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Safe as Houses
NC 17
Why it's sublime... Angel's daily struggle to keep his sexual feelings for Buffy under control are put to the test in this little fic. Yum.

White Light
Why it's sublime... a2zmom calls this a 'fever dream'. But that isn't the half it- it's the history of Buffy and Angel told in the colours of life.

Eight Ways to Leave, Nine Ways to be a Fool
Why it's sublime... Drabbles are not as easy to write as one might think. 100 carefully chosen words- that's all they are, but a2zmom packs each drabble with so much emotional weight- you'd think you were reading an epic.

Guilt Trembling Spoke My Doom, R
Happy (Baby Won't You Keep Me), PG
Fairytale of New York, NC-17
Why they're sublime... Although these stories can be read and enjoyed separately, I heartily recommend reading this trilogy in one sitting. The cummulative affect of Angel's post NFA journey (and his reunion with Buffy) is devastating.

Why it's sublime... This is just a sweet, brimming with promise story...and who doesn't like those?

Presents, Lost and Found
Why it's sublime...What are the true gifts in a relationship? The tangible things you can hold on to...or the memories they evoke? A lovely look at gifts exchanged.

When It Alteration Finds
Why it's sublime... Buffy and Angel meet after many years. Sure, it's been done before...but it's always wonderful to find it done well.
Why it's sublime... Good old-fashioned story telling and great characterizations collide in this post-NFA fic.

Twist, Darling, Twist
NC 17
Why it's sublime...This is a clever body-switch fic that's as hot as it is desperate.

How Should I Presume?
Why it's sublime... This story is told from Angel's POV. He reflects, from Los Angeles, on his complicated history with Buffy and his own failings. Plus, Arrie wrote it for me.

Beer Good
Does Forever Work For You?
Why it's sublime... This ficlet packs a punch as Angel works through his issues in Tibet.

Waiting to Exhale
Why it's sublime... Buffy might never get over Angel (or Spike, as this story suggests) but in the end- she must still choose to live her life. B/S as well as B/A

the more things change
Why it's sublime... Biggrstaffbunch nails Buffy's voice in this excellent post-NFA fic; and she also ramps up the angst. Two of my favourite things!

Why it's sublime...This future fic has a wonderful Buffy-voice, some beautiful language and a perfectly plausible (and hopeful)...denouement!

Blackwinged Angel
The Best Nights
Why it's sublime... This is a little gem of a story; a quiet reflection of what has been and what may never be. Buffy has never been more sympathetic.

If You Drive Me Back
Why it's sublime... What if Angel had no memories, could he and Buffy live happily ever after? No body does this particular type of angst as well as Carly. No one.

The Sin Eater
Why it's sublime... What makes a good fic? Great character voices, a little bit of plot and for me, prose that squeezes your heart a little bit tighter.

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
Why it's sublime... Buffy's baking cookies. Angel's watching. Things heat up in the most delightful way. Sweet.

Why it's sublime... I am totally in love with the dreamy, visceral nature of the first part of this story which follows Angel's time of mourning post "The Gift". And part two, post "NFA", is pretty awesome, too..

Carmen Sandiego
Why it's sublime... Not new to writing, but new to B/A, Carmen brings a wonderful delicacy to this little ficlet where Angel visits Buffy, by moonlight.

The Need That Remains
Why it's sublime... Chelle writes wonderful, plotty fic and this is my favourite of hers. Buffy and Angel must work together and they soon discover that some things never change. This is a great read.

Why it's sublime... This post NFA ficlet covers a lot of ground- reuniting Buffy and Angel, acknowledging their past relationships and beginning the difficult task of healing. Beautiful.

Why it's sublime... A rose by any other name...Copper's fic is short, but it manages to capture in very few words everything we know to be true about our favourite couple.

D.L. LePage
Salvaging the Emptiness
Why it's sublime... What might have happened if Angel's soul had not been returned to him in Season 4? If Buffy had gone to the mansion after being 'voted off the island' during Season 7? If Angelus had made a deal with the First but then discovered he loved Buffy even more than Angel ever had. This story is both compelling and HOT.

Dark Star
Passing Through
Why it's sublime... A lovely fic which bridges the gap between Angel's departure from Sunnydale and his arrival in LA. Includes an original character.

Love Lies Bleeding
Why it's sublime... First of all, our heroes are damaged and hurting and needy and vulnerable and they inhabit a landscape that is unfamiliar and filled with menace. What's not to like?

Dawn of Me
Great! Just Great!
Why it's sublime... I admit it, this isn't my typical Sublime fic...but this is a funny fic featuring Angel, Buffybot and a very smug Spike. What? I can't have layers?

The Deadly Hook
Time Lapse
Why it's sublime... Here's where I admit that I have a huge soft spot for fics which feature an eternally youthful Angel who still loves old (but still lovely) Buffy. And then this is where I tell you that this fic is not that fic- it's more. It's better.

In This Life
Why it's sublime... Beautifully reminiscent of season two fic, which captures not only the post-Innocence heart-break, but Buffy as a teenager in love.

Through a Glass, Darkly
Why it's sublime... A story which perfectly captures Buffy's innocence and loss of it and one of the most chilling portrayals of Angelus I've ever read.

No Substitute for Sense
Why it's sublime... This fic explores the time in and around 'Prophecy Girl' and it is spare and features a well-drawn (and very young) Buffy and a still-in-the-shadows Angel to great effect.

Why it's sublime... Yes, I know...weird combination. But Doyle's prose and her inate understanding of the "untouchable-ness" that is B/A makes this little fic damn near perfect.

Why it's sublime... This was one of the very first pieces of B/A fanfic I ever read and upon re-reading it, I discovered that it was every bit as sweet, hot and sublime as it was back then.

Why it's sublime... The B/A faction of the fandom is damn lucky to have Ducks. She's an eloquent champion of B/A and a wonderfully passionate writer to boot. In this story we find Buffy and Angel reunited under less than perfect circumstances...but the results are sublime!

Ducks and Vatrixsta Cruden
Why it's sublime... Every B/A archive worth its weight needs to have one Ducks/Vatrixsta collaboration and this just happens to be my favourite. It's the quintessential happily-ever-after Buffy and Angel fic that doesn't gloss over their troubled past and is filled with the beautiful writing and sex we've come to expect from these writers.

Fever Dream
Why it's sublime... I have long admired this story's dreamy writing and the way it captured a single moment...but I hadn't been able to find its author. So, please enjoy this story- which is posted here without permission. And if you know Elle, please let me know- so I can thank her properly.

Emma Grant
Same Time, Next Year
Why it's sublime... This story is characterized by wonderful character voices, a plot that moves along at a good pace and some lovely B/A moments.

Why it's sublime: This is a stark, pared-down version of an annual meeting between Buffy and Angel that is not as romantic as it is inevitable.

Change of Fortune
Why it's sublime: This second person narrative features Angel about to battle another apocalypse and wondering whether it'll be worth it in the end.
In This World
Why it's sublime... All the characters are here...but Buffy and Angel anchor this great fic which sees Buffy return to the wrong world after 'The Gift.'

Why it's sublime... When things get rough for Angel post 'Reprise', he turns to the one person he can't forget. And the consequences are a thing of fragile beauty.

Why it's sublime... Felicity's companion piece to 'Undertow.' This story follows Buffy's journey...back to Angel.

Why it's sublime... Because when Buffy and Angel reunite things are complicated and messy and sorta perfect.

Waiting for the Apocalypse
Why it's sublime... This is the sort of B/A story that will break your heart- but it's so beautifully written I doubt you'll mind.

Note: Timeless is the third story in a series which begins with The Non-Mutual-Exclusivity of Perversion and Love and Together Again for the First Time.
Why it's sublime... Timeless is classic B/A. Angel navigates his feelings for Buffy (and Spike) in a post-NFA world which doesn't ignore their complicated past nor the fact that Spike is an important player in their current relationship. Timeless is romantic and truthful and divine.

If I Had Another Chance
Why it's sublime... A post "Not Fade Away" story that is restrained, full of promise and longing. I'm glad to include it here.

Foot Tapper
Why it's sublime... Beautifully captures Buffy and Angel circa season 2- with some particularly nice Buffy-character moments.

Conversational Etiquette
Why it's sublime... Sometimes wires do get crossed...but that doesn't mean what is essential changes one bit. A lovely ficlet.

Let Me Alone
Why it's sublime... Angel makes one final sacrifice in this heart-breaking fic.

Mystery Play
Why it's sublime... For me, the best B/A is B/A like this. Every touch a punishment, every endearment a prayer

Small Illuminated Dying Things
Why it's sublime... Gloss writes a lot of Oz/Angel, but before you go shaking your head at how impossible that sounds, you should read this story. First of all, Angel/Oz makes sense. Secondly, Angel/Buffy, as we see them here, are as important to each other as they ever were. Gloss takes these characters to a new, devastating place, though. Her writing, as always, is brilliant.

Dear to Us
Why it's sublime... Odd that I would fall so in love with a story that doesn't have my couple sailing off into a sunset. Odder that the marvelously talented Glossolalia would write B/A at all, but she did. And she wrote it beautifully and, while it's not happily ever after, it's still a could-be story that just could. be.

The Years Went By
Why it's sublime... "She clutches her stake in her hand, feeling splinters dig into her skin. Itís the only thing she knows how to hold onto." A future fic that shows us Buffy and Angel as we hope they might be.

Songs of Parting
Why it's sublime... This story is a brief post-apocalypse story and it's filled with sadness, remorse and hopelessness. I loved it!

Valley of Dust
Why it's sublime... Willow travels to LA after "The Gift" to deliver the news of Buffy's death to Angel. This story is simple, well-crafted and offers the reader a glimpse into how the news Willow brings impacts not only Angel but Willow herself.

Four times Angel thinks about leaving, at least once in an existential sense
Why it's sublime... An economical ficlet that packs a powerful punch...

Why it's sublime... This is an AU story that really works for me. Angel's a vampire, Buffy's a Slayer, but not much else is familiar. Oh, except that Buffy loves Angel and Angel loves Buffy...and that first kiss. Gah!

Jane Davitt
First Time
Why it's sublime... This has been called B/A for adults, but I think if you don't see B/A as, at least sometimes, dark and complicated, you're missing the point.

Lead Me Into Temptation
Why it's sublime... I think it's always wonderful when a great writer attempts a relatively shippy story that features a pairing they don't necessarily ship. "Lead Me Into Temptation" is a wonderful pre-"Surprise" story that hints at all the angst to come.

Why it's sublime... Jane really does a fabulous job at capturing early Buffy and Angel. What does Buffy find in the pockets of the leather jacket Angel gives her? A surprisingly hot ficlet.

Stepping Out
Why it's sublime... Well, this little ficlet captures everything beautiful about early B/A. Set in the Bronze it features Willow and Xander at their goofy best, and a budding Buffy and Angel relationship that is especially bittersweet because we know what is to come.

The Way Things Are
Why it's sublime... Post-Chosen fic that reunites Buffy and Angel, if only long enough for them to discover that as much as things change, they stay the same. I loved it.

Why it's sublime...Several years after Not Fade Away, Angel tries to replace something he thinks has been lost forever...with surprising results.

The Nature of the Beast
Why it's sublime... You'll likely be as surprised as I was that this is Jo's first story but, thankfully, it's not her last. This story is an ending and a beginning and rightly deserves a place here.

Why it's sublime... This post NFA does several things, including reuniting Buffy and Angel. But, thanks to an enemy they don't even realize they have, they don't get the happily-ever-after they deserve. Heartbreaking.

Ten Observations on Being in Love With a Human
Why it's sublime... Ever wonder what life might be like for Buffy and Angel after Angel's made human? Kairos takes us through ten specific moments, some small and some significant but each and every one sublime.

Katriena Knights
Road Trip
Why it's sublime... Riley, Xander and Angel must work together to cure Buffy and their 'road trip' is filled with snark and animosity and a few revelations that are simply heartbreaking. While not strictly B/A, this story is brimful of the angsty stuff I love.

If Ever
Why it's sublime... 500 perfect words capture five powerful B/A moments.

All Ways
Why it's sublime... This story is the epitome of great fic. When I first discovered Kita many years ago, she raised the fic bar for me...and this story is yet another reminder of why. It's a future fic featuring Buffy, Angel and Spike and Kita's sincere love for these characters and her understanding of what they mean to each other is apparent in every word.

Why it's sublime... One word: Kita. I still remember the first time I read this story and the feeling I had that I had crossed over into another category of fanfic. Kita's Angel is complicated and uncompromising and utterly beautiful and while she's not strictly a B/A writer or shipper, Kita writes some of the most beautiful B/A out there. Echoes remains one of my favourite stories in the fandom.

He Couldn't
Why it's sublime... Knightshade is relatively new to the Jossverse, but if this story is any indication of what we can expect from this writer...well, yay! This story is lovely, quiet and captures both Angel and Angelus and their fascination (for lack of a better word) with Buffy, beautifully..

Sin of Self
Why it's sublime... What if the killing finally caught up with Buffy? Who would she turn to? This is a gem.

Not That Girl
Why it's sublime... What would a meeting between Buffy and Angel like a decade or so after "Not Fade Away"? Kristi's story is both gut-wrenching and hopeful and makes great use of spare language to let our beloved characters, especially Angel, speak what is in their hearts. Oh, so beautiful.

Lamia Archer
Gods and Monsters
Why it's sublime... This is one of those big, sprawling, fabulously plotted stories that moves along with breath-taking speed and delivers Buffy and Angel in beautiful technicolour.

Return to Me
Why it's sublime... This story is as exotic as its location...and boasts a great plot and a happy ending!

And Then You Kissed Me
R, bloodplay
Why it's sublime... The perfect mixture of humour and hot sex. Actually, it's more hot than humourous.

I Love a Woman That Rains
Why it's sublime... This ficlet is strangely dreamlike and packs a tremendous punch in very few words. Compelling, erotic...sublime.

Why it's sublime... This Buffy/Angelus fic is filled with regret and longing- two people undone by their feelings for each other, although those feelings might not be quite what you'd expect.

Save Me
Why it's sublime... Ligeia's story perfectly captures Season One Buffy/Angel. Angel is filled with longing and remorse and the story itself is exquisite.

Here, at the End of the World
Why it's sublime... The depth of Lokoa's love for our star-crossed couple knows no bounds and it shows in this simple tale of reconciliation and hope. Post "Chosen."

The Calling
Why it's sublime... Annie's a wordsmith that can make the simplest moments ring with meaning.

Why it's sublime... Because sometimes the very best Buffy/Angel stories seem to be about another pairing altogether. So I should warn you that this story is Angel/Xander...and then I should tell you I whole-heartedly recommend it as a sublime Buffy/Angel fic.

Happily Ever After
Why it's sublime... Don't let the title fool you, Buffy and Angel don't buy a station wagon in this fic. And yet- there is a certain perfection in Lynne's vision of their future.

Sense Memory
Why it's sublime... I know you've come to expect excellent B/A fic at Sublime, but sometimes B/A and another makes for some Sublime reading and this post NFA (which also features Rley Finn) is one of those times.

Why it's sublime... Okay, here's something new. A story at Sublime that's not B/A. Well, not technically. But even though the pairing is A/S, this amazing piece of fiction is all about Buffy. This is my new favourite story and it is stunning.

M Phoenix
Why it's sublime... Who can resist B/A circa season 2 and 3 especially now, when we all know what's to come for them. This is a beautiful little fic, told in second person, that is so sympathetic to the characters it's impossible not to read and feel gutted.

At Home Where the World Ends
Why it's sublime... Buffy and Angel find each other after the battle in NFA in a story that is filled with silences and tension and, yes, love.

Elysian Dream
Why it's sublime... Buffy and Angel...and Angelus in a drug-induced dream-state...but don't be mistaken; this isn't all about sex. .

Weight of Life
Why it's sublime... This fic is so intense and emotionally powerful that you'll almost forget to breathe while you're reading. Post NFA.

Margot Le Faye
The Girl Next Door
Why it's sublime: Well, okay, Margot's name is practically synonymous with B/A. Usually her stuff is a little smuttier than this gem- but this is a sweet future fic that offers the reader a glimpse into Buffy's life (and her reunion with Angel) as seen through the eyes of relative strangers.

Why it's sublime: "I want your future. Every moment of it. Because I need you more than I need to draw my next breath." Yeah. That about sums up this wonderful story- plus there's hot sex.

NC 17
Why it's sublime... Imagine how difficult it must have been for Angel to be around Buffy...even in those early, innocent days. There is a line- and Angel struggles not to cross it in this hot little fic.

Most Wanted
Why it's sublime... Here's a story that takes us way back to the beginning of Buffy and Angel. Angel lurks in the shadows, they've barely exchanged a kiss, but it's all there...just waiting to happen. A sweet little story.

History Erased and Rewritten
Why it's sublime... BtVS season 6 and Ats season 4 meeting between Buffy and Angel takes on new significance when Buffy encourages Angel to return what she has, through death, lost. Beautifully heartfelt..

A Peculiar Comfort
NC-17 (with warnings for BDSM and bloodplay)
Why it's sublime... Nevernever's look at a post series B/A relationship shows us characters who have changed a great deal. Except for one thing. Buffy and Angel still have the ability to offer each other what no one else can. A great little story.

Why it's sublime... Seems like everyone knows Buffy and Angel belong together except Buffy and Angel. Their friends conspire to set things right in this delightful tale.

Walking Away
Why it's sublime...Buffy and Angel arrive at the same place for the same reason- and discover that nothing and everything has changed.

Something Like Summertime
Why it's sublime... Sometimes it's nice just to let Buffy and Angel be happy.

The Trouble We're In
Why it's sublime... There are lots of post-NFA B/A meet up again after a long time fics out there. But this one is a complicated mess of longing and heartache and reconciliation and other stuff. Perfect reading for a summer's night.

The Days of Wine and Roses
Why it's sublime... Nyxie just has a way of writing a story that leaves me on the verge of tears...even when the ending is happy.

Painting Dreams With Time
Why it's sublime...This story is one those rare (for me anyway) all human AU stories that really hit me in the gut...because although there are no Slayers and no vampires, Buffy and Angel are heart-breakingly familiar and so is their tragic story.

Til The Last Beat of My Heart
Why it's sublime... A perfect happily-ever-after without a single false note.

Why it's sublime... only_passenger manages to capture almost everything I like about Buffy and Angel in 311 words. Vivid and powerful prose.

Why it's sublime... This post-NFA fic is filled with wonderful, original images, well-drawn characters, hot interaction between Buffy and Angel...and yet something else lingers between the words. This is a fic that will stick with you!

Never the Middle of the Night
Why it's sublime... This fic is a sort of companion piece to Prestige, which exist in a world only_passenger calls Snapshotverse. They can be read separately, but I think once you visit this world, you'll want more.

Poison Pen
Years, If Ever
Why it's sublime... I don't know why, but the thought of Buffy growing old and Angel staying young just breaks my heart. This story examines this, but it's so much more than that. It's a beautiful examination of what never was and what always will be.

Princess Plum Jade
Repeat the Sounding Joy
Why it's sublime... This is a sprawling, labyrinth of a story- perfect reading for a cold winter night. It's got it all: angst, mystery, suspense and it doesn't skimp on the hot sex, either.

Trust is a Funny Thing
Why it's sublime... This is one of those plotty, angsty but ultimately happily-ever-after fics that ties up a lot of B/A stuff in a refreshing and believable manner.

Red Brick Rose
Why it's sublime... The story of how Buffy and Angel loved each other and saved each other is written in the books.

As Dark Things Are Loved
Why it's sublime... Beautiful prose is just one of the things that makes this story worth reading. It's also a spare and lovely look at Angel's homecoming.

All That's Best of Dark and Bright
Why it's sublime... I read this story with a lump in my throat and my heart hammering in my chest. It's an absolutely stunning post 'Not Fade Away' story that, while not strictly B/A, is so sympathetic to their relationship and portrays them with such love and longing, I had to include it here. It's gorgeous.

Why it's sublime... This story is a new twist on an old tale, but I won't spoil your enjoyment of the story by giving anything away. Let's just say that no matter where life takes Buffy and Angel, they can't walk away from each other. Another wonderful story by this author.

Regala Electra
Dreams of Otherworlds
Why it's sublime... Reg's take on a a B/A reunion. And because it's Reg you get the angst, the fear and the clever turn of phrase in one package!

Pieces of Now
Why it's sublime... Older and far away. That's the Buffy and Angel of this story, one of the finest post-Chosen fics I've come across. Is it happily-ever-after? Uh, no. But it's gorgeous nonetheless.

Why it's sublime... Darkness was never more compelling. Vamp Buffy, Angelus and a dangerous game. This is riveting, but perhaps not to everyone's taste.

Why it's sublime... Angel needs help and Buffy rushes to LA post NFA. This fic is beautifully B/A although they don't say a single word to each other.

Touch a hundred flowers (and pick none)
Why it's sublime... What happened before Buffy comes to Sunnydale in the Wishverse? This lovely story allows Angel to pine for the girl with heartbreaking results.

my heart will go on (or some things never change)
Why it's sublime...This is a wistful ficlet- the Buffy we find here is older and perhaps wiser, but so sad. Although we see only a tiny glimpse of the happiness she found with Angel these details make her loss of him that much more substantial.

Theories of Physicality
Why it's sublime...Somewhere in the future..a life still coloured by the past awaits Buffy and Angel.

The Snapped Thread
Why it's sublime..."The end of the world wasn't so bad, considering." This little fic packs a huge emotional punch.

Why it's sublime: The post-resurrection meeting between Angel and Buffy has been imagined and reimagined, but perhaps never quite as realistically as this.

Seven Valentines in Sunnydale: The Necklace
Why it's sublime: This is the second fic in a series of fics, but it stands alone. This fic revisits season two and it hits every angsty nail right on the head.

Post Epiphany
Why it's sublime: Set around Hell's Bells and Forgiven, this fic Buffy, Angel and Spike in a strange place...together. It's melancholy and it's lovely.

Why it's sublime... Set in those moments between the lovemaking but before Angel actually loses his soul in "Surprise," this story is simple but, boy, does it pack a punch.

Imaginations of Her
Why it's sublime... Buffy and Angel meet at a funeral and navigate a bittersweet reunion.

Why it's sublime... If he had to make a choice- what would it be? Simple and lovely.

Five Ways to Kiss the One You Love: A Valentine
Why it's sublime... The kisses Buffy and Angel have exchanged over the course of their relationship have a story to tell.

Let Me Start To Fade Away
Why it's sublime... How does Buffy cope with killing Angel? In this luminous and spare fic, not very well...with stunning results.

She's A Star
Beauty Crucified
Why it's sublime... This little ficlet is a gem; it's a gauzy, veiled story that barely touches the corners of the complicated B/A relationship. And the corners it does touch are slightly spooky and filled with unanswered questions.

Fuel to Fire
Why it's sublime... Sienna has long been one of my favourite B/A writers. She hits all the right notes: angst and smut in perfect measure and this story is no exception.

Love and Bruises
Why it's sublime... Sienna writes B/A angst like nobody's business. And this little gem examines a season 5 relationship that's about need and loss and desire and despair. And it's not happy, but it's beautiful.

Why it's sublime... I haven't included many Buffy/Angelus fics in Sublime because I don't always believe in them- but this little fic was a pleasant surprise. It doesn't waste any time explaining why Buffy is with him. As Angelus says: "It is what it is." And what it is, is very good.

SJ Smith
Why it's sublime... Sometimes less is more and that's certainly the case in this ficlet which is filled with grief and regret.

NC 17
Why it's sublime... What if Wolfram and Hart had resurrected Buffy instead of Darla? Snow's version is both heartbreaking and nightmarish.

Why it's sublime... Because Snow captures in a mere 200 perfectly chosen words the very essence of Buffy and Angel.

Sofia Neto
Playing By the Rules
Why it's sublime... It's a crafty writer, indeed, who can make me share my B/A love with Spike, but Sofia is one of those writers who does this threesome beautifully. Her characters are driven by blood and by family and by a bond that they share, and I believe that this kind of story deserves a place in the Sublime archive.

Why it's sublime... It's not often you read a B/A fic told entirely from Spike's point of view- but his is an interesting perspective and this fic is a gem.

All Souls' Day
Why it's sublime... There are lots of Buffy and Angel reunion stories...but this is one of my favourites.

Glass Slipper
Why it's sublime... Simple. Sweet. This story of what *might* have happened after the prom makes the idea of Angel leaving Buffy just a little easier to bear.

Spyke Raven
Why it's sublime... Angelus and Buffy. Ah. The possibilities. How does he feel about the slayer? How does she feel about him? Their uneasy alliance and their uncontrollable lust for each other is examined in the beautiful story.

Amor Fati
Why it's sublime... I think Starlet sees the characters the way they are rather than the way she wants them to be. That's the greatest compliment I can pay to someone whom I admire beyond the telling of it. So her Angel is spot on, complicated and yearning. She's true to the B/A myth, and while her heart may belong solely in the C/A camp, she never tramples on B/A. This story, which I am happy to include in the Sublime Archive, is B/A, but Queen C, the character we all love, makes an appearance. And she's lovely.

Close Encounters
Why it's sublime... How do non-shippers view B/A? Check out this lovely little fic and you'll see.

One Perfect Moment
Why it's sublime... There are lots of stories out there about the first time Buffy and Angel make love. This one is told from Angel's point of view and it's a heart-breaking look at what the experience means to him.

Why it's sublime... What draws me to a story? Read this one and you'll see. Believable characterizations, interesting plots, a little bit of heartache. Hot sex. Yep. Vortex has it spades.

Why it's sublime... Because I read the whole thing with a lump in my throat. I suppose there are dozens of these fictional letters out there, but I've yet to find one as good as this..

Wandering in Aquamarine
B/A and A/S
Why it's sublime... There are just some things you don't forget...a truth Angel knows all too well. This is a quiet, painful story.

Scars of Our Youth
Why it's sublime... Post NFA...Buffy returns to an injured vampire, without really knowing what (or even whom) she'll find. This is a contemplative fic. Lovely and simple.

Why it's sublime... OK, sometimes you just want Buffy and Angel to be able to resolve their issues. In this story, they make serious headway and it's bliss.

Shelter From the Rain
Why it's sublime... Set just after Angel comes back from Hell, Buffy is trying to reconcile her feelings with what she knows in her heart to be true. This story is bittersweet and, ultimately, heartbreaking.

To Have and to Hold
Why it's sublime... Because sometimes it's nice to read a story where Buffy and Angel have a happily-ever-after...and this story is lovely.

Bodiless Within the Bodies
Why it's sublime... This is a poem of a story...and to say more would ruin the experience.

Trixie Firecracker/Trixen
For Him, while Dreaming
Why it's sublime... Trixen revisits Buffy and Angel's first kiss and breaks our hearts with their last in this gorgeously written fic.

The Wife of Lot
Why it's sublime... If Buffy had found a different place to mourn Angel's departure after Graduation Day, this is what might have happened.

The Rowing Endeth
Why it's sublime... Trixen writes poetry- that's all there is to it. In this fic, Buffy steps through the glass, darkly.

Five Times Buffy Kissed Angel (and once when she didnít)
Why it's sublime... Trixie makes poetry out of the simplest things...including these shared kisses.

The Accidental
Why it's sublime... Trix has long been one of my most favourite writers- her prose is always inventive and intelligent and this fic pushes the limits yet again.

Why it's sublime... As always, Trixie captures the essential B/A in prose that is sensual and weighted with longing. This is a post NFA fic.

The Never-Conquered Conquerors
Why it's sublime... I'm not sure there's a writer out there who does a better Buffy-voice and this post-NFA story gives us both beautiful Buffy and beautiful angst.

Why it's sublime... What can I say? I like my B/A complicated, messy and hot. Trixie hits every nerve with percision and I adore her for it. This story remains one of my favourites. Be warned, though, B/S and C/A have a part to play in this B/A story.

The Life Before Her Eyes
Why it's sublime... As always, Trixie's prose is evocative and sensual. This story, a backwards glance at Buffy's life, is beautifully understated and mangages to touch on many of the pivotal moments which shaped her. It is clear that Trixie loves Buffy and your heart will break a little reading this story.

Death is My Gift
Why it's sublime... I have a fondness for aging Buffy/young Angel fics. And this little ficlet is heartbreaking.

Why it's sublime... This ficlet visits 33 year old Buffy, a woman both changed and constant...especially when it comes to Angel.

Vatrixsta Cruden
Why it's sublime...A clear-eyed and slightly romantic view of Buffy and Angel. Not too many writers do that better than Trix!

Why it's sublime... A post-"Chosen", post-"Home" that is messy and honest and everything that a good fic should be. Plus...that ending!

Why it's sublime... Pre Life Serial (BtVS) and Fredless(Ats), what would a meeting between Buffy and Angel look like? This is a lovely, quiet story that gives us a glimpse into our beloved characters.

After the End
Why it's sublime... There have been many B/A circa 'Flooded' reunion stories- but I've never read one quite like this. It is stark and private and filled with cautious emotion. It's lovely.

Coat Tails
Why it's sublime... Ever wonder about the significance of that leather coat Angel gave Buffy? This fic offers a glimpse into Angel's early feelings about Buffy and also allows us to see them, briefly, at another point in their lives.

Talk Like Lions
Why it's sublime... A gorgeously restrained reunion story.

Why it's sublime... This Buffy and Angel road trip story has been Jossed, but that doesn't make it any less heartbreaking.

Phoenix Burning
Why it's sublime... There are a handful of stories in the B/A fic world that are sort of like the crown jewels; Phoenix Burning is one of them. Not only is Yahtzee a tremendously talented writer, but she has created an entirely new world for our characters to inhabit with compelling original characters, suspense and Buffy and Angel interaction that is, well, sublime. If you haven't yet read this story you must do it immediately.

But None I Think Do There Embrace
Why it's sublime..."There are always stories to pretend they could live." A spare examination of the might-have-beens.

Cemeteries R Us
Why it's sublime... Despite the fact that Angel only makes a nominal appearance in this story, it's still heavenly B/A. And Yseult hits the Buffy/Spike relationship out of the park with spot-on characterizations. I love this little fic.

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