The Dream Series

The Dream Series

By jstabe

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Angel/Lindsey
Disclaimer: I do not these characters, some big huge corporation does. I play with them and then I give them back.
Beta: ely_jan and menomegirl


Dream Lover (first in the series)


He’s never thought about hands much before now. But these hands? God these hands are magic. They set him on fire; make him ache, make him burn. Odd, really, considering they are so cool. Elegant fingers ghost over his nipples and he lets his mind shut down. No more thinking. He just wants to feel.

He moans as strong hands slide down his stomach, past his groin, and begin kneading his thighs. He arches his hips for better access when one hand slides under his balls and begins to glide suggestively over his entrance. The moan becomes a long drawn-out gasp as a single finger slides inside.

“More, please.”

He’s shocked that his voice sounds so shaky, so needy. But the single finger becomes two then three and he’s beyond caring. His hips are moving faster and he’s panting. His breath catches and he makes little incoherent sounds of pure pleasure. A hand wraps around his cock and begins stroking in time to the fingers inside him.

“Yes, God, yes. Don’t stop.”

The hands speed up and he’s writhing now. His fist clenches in the sheets and he gives a low moan of completion as he bucks one last time into those wonderful hands.

“Angel.” The word is a small sigh, barely heard.

Lindsey wakes, hand balled into a fist at his side, stomach coated with his own sticky emissions. He curses and stumbles out of bed, desperate to wash the remains of the dream away. He stands in the shower for a long time and lets the too-hot water beat down on him.

Sweet Dreams (second in the series)

Night after night, the same thing. Lindsey drinks what he hopes is enough Scotch to let him sleep in peace and then he goes to bed. And every night the liquor fails him because Angel is there. Angel’s mouth, his hands, his body; driving Lindsey crazy and making him ache.

Tonight is no different.

Lindsey slowly becomes aware of those hands running over him, touching him softly. Opens his eyes to find Angel kneeling above him, smiling at him.

“Hello lover.”

Lindsey groans in despair and Angel’s smile widens.

“Don’t be like that, Lindsey. I’m going to start to think you don’t want me.”

“I don’t.”

Angel’s hand slides down Lindsey’s body to squeeze the hard cock that throbs at his touch.

“Not really convincing me of that, lover. Try it again without the hard on.”

Angel’s mouth finds his nipple and Lindsey gasps as Angel begins to suck on the hardening nub, his hand slowly stroking Lindsey’s cock. It isn’t long before Lindsey’s moaning softly, hips bucking into Angel’s hand.

“Angel,” he whispers, the word a throaty plea for more.

Angel lifts his head from Lindsey’s swollen nipples, smiling gently before he slides down Lindsey’s body, taking the young man’s cock to the back of his throat in one long swallow.

Lindsey’s breath explodes from his chest and his hand flies up to tangle in Angel’s hair. Angel’s mouth is driving him crazy; sucking and licking, tongue lapping over the head to gather the drops of precome there. Slick fingers sliding over his entrance before slipping inside, one by one by one, until Lindsey is stretched wide.

“God, Angel, please.”

Lindsey is no longer surprised that Angel makes him sound like this; desperate and wanting and needy. Every night it’s the same. No one has ever turned him on the way Angel does. Lindsey works his hips; thrusting his cock up into Angel’s mouth and then sliding back onto those long long fingers. When he finally comes, he’s shaking and panting Angel’s name over and over.


Lindsey wakes sticky and sweaty and far more sated than he’s willing to admit. He refuses to think about the dream, refuses to remember the details. He kicks back the covers and heads for the shower. Cold this time. Maybe that will work. God knows that nothing else has.

Dream a Little Dream (third in the series)

Lindsey lies staring at the ceiling, wanting sleep yet dreading it at the same time. His brain hates the idea that Angel will come once oblivion takes him, but his body? His body craves Angel in a way Lindsey's never felt before.

Tossing and turning somewhere between dreams and reality until his brain finally gives up the fight and Lindsey quiets. He turns one final time, settling comfortably on his stomach, sheet tangled around his slim waist. His breathing evens out and every muscle relaxes, tension easing as he slides into a deep sleep.

The first thing Lindsey feels are hands roaming his back. Light glancing touches over the smooth skin and then soft lips place gentle kisses to his nape before beginning a slow slide down his body. A cool tongue flicks out to taste each vertebrae as Angel's mouth moves lower. A lick and kiss into the dip at the base of Lindsey's spine and then Angel's tongue is sliding over one of Lindsey's cheeks, making Lindsey squirm. Angel's tongue glides over the back of Lindsey's thigh to his knee. Lindsey never thought of the backs of his knees as erogenous zones before, but now he knows that's just because Angel had never touched him there before. More teasing flicks of the tongue and then Angel's teeth are nipping the sensitive skin of Lindsey's knee. By the time Angel switches to the other knee, Lindsey's hips are moving slowly, pressing his growing erection into the sheets under him. Angel's mouth travels up his thigh and over his ass, making Lindsey squirm some more. Then his thighs are being pushed apart and Angel's hands are spreading the cheeks of his ass. Lindsey forces himself to relax as he waits for the first press of Angel's fingers into him. He nearly comes on the spot when he gets the wet glide of Angel's tongue instead.

"Oh Christ, Angel."

Angel's chuckle is low and amused, but Lindsey can't bring himself to care. The tip of Angel's tongue circles around his entrance just before Angel runs the flat of his tongue over it in a long firm lick. Over and over until Lindsey is moaning softly, hips grinding into the sheets. Lindsey feels Angel's thumbs pressing into him, spreading him wider, and then suddenly Angel's tongue is in him. Angel is fucking him with his tongue and it's the most carnal thing Lindsey has ever known.

Soon Lindsey's hand is clenching spasmodically in the sheets and his moans have become hoarse and desperate. He's fighting hard to keep from shoving back onto Angel's probing tongue. Suddenly embarrassed at the sounds he's making, unwilling to let Angel know how affected he is, Lindsey turns his face into the pillow and tries to stifle his cries. He whimpers when Angel's tongue leaves him.

"Don't do that Lindsey. Don't hide from me. I want to hear you."

Lindsey groans and shakes his head, unwilling to sacrifice any more of his pride.

"Please Lindsey. Let me hear you. You sound so gorgeous when you're aroused."

Lindsey whimpers again. He doesn't know if it's the 'please' that did it or the tone of Angel's voice. All he knows is that Angel sounds as affected by this as he himself is. He turns his head back to the side and Angel kisses the base of his spine. "

I'll make it good for you Lindsey. I promise."

Angel urges Lindsey up onto his knees, chest still on the bed, and then Angel spreads Lindsey's thighs even further apart. Lindsey gives a choked moan as Angel's tongue slides back inside him. When one of Angel's hands slides between his legs to grasp his aching cock, Lindsey is lost. His hips begin to move, pushing back onto Angel's tongue and forward into his fist. His moans become harsher, breathing more ragged as Angel works him higher and higher.

When Lindsey finally comes, it's a rush so powerful that every muscle in his body locks. Angel's name falls from his lips in continuous litany as he empties himself into Angel's hand. Exhausted, he drops onto the bed.

When Lindsey wakes he spends a long time staring at the ceiling. He's more bothered than he wants to admit by the fact that the Angel in his head suddenly seems to want more than to just toy with him. What happened to the taunting Angel that liked to throw Lindsey's desires in his face? More confused than ever, Lindsey climbs out of bed and heads for the bathroom. It's going to be another one of those days.

Nightmares and Dreamscapes (fourth in the series)

Lindsey wakes with a start to find Angel kneeling above him, just watching. Lindsey's brow furrows in confusion as he takes in the look on Angel's face. He's even more confused when Angel leans down and kisses him.

That's never happened before. There's been sucking, fondling, stroking, coming, but never kissing. And god is Angel good at it.

Long, slow deep kisses that steal Lindsey's breath. Send heat snaking through his body to pool low in his groin. Then Angel's hands start skimming his body and Lindsey's breath comes back in a hitching rush.


The name a soft plea for more and Angel obliges. His tongue traces Lindsey's lips before delving inside again. One big hand slips between their bodies and begins to stroke Lindsey's growing erection.

Lindsey's hips buck up, making his cock slide faster in the tight grip of Angel's fist. He groans and begins to work his hips faster. He brings his hand up and tentatively strokes Angel's back. He's never allowed himself this before. Never let himself touch the body he's come to crave so much.

Angel groans softly and Lindsey grows bolder, his touches more sure. He traces the curve of Angel's spine with soft fingertips, moving lower to stroke over Angel's ass. He trails his fingers back up and then around to roam over Angel's chest. He teases over taut nipples, a hard belly, and then lower to an even harder cock. Angel's low moan sends shivers of arousal up Lindsey's spine.

He's never heard Angel sound like that before. All of their encounters so far have been about what Angel does to Lindsey. For the first time, Lindsey realizes that it's possible to make Angel feel the things that Lindsey feels.

He starts to move his hand slowly up and down Angel's cock. His touch is light and inexperienced, but Angel doesn't seem to care. He thrusts into Lindsey's hand and soon the two of them are working each others cocks in a steady rhythm. Lindsey can feel the familiar tightening in his balls, knows how close he is. He kisses Angel harder, his hand working faster, wanting that release.

He moans in disappointment when Angel pulls away from him. Angel's chest is heaving, trying to take in unneeded air and Lindsey watches in fascination. Then Angel picks up a tube of lube and uncaps it and Lindsey groans in anticipation. He lies back and spreads his thighs, waiting for Angel's touch.

Slick fingers tease over his entrance before pressing inside. He gasps at the sudden burning, stretching sensation then relaxes into the touch. He closes his eyes and gives himself over to Angel's touch. Angel's fingers slide slowly in and out of him and Lindsey groans again. He loves it when Angel touches him like this. Those long fingers rub over his prostate and Lindsey's hand fists in the sheets as stars explode behind his eyelids.

When Angel's fingers leave him, Lindsey open his eyes, startled. He doesn't understand why Angel is stopping again. His mouth almost drops in astonishment when he sees Angel slicking his cock.

"Oh fuck me."

Angel smiles and Lindsey's cock twitches in anticipation.

They've never done this and Lindsey is surprised at how nervous he is. Then Angel leans down to kiss him and all rational thought flies away. He wants. So much.

Gentle nudge of the head of Angel's cock against his entrance and Lindsey brings his legs up to wrap around Angel's waist. Slow steady pressure and Angel's cock is sliding inside him. Inch by inch. Stealing Lindsey's breath and making him burn.

When Angel is fully sheathed in Lindsey's heat, he pauses. Lindsey's whole body is shaking and he's so lost in the idea of having Angel inside him that he doesn't notice Angel shaking as well.

Lindsey sighs in pleasure when Angel pulls out slowly. The sigh turns to a hoarse moan when Angel thrusts back in, hard and deep. Angel pulls back again and when he thrusts forward once more, Lindsey brings his hips up to meet him.

For a long time there is no sound in the apartment except for low moans and the slap of flesh meeting flesh. Raspy breathing and occasional sighs of "yes, there" and "more" and "harder, god Angel, fuck me harder". Then Angel's voice, low and hoarse with arousal.

"God, Lindsey, you feel amazing. Want to feel you come. Come for me, Lindsey."

It's the first time he's spoken tonight and the passion in his tone, combined with the words, sends Lindsey over the edge. His body clenches tight with his orgasm and Angel shudders before giving in to his own release.

Angel collapses onto Lindsey's sex warm body and Lindsey tightens his legs around him. He doesn't want to let go just yet. All too soon, he'll wake and Angel will be gone. For now, though, he's right here and Lindsey likes him just where he is.

Lindsey opens his eyes to bright sunlight streaming in the windows. He glances at the clock and realizes that he's late for work. He can't really bring himself to care. He stretches. Last night's dream had been....

He freezes when the stretch makes him ache in places he shouldn't ache in. As sleep fog slowly dissipates, he realizes that not only is he achy, but sticky too. In places he should NOT be sticky in if last night was a dream.

"Oh fuck. It wasn't a dream. Any of it."

He flings back the covers and practically jumps from the bed. The bed he shared with Angel. The bed he and Angel...

He hurries out to the living room. He needs to get away from the bedroom. Away from the bed that still bears the imprint of Angel's body. That still smells of Angel. Smells of them. His brain is running through questions at roughly the speed of light. He's pacing the living room when something on the coffee table catches his eye. His stomach twisted in knots, he reaches out and picks up a bottle.

He opens the bottle and tips it, watching as dark blue powder spills onto the carpet. His eyes burn as a memory slams through his brain. He sees himself handing a bottle very similar to this one to Darla.

"Calnythia powder. It'll keep him asleep while you work your magic."

"And let me paint pretty dreams for my dear boy. Help remind him of what we were. What we can have again."

"Help you open those hidden places in Angel's head and see what he keeps in there."

Lindsey's face drains of color and he drops the bottle. He barely makes it to the bathroom before the retching starts.

The End

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