a challenge and had to include Buffy, Angel and Spike circa season six.

Damage Done
Rated NC-17 ♥ A chance encounter in LA between Riley and Angel (Sometime after Into the Woods)

Date Night
Rated: G ♥ What if Buffy and Angel finally had the coffee date alluded to in Season Two’s ‘Reptile Boy’

Death Wish(es)
Rated PG for swearing ♥ Fifteen characters, fifteen intimations of mortality.

Dinner and a Movie
Rated R ♥ Angel and Lindsey aren't ever going to be best friends...doesn't mean they don't haunt each other's dreams.

These drabbles are a result of challenges posted weekly at Sunday 100, a Live Journal community. Each drabble must be exactly 100 words long.

Dreams Such as These
Rated R ♥ Lindsey's dreams come back to haunt him.

Rated Strong R ♥ Spike, Buffy and Angel consider their feelings for each other. Spoilers include up to the end of Season 6.

The End of the Story
Rated G ♥ Eight characters talk about Buffy and Angel in drabble form.

Essay Question
Rated G ♥ Written for a B/A ficathon, this story had to be set in season 3, pre-Surprise.

Rated PG ♥ Angel and Spike in Rome...sometime in the future.

Fair Play
Rated NC-17 ♥ Post-NFA, B/A pegging fic. Just for fun. Sort of.

Fallen From Grace
Rated R ♥ Buffy leaves Rome to return to Los Angeles post NFA. She finds that things have changed for those who remain, including herself.

Five Pairs of Lips Buffy Never Kissed and Five She Did
Rated PG ♥ A Five Things story.

Five Ways It Might Have Ended For Buffy and Angel
Rated PG ♥ Not much to say besides that, really.

Rated R♥ This is a post Not Fade Away. Buffy in Rome ♥

Four times Angel and Buffy almost fucked and one time they actually did
Rated NC-17♥ Written for a porn challenge, this fic examines close encounters through the years ♥

Rated G ♥ What is the nature of grief? ♥ My Lyric Wheel contribution in April.

Rated R ♥ Buffy is haunted by dreams of Angel while continuing her affair with Spike.

Heat Wave
Rated NC-17 ♥ Written for Zo as part of Maren's Sandwichficathon, this is smut featuring Buffy, Angel and Faith.

Here on Earth
Rated Strong R♥ Early season three, Angel is back from Hell. B/A

Holding On
Rated R ♥ Written for the 2nd annual I Will Remember You Fic Marathon. B/A in the future..

Rated PG ♥ Written as the sixth story for Project Paranormal, Holy takes place in post NFA England.

Hope Spring Eternal and Other Clichés
Rated R ♥ Angel's life is a cliche. End of season five, BtVS

Human Condition
Rated R ♥ Spike and Angel deal with the aftermath of the battle.

In Dreams
Rated R ♥ This is a post "Chosen" ficlet featuring Buffy and Angel...and no, they don't live happily ever after.

Justify My Love
Rated Strong R ♥ Angel and Buffy drift further and further away from one another.

Rated NC 17 ♥ What if the news about Buffy's death at the end of 'The Gift' had been delivered differently.

Rated NC-17Warnings Bloodplay, slash, BDSM. Not for the faint of heart. ♥ I was intrigued by Buffy and Angel is a D/s relationship. This is the result.

Left Behind
Rated NC 17 ♥ Spike's journey post NFA isn't what he imagined it might be. Spike/Angel

Letting Go
Rated Strong R ♥ Angel needs to let go of his grief over losing Connor and heads for the one person he knows will be able to help.

Lie To Me
Rated R ♥ Buffy hears that Angel may have feelings for Cordelia and goes to Los Angeles to confront him.

Live To Tell
Rated PG ♥ Years in the future. Connor's disappearance is handled differently. Angel comes to Wesley for answers.

Lost Together
Rated NC-17 ♥ Walks a fine line between Alternate Universe and this one. What if a dream world, a world concocted by the PTB and a totally different world were to collide? (Multiple parts.)

Love Hurts: Five Valentines That Were Never Exchanged
Rated NC-17 ♥ In the five things tradition; situations which never happened.

Lucky Day
Rated PG ♥ Immediately after "The Prom".

Make a Wish
Rated NC-17 ♥ Angel visits Buffy on her birthday.

Midnight Hour
Rated PG ♥ This story takes place in the Comic book there are spoilers for 'Wolves at The Gate'. Buffy struggles to sort out her personal life and the life she must lead as a Slayer.

Miles To Go
Rated PG through NC-17 ♥ This is a post "Reign of Fire" fic, that I fear may have gotten the best of me. (Multiple Parts)

Rated NC-17Warnings: Bloodplay, bondage, Aus/Buffy and a guest. ♥ Despite the warnings, I've been told this story is beautiful.

Needful Things
Rated NC-17 ♥ What if Buffy and Angel had had a little more time alone together at the end of "Sanctuary." This is porn without any complicating plot.

No Place Like Home
Rated NC-17♥ There’s a curious comfort to be found, in the most unlikely places. Mostly smut. ♥ Buffy, Spike, Angel

Old Ghosts
Rated NC17 ♥ Buffy faces her future in London, post "Not Fade Away". ♥ Buffy, Spike, Angel

Older and Far Away
Rated NC-17 ♥ Angel shares news Buffy doesn't want to hear- sometime in the future.

On Joy and Sorrow
Rated R ♥ Buffy, Angel and Spike navigate their relationships during Buffy season 6 and Angel season 3.

One Life
Rated NC-17 ♥ Written for Leni's month long B/A ficathon which marks the five year anniversary of "I Will Remember You."♥ This is a futurefic and fluffy...well, fluffy for me. ♥

Out Of Control
Rated R ♥ Angel contemplates his past and his future.

Past, Imperfect
Rated NC-17 ♥ Totally Alternate Universe and totally Buffy and Angel.(Multiple Parts)

Rated R ♥ Buffy and Angel navigate their relationship mid-Season 3.

The Place in Between
Rated R, for some sex and language ♥ Time spent after "The Gift." ♥

Rescue Me
Rated R ♥ Post seasons 6 and 3. There's a whole lota savin' goin on.

Rated G ♥ Written for the BTVS Lyric Wheel, this is a future fic featuring Wes and Fred.

The River Meets the Sea
Rated G ♥ This is sort of a Buffy/Angel fic...Angel reaches out to his past in order to face his future.

Rated NC-17 ♥ Wesley heads to Sunnydale to enlist help with finding Connor. Aus/A/B (Mulitple Parts) ♥ Runner Up in the Best Conventional Couple category at the Fancy Me Yours Awards.

Safe Word
Rated NC-17, seriously ♥ Written for a challenge at MMM_Smut, an LJ community. Involves bondage and candles. If this stuff interests you, please do your research.

Secrets We Keep
Rated R ♥ Written for the Lyric Wheel. Giles and Angel share a secret. Early season three.

Sign on the Dotted Line
Rated R ♥ Angel and Spike bicker and have sex...on a desk.

Skin Deep
Rated NC-17 ♥ Angel needs help. B/A

Someone Like You
Rated G ♥ Buffy's getting married. IWRY 2011 fic. B/A

Something to Keep
Rated R ♥ Dawn is in a strange place. And she's not alone.

Rated R ♥ Playing games with the First.

Stars Fall
Rated PG ♥ Flufforific futurefic. B/A. Did I mention this was fluffy?

Rated R

Rated R ♥ The first fic I ever wrote. Post-coital Buffy and Spike and followed by, "Wounded," "Catch My Fall," and "Damage." The sequels all follow "Tenderness."

This Happened
Rated PG ♥ Another story written for the 2005 IWRY Fic Marathon. Buffy and Angel at seven different moments in their relationship.

Through The Eyes Of...
Rated PG ♥ Ten characters talk about Buffy in ten drabbles.

Ties That Bind
Rated PG ♥ Written for the Welcome Back to the Hellmouth Ficathon...sometimes it takes a person from the past to set you free.

To Whom It May Concern
Rated PG ♥ Future Fic. Major character death implied. Angel/other, although of course Buffy plays a role. ♥ Winner at the Potential Awards

Rated R ♥ Post series finale. No Cordy. No Spike bashing. No happy endings.

Rated NC-17 ♥ Buffy is never far from her past. But eventually she must let it go.

Rated PG An ending and a beginning.

Waiting For the Sun
Rated NC-17 ♥ This story was written for Copper, who asked whether I thought it was possible to write a non-fluffy, relatively happy B/A story. It's a post- Chosen fic.

Rated NC-17 ♥ This story was written for Gia's, B/A Kinkathon. ♥ It's B/A, curse free, smut without much redeeming value.

Worse Things
Rated PG ♥ The fifth turn of the BTVS Lyric Wheel produced this story set at Halloween. Buffy, Willow and Xander.

You Can't Go Home Again
Rated G ♥ Written for Stir_of_Echoes, this is a post "Chosen" Willow/Oz ficlet.

Your Skin is My Canvas
Rated NC 17 ♥ A very dark look at Angel many years post NFA. A/other with B/A subtext.


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