2004 Stories

WriterCon Bios

Abbie Strehlow
I've been reading fanfic for about a year now. I've been writing it for about 9 months. I primarily write in the BTVS/ATS universes.

Alix Aadler
Technically I was writing fanfic before the term was invented (using characters from various fandoms, primarily originated by Gene Roddenberry), but for all practical purposes I'm a *Buffy* writer only. I watched the series from the very beginning - taped the two-hour series pilot to see with my kids, and continued thereafter - and discovered *Buffy* fanfic partway through Season Three. I read it, enjoyed it, saw a fanfic contest on a site so obscure I've never been able to find it again, and to myself I said the immortal words that will be familiar to so many other ficcers out there: "Heck, I could do lots better than some of the stuff I've read!" That was five years and almost two dozen stories ago, and so far I show no sign of slacking off. In fact, I'm currently helping my daughter with a Buffyfic of her own, so this stuff might NEVER end .

I've been involved in the online Btvs/Ats community since early 2002. Shortly after I found out there *was* an online community, I was fortunate enough to discover some really well-written fanfic and became totally addicted. I started writing post-Chosen and have completed and "published" 5 stories thus far. I write B/A and other pairings and/or no pairing. I feel very strongly about accuracy in canon and characterization and as such am considered by others to be Spike and Cordelia friendly. Road to Nowhere is my only complete AU so far. I'm not a huge "complete AU" fan but I felt the circumstances in this story and the characters were a good match. It was incredibly fun to write a story set in my neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen. Thanks so much for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it

Anarossís entire aim is to Make Spike Happy. So she has written several sometimes Spuffy but always Spikey fics, collected

I'm a 40-something who's just recently begun to try to learn how to write. The first fiction I ever wrote is a WIP that's still not done (I'm working on it - just slowly). I'm a voracious reader who likes to spend time at home with her husband above all else. (Could I sound more boring?) I like to laugh and have a good time so I expect WriterCon will be a blast.

Anne Hedonia

Anne Hedonia sometimes puts her name next to pictures of Woody Allen -- she doesn't really look like Woody, she just enjoys dating her adopted children (OH so very kidding). There is a connection between Anne's name and Woody, though, which very few people guess.

Anne lives in Los Angeles and, according to standards there, is only a female in the strict anatomical sense of the word. To be truly considered a woman, she would have to lose the weight of a small Laotian village and then have said poundage implanted into her lips. Without this bit of "upkeep", she finds herself sadly ostracized by those hipsters at Sky Bar.

She makes her living by inflicting imaginary pain on fictional characters, and (hopefully) real psychological pain on the censors in charge of them. Her baffled, beleaguered agents beg her repeatedly to just sit down and write some sitcom specs, so that she can get a real job in TV. Anne listens carefully, nods a lot, and then goes home and writes another story about Doggett boinking Scully.

She recently and inexplicably gave up eating sugar, caffeine, processed flour and dairy, the main result of which is that life seems unpleasantly more real. Her hobbies include sleeping. She sings in a band, which has gotten lost and has abandoned various members in some of the greatest cities in the world. They'd like to go on tour again, but they're mostly afraid.

Her most recent accomplishment was using up her first industrial-sized box of Q-Tips. She is currently working on the world`s longest film, starring herself, transcripted from nightly (and daily) screenings on the insides of her eyelids.

I got into Buffy fanfiction and internet fandom the instant I saw Spike hit the Sunnydale sign in schoolhard [in repeats]. I was of all places on the Harlequin books writerís forum and they were talking about fanfiction someone there recíd Dancing Lessons and from there I found BAPS. Iím no stanger to fandom Iíve been con going trekker 20 years or more. I wish I could be there with everyone. BtVS and AtS has some of the most creative and generous people of any fandom.

I've been writing fanfiction for a little over a year now, and have a couple of fairly long ones and a whole slew of ficlets and drabbles.

Barb Cummings
I'm forty-two, and a native of Phoenix, Arizona, where I live with my partner Kathy, one dog, and two cats. I've been writing in a small obscure comic fandom (ElfQuest) for over twenty years. In the spring of 2001 I tried my hand at my first BtVS fic, "Boys' Night Out." Shortly thereafter I started a longer, more ambitious story, "A Raising In the Sun," about my take on Buffy's resurrection. "Raising" turned out to be my first novel-length story, and spawned a sequel, "Necessary Evils," which has spawned yet another sequel, "A Parliament of Monsters." My favorite character is Spike, my fanfic OTP is Spike/Buffy, but I prefer writing ensemble pieces featuring the whole cast to concentrating solely on a particular pairing. My seldom-achieved goal is to achieve a balance of angst and humor and smut and plot that approximates as closely as possible the feel of the show itself, while taking the characters in my own direction. Once I've finished POM, I want to try my hand at an original novel.

The Bear
Hello boys and girls, my name is TheBear! Iíve been writing for about 3 years, mostly BtVS, though my first work was a crossover between Forever Knight, X-Files, and Highlander. I mostly write Femslash (B/W and B/W/T primarily) though I do write some het too. (W/X J/G D/X) I have a
website with my fics and a few other things. I also have a yahoo group for my fics.

Bloodshed Baby
I just signed up for writercon, so I know I don't know a lot of you. My name is Stacy, I'm 33, married, live in California, and I have two kids, a boy (6) and a girl (5) who are HUGE Buffy fans also. I'm new to writing fan fic, just started about 4 mos ago, but I'm so addicted! Not knowing what else to put, I'll leave my little "bio" there. I'm currently changing my penname to BloodshedBaby, but some of you might have read my fics under TaniTKD. I'm a spuffy lovin freak.

Caro hails from Los Angeles, the land of film noir and demon kareoke bars. She can't remember a time when she wasn't writing something or the other and finished her first "novel" at the age of eight (five pages, which her mother still has). Fan fic first beckoned when NBC viciously cancelled Star Trek and she's written for a number of popular fandoms and a few "what the hell were you thinking?" ones. Between trying to finish her various Buffy series, Caro also writes original fiction and has garnered enough rejection letters to make the IRS believe she's a real writer. She'd like to be CJ Cregg when she grows up, but only if Aaron Sorkin writes the lines.

Carolyn Claire
I've been in online fandom for about ten years, I started writing Buffyverse, um, two years ago? I've written gen, het, slash, crossovers, porn, humor, case stories, drama, parodies, whatever strikes at the moment. (I have a lot of bruises.) I've written in XF, ST:Voy, TS, Buffy, and SG-1, and have played around in more others than I can remember. I have three original genre novels in various states of completion and am currently writing a Buffy ensemble story and an SG-1 slash story. And whatever else strikes me.

30-something mom and project manager, sometime writer, and all around insane person. Got sucked into online fandom after 5 and a half seasons of solitary Buffy love. Loves all things British and Buffyverse. I wanted desperately to write the kinds of fics I loved so much, the sort that folks like Annie SJ, Nauti, and Wisteria write, but has come to understand that's not where my talent lies, and focus now on the character side more. I hope that Writercon will break the lockhold writers block has on me for longer fics, and be able to finish Carthage someday.

I'm a newcomer to the Jossverse, having discovered BtVS only AFTER it was cancelled. Inspired by critics' praise and a colleague's enthusiasm, I began watching the reruns, starting with Season 4 to the end and then going back to the beginning. I'm 50 years old (but in my family we live into our 90s, so still a kid!), live with a 3-year-old brown tabby cat already previously returned to the shelter who alternates between loving and attack modes, am owned by a 17-year-old chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, and teach U.S. history and government to 11th and 12th graders. Since completing my dissertation two decades ago (read only by the five members of my committee, I suspect), a smattering of academic book reviews, and an equally ancient article in the AGRICULTURAL HISTORY JOURNAL (not joking), I've mainly specialized in cranky, fact-laden three-page memos criticizing administrative blunders. The little piece I've contributed is my first and only piece of fanfiction, but I'm an avid and admiring reader of many of the others archived here. Thanks to all of you for hours of pleasure and the inspiration to complete my first fiction since high school!

CN Winters
CN is a full-time freelance writer, wife and mother of one. For fun she writes fan fiction and runs the virtual season Watchers with her writing partner Susan Carr. Feedback can be sent to CN Winters.

I've written fanfic off and on (most off) for years, but fell enthusiastically into the Buffyverse early season six, where I've lived happily ever after. I'm probably best known for writing and posting a fic a day (or chapter thereof) for a year, and for my long series Q&A, about Spike and Buffy's daughter. I try to dabble in different genres and pairings (though Buffy and Spike is my ship of choice, with a side order of Angel and Cordy), but specialize in ficlets and drabbles.

Cynthia Martin holds down a cruel office job and does freelance comics work and book jacket illustration. She's currently coloring issue 9 of SpecWar, and contributing fic and crit to the Joss-friendly site Tea at the Ford.

Um, bio? ok. ex-english major, public school teacher, married mother of 4? that sounds awfully boring, but hey. you could put former cowgirl, i suppose, too, 'cause i actually am. and spurs fan.

Dana Woods
Dana has been writing Buffyverse fanfic for a little over a year now, though she used to write Highlander fanfic, which is how she taught herself to write. Very recently, she dipped her toe in Firefly fanfic. She doesn't OTP and she has yet to decide on a preferred genre, style or category (and probably never will). She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, his dog and her kitten, and she works entirely too hard.

I'm a thirty-something computer programmer living in the Midwestern US. I wrote my first fanfic for Star Wars - The Phantom Menace. I've written a handful of drabbles and a couple longer stories for BtVS and AtS.

Hello my name is Deana and I write under Denyce. I first discovered fanfiction and slash at the same time four years ago, and started writing and posting it shortly after that. I write primarily in the Buffy/Angel fandoms, but in the last couple of years I have branched out into other fandoms (XF, FL, OAT, & Lotrips). I love to read and write mostly slash--and find myself addicted and in lust with the genre. I'll be flying in from the Bay Area, N. Ca. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and indulging in one of my favorite pastimes--writing.

I'm an English instructor at a community college. I've been teaching for about fifteen years. I live way out in the country on forty wooded acres where critters outnumber the humans. I have to get my tv and internet service via satellite. I live quite happily with my girlfriend of eight years, who is amazingly tolerant of my reading and writing obsessions.

I've been doing creative writing off and on for years and years, but I've been doing Buffy fan fiction for only a year. I tried my hand at a little Xena fan fiction two or three years ago, but just never got around to finishing it.

Oh, yeah, and I'm one of the writers for the Watchers: Restoration spinoff series that will debut this fall.

Last year EB had an epic panic attack, dropped out of grad school and moved to California. She's been writing fan fic for nine months while working temp jobs and generally wasting her time. She's moving to Los Angeles soon and dreams of writing for TV.

Elen is a newcomer to fanfiction. She has two ridiculously long WIP, Odalisque and Eighteen Days, that can be found sucking up bandwidth at
Near Her Always. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky where she can be found perfecting her walking and reading skills in the hope that this will one day be recognized as an Olympic event

Elsa Frohman
Elsa Frohman wrote several romance novels for New American Library under the pen name Eleanor Frost in the mid-1980s. Since the early 1990s, she has been writing fan fiction in various fandoms. Today, she writes primarily Spike, with a good bit of Buffy thrown in.

I have been writing fanfiction since late 2002, mainly in the BtVS/AtS fandom. Most of my stories feature Willow and/or Giles, usually together. I've also been known to write in the Heroes and Brothers & Sisters fandoms. Lately, most people know me as the webmistress for the
Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards and the Willowy Goodness Awards. I also run a couple of archives: Hairy Eyeball is a Willow/Giles shipper archive and Walking a Thorny Path is a Lindsey-centric auto-archive. One of my favorite things is to meet fellow fanfiction writers in RL, and what better place to do that than at WriterCon?

I'm a Gen B female in the Minneapolis area, INFJ, tree-hugging dirt-worshiping Democrat, Buffy fan, married to a Viet Nam vet.

Freelance Spice
I started writing fic the moment Faith showed up in season three. I could tell there was an immediate slash factor between Faith and Buffy, but there wasn't much, if any, fic for the pairing. Bada bing, bada boom, I was writing. I co-founded the now defunct Slayer Pride website with Sasha Chase and swore I would only write Fuffy, as they were my dearly beloved OTP. That being said, I branched out with a couple Willow/Kennedy fics, then a Faith/Kennedy piece and I'm not working on a Fred/Kennedy piece that I think may be some of my best work to date. We'll see.

I spend most of my time writing, as my "day job" as a screenwriter requires just as many words on a page as a good fic. But there's nothing quite like jumping into the shoes of your favorite Southie slayer, getting some, getting gone, and getting the girl (if you're into fluffy love stuff).

Gencie Salter
Gencie lives just outside of Denver, Colorado with her boyfriend, some furniture and, eventually, some gerbils. When she's not frantically searching for a job or working on her Political Science major, she writes fanfiction, feeds her internet addiction, and works on her always in-progress novels. She is also a writer and editor for
"Watchers: Restoration", the virtual series spinoff of Watchers.

Gentle Thorns
My name is Lisa and i am both gentle_thorns and sharp_thorns on livejournal. I mostly write angst and porn. Or angsty porn. I live in the UK and spend most of my time writing instead of doing work towards my very expensive degree. I'll be at writercon (although probably hiding in a corner and not talking to anyone). It's possible to bribe me into writing with fruit and nut chocolate or emotional distress, but cash is preferred.

Gwynnega has been writing fanfic for a little over a year (though she's written original fiction, poetry, essays, and music reviews for a long time). She primarily writes the Willow/Giles pairing, but greatly enjoys writing and reading about the other BtVS and AtS characters as well.

Let's see. As of this writing I'm a month shy of my 31st birthday. I've been a BtVS fan since the first show (before that actually if I reveal that I was an actual fan of the foofy movie). I've been writing fics for Buffy since 1998 though the first one I did wasn't very good. I am foremost, a Giles fan. I started off a Giles/Jenny shipper. When she died, I pretty much became Giles/whoever as long as the story was interesting. Eventually, I became primarily Giles/Buffy. I've been told the series I've selected, This Time, can be appreciated even by non-BGers. Obviously I can't be sure if that's true or not, but it's one story of mine that has haunted my head more than any other.

24/F/Canadian began writing fanfic just recently. Friendly and loves to meet new people

Herself NYC
Herself_nyc has been writing BtVS fanfic since December 2001, with especially obsessive attention to the Spike-Buffy relationship that might have been. She's the author of the award-winning Bittersweets series among other stories, all of which are archived at buggerthis.net. This story, "Disenchantment," is a stand-alone that is set 13 years after "Chosen." Herself lives in Greenwich Village and never intended to visit Las Vegas in her entire life.

I'm HonorH, and I've been writing fanfic for about seven years now. I started with Highlander and Xena, then got caught by the Jossverse. I've also dabbled in Sandman and LotR. I value characterization above all, but as an English teacher, I find bad grammar and spelling to be painful. Thanks to my betas, Selena and Gyrus, I've improved greatly as a writer over the years, and I hope one day to cross over into professional writing.

Everything irfikos knows about life, she learned by killing smart people and eating their brains. She tends to write horror and humor. And humorous horror. And horrible humor. She's supersadomasochisticexpialidocious. And a bag of chips. When she's good, she's very good. And when she's bad, she's horrid. Read her fics and force ten or your friends to read her fics as well or you will eventually die. Email irfikos with your slathering praise and/or eloquent hate mail or rabid weasils will devour your nose within a month. Pass irfikos on to all your friends and you will have good luck almost 50% of the time for the rest or your life. Thank you, please drive through.

Justhuman calls the "western wilderness" of north-west NJ home. By day she's an engineer and by night just another homeowner trying to get the lawn mowed and still have time to write and squee over her favorite fandoms.

JH has been attending Science Fiction conventions for over 15 years and has been a lifelong fan of everything from Star Trek (Classic, TNG, DS9), to Battlestar Galactica (both versions), to X-Files, to Babylon 5, to Due South, to the Gateverse, to the Jossverse and many more. Despite picking up some paper zines in her pre-teen years, it was Angel's "Sleep Tight" that made her clammer onto the internet to connect up with like-minded folks. Shortly after that she started writing down the stories that had always been in her head.

I'm a 38-year-old office manager who has watched Buffy since day one. I came relatively late to the fanfic world, and have only written/read it for a couple of years. I like unconventional relationships the best, including Willow/Spike, Willow/Angel(us), Willow/Giles, Fred/Angel(us), Anya/Spike, Illyria/Spike, and lots more. On the rare occasion that I'm not writing/reading/beta reading, I'm usually watching the Seattle Mariners or working on a quilt.

I'm a Yank-loving, Spuffy-obsessing, Blair-backing, solar-powered, war-mongering, shit-kicking, non-smoking, meat-eating, Spectator-reading Tory. I'm also a sensitive, kind, gentle soul, a single mother-of-two, a patriotic New Zealander, who's scared of earthquakes and flying. I came to the fandom late and took to it with an absurd zeal. Think Buffy (up to halfway through season 6 anyway) is the best thing ever seen on TV. Not so much in love with Angel, but lightning doesn't strike twice.

Kelly HK
I was a latecomer to BtVS fanfiction as I didn't discover the show and its fandom until 2001. Since that time I've dabbled in primarily Spikefic and have been a beta reader for several writers. Prior to Buffy, I'd written in the Star Wars genre and helped a friend put out a printzine of Original Trilogy works. In 2003, I added the title mother to the many hats I wear.

Ladycat has been involved in fandom for almost three years exactly, at the end of August, and has been writing for two years. She tends to read, write, and breath Spike and Xander exclusively, but occasionally ventures out of her cave to play with others.

I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 30+ years. We raised 3 sons who are all now married. I have 7 grandchildren. I started watching Buffy about 3 years ago and was immediately drawn into the Angel/Buffy romance but not for long. The first time I saw Spike, I was hooked and I have been a die hard Spike and Buffy fan since then. I found the yahoo groups looking for spoilers and lurked around there for a couple of years. Recently I decided to try my hand at some fluffy Spuffy and have really enjoyed writing the stories. My family thinks I have gone off the deep end but oh well. I am having fun.

Lizbeth Marcs
I'm a Boston-area medical writer with a background in newspaper reporting, magazine editing, and Web site content design. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at WriterCon this year.

Mad Poetess
Mad Poetess is short, red-headed, and a dork. She comes by two out of those three naturally. She writes mostly m/m slash, usually featuring Xander and/or Spike, which is why her archive entry is a story about Giles and a tree. Because of the dork part.

I came late to Buffy fandom, not completely losing it until after I saw "Once More With Feeling". Within about three months of that episode, however, I had collected all five prior seasons on tape. And in a five day period, I wrote my first fanfic (and my first fiction EVER), "The Wedding Dance."

Spike and Buffy as a couple--good, bad or completely dysfunctional--fascinate me. I don't think the show even began to explore the potential of their relationship, and I'd like to think that in some small way, I'm adding to the depth of the mythology that seems to have sprung up around them.

Mazal HaMidbar
I'm Mazal HaMidbar, and I plan to attend WriterCon with my husband of a dozen years, desertstarlight. I got involved in fanfic four years ago but due to RL issues don't get to write much. This is the sixth WhedonVerse story I have posted and the only one that is het. I wrote it to counter what I think is mischaracterization of Joyce in "I Was Made To Love You." I wanted to find someone who sees Joyce as I see her, and I think I succeeded. The piece also works (I think) as a character study, lending insight into that other party's subsequent actions.

I tend more toward slash and gen and have a vague concept for a crossover femslash piece. The only format I abhor is any type of Real People Stories. I dislike depictions of criminal activity, but some of the best writing I have read includes scenes of rape, torture, incest or child molestation.

For the past three years on and off (mostly off, sadly) I have been writing a novel in an unrelated fandom. Among my goals are setting up a website for all my fiction and opening a LiveJournal.

Ok, well, first thing you should know about me is that I'm an OZ freak, even though the story I'm contributing here is not an Oz story, I at least mention his name in it. Aside from being a co-writer at
Quill Mistresses, I also run a Buffy, Oz-heavy website called The Wolf Inside. I'm co-moderator of the Barge Posting Board, which is the "ship" that many former UPN Bronzers washed up on after UPN pulled the plug on us. We are all currently re-watching Buffy episodes from season 1, like it was brand, spanking new.

I've always been a writer. My first fan fic (though I didn't know what fan fic was at the time) was an Indiana Jones "movie" I wrote back in 1984. I love exploring the world of Buffy and "trying on" all the different characters. My stories aren't aways ship-based, but more about situations I think are interesting to explore and how the affect the growth of these characters. Being a fan of Buffyverse has also given me an oulet to be more visually creative with web sites, manipulations, gifs, etc.--but writing is always at the forefront. I'm am so very excited to meet my fellow writers at the convention! Viva la Spuffy! (Why yes, I'm a Spuffy too!)

Morrigan aka ColtPixy: A bio about myself? Where do I start? Well I'm a full time mother of one / web site designer / artist / writer(ha!) living in the San Diego County area. I've been writing fanfic since before I knew it was called that, about 20 years now (started in high school) Even though I have been writing BtVS fic since the series started, I don't have much of my writing online because of my focus on wallpapers and icons, as well as my obsession with creating new web sites. You can see almost all of my "art"

The artist formerly known as Christina Melani has been reading and (sporadically) writing slash for five years. Her OTFandom is BtVS, and although she cheats on occasion, she remains enamored with Xander and his real-life alter ego. Visit her

Mydeira is the writer of a number of fanfictions in the Buffy and Angel canons. She is most noted for tackling unconventional pairings such as Lyle Gorch/Cordelia in Redneckiní, Anya/Oz in Brazil Nuts, and, most recently, Giles/Joyce/Ethan in Menage. Other works include an alternate take on Buffy season six with Beyond Grave, Missed Opportunites which explores the plight of an older newly activated slayer, as well as a number of drabbles and challenge pieces. When not working toward med school and finishing up her BA in English, she can be found collaborating with the renowned Sadbhyl on expanding the Mťnageaverse.

Oracleholly is an early-30ish, female, non-practicing attorney and the proud mama of her three dogs - Akira, Spike, & Daisy (technically her sister's dog, by why quibble). She admits to actually paying to see Buffy the Vampire Slayer the Movie and was a fan of the series from Season 2 onward. After dwelling several comfortable years in the void of fanfic lurkerdom, she was brought out of hiding and into the realm of putting pen to paper, or in her case, fingers to the keyboard, by serious prodding on the part of Bloodshedbaby and other people at the Bloodshedverse in December 2004.

Oracleholly likes her Spuffy most of all. However, she has room in her heart for other pairings and other fandoms; including, but not limited to - Dawn/Connor (BtVS/AtS), Connor/Dana (AtS), Sarkney (Sark/Sydney - Alias), LoVe (Logan/Veronica - VM), Crichton/Aeryn (Farscape), and a weird fascination with Draco/Ginny (Harry Potter). She also adores Methos from Highlander the Series very much.

Ponders Life
Fortysomething native New Englander. Studied film/TV production in college. Currently working as a desktop publisher/webmaster/IT specialist-at-large/network administrator for a medical journal. Have worked as: short-order cook, waiter, public relations assistant, and copy editor. Have participated in: musical theater (both onstage and off), community chorus, and science fiction society. Have traveled to: Japan, Mexico, Australia, England, and Italy.

Queen of Cups
I "discovered" Buffy The Vampire Slayer mid-way through season 2, my first fully-watched episode being "Surprise". Pretty soon I was hooked, but I didn't get involved in online fandom until Angel S1/BtVS S4 when an unhealthy interest in Glenn Quinn lead me to the joys of the posting board. Reading fanfiction followed shortly thereafter, and writing seemed a logical next step. I've dabbled in shipper fic (both het and slash), but find the majority of work now seems to come out as single character. I am a 30-year-old mother of two girls from Essex, UK (about 30 miles east of London). Divorced for 18 months, I am now engaged to James and we will be getting married in Vegas on the Saturday of the Con.

Sadbhyl (pronounced SAY-vuhl) has been writing fan fiction since she was fourteen, starting with her own penning of what she thought would happen in Return of the Jedi. She has spent time in fandoms for Star Trek, Doctor Who, Quantum Leap, Pretender, Xena and Remington Steele among others. Oh, and somewhere in there she managed to get degrees in History and Folklore and give birth to three children, two of whom may live to adulthood. She has been writing in the Jossverse for about a year, beginning with her post-Chosen story Aftermath and resulting in the most recent epic More Than Strangers . The bulk of her smut is written in Catholic school parking lots, so please say a prayer for her. She needs all the help she can get.

Slaymesoftly (Patti in RL)
I donít think I did one of these last time, but it seems safe now. Everyone who ďknowsĒ me in RL already knows who I am, and those who donít already know me but who are attending WC arenít likely to rat me out to the School Board, soÖ I discovered BtVS fanfic (something I hadnít actually known existed) in 2002, I think. By 2003, I was writing it just for myself to ďfixĒ things I didnít like about the outcome of Spike and Buffyís relationship. Someone graciously offered to post my first little piece of crap if I fixed the typos, and itís been downhill from there. Iíve branched out from my original (and still first love) Spuffy/Spike to write some slash and at least one Torchwood crossover. Iím very prolific (too much time on my hands at work) and working on becoming passably good. Although Iíve done a lot of non-fiction writing for one thing or another, writing fiction was something I hadnít done since I was a child, so itís been a learning experience.

Iím in my sixties (shhh!), have four adult children and, by the time WC takes place, I will probably have my first grandchild. I work full-time in a middle school in a disciplinarian role; I live in what was, until recently *sigh*, a rural area outside Washington DC. Until I discovered reading/writing fanfic, I had only one hobby that wasnít related to the above-mentioned children and their activities. I have bred, raised and shown dogs in both conformation and obedience for more years than I care to count (although I am much less involved in the breeding/showing than in the past) and Iím active in several organizations related to that activity. I also coached soccer for many years, but have retired from that and am only a spectator now.

*peers around furtively * All that personal info pretty much draws an arrow directly to my house for anyone who knows me in RL. LOL

Regala Electra
I'm Regala Electra and I've been writing fanfiction since 2001. I write primarily in the BtVS/A:tS fandom and tend to write on the darker side. I've been involved in fandom probably since 2000 and have the scars to prove it. ;-) I live in New York and attend college as a double major in English and Art History, thus ensuring that I'll always receive puzzled looks from people when I say I'm not going to be teacher. When I'm not writing fanfic, I'm working on original stuff with varying results. I can be contacted through my

Rick Macleod
Rick MacLeod is a fanfic writer writing mostly BtVS femmeslash, dabbling in other fandoms and pairings. 26 years of age, he's been writing fanfic for about 3 years, and original fiction for many more than that. He lives in NYC with his partner of 4 years, Jaysun, and his wonderful mutt, Toad.

Romany stumbled into the Jossverse fandom late in 2003. Making up for lost time, she has since become quite addicted to vampires and will debate leery passers-by quite cheerily about them. Her only real job seems to be haunting the lists and bouncing around Livejournal. Occasionally she makes time for her family and has been known to put dinner on the table once in a while. Her children have become excellent foragers and are planning on leading expeditions of tourists through the California foothills in order to support their mother's vampire habit. In her spare time she rewatches her "Angel" DVD's in French.

I live in Northern California. The Buffy series inspired me to start writing. I wish I had more time to do it. Iíve written some non-Buffy short stories, as yet unpublished, and I have a non-Spike vampire novel in the works. Buffy, Season 4 thru 6 turned me into an avid redemptionista. I resent the fact that Spike had to go out and get a soul, (although I understand the rational, plotwise), instead of being allowed to evolve toward redemption purely thru, and possibly against, his own will. I though Buffy and Spike deserved an epic time-out to explore their characters and the tensions in their relationship beyond the boundaries of Sunnydale. Gorath is not your smoochie Spuffy. Itís fantasy, horror, humor, adventure and demon open mike night at the far end of dimensional reality .

I'm SalinaH20, otherwise known as Salina. I live in the DC area, with my two kids, and my partner Lona (Well, half the year....she's bi-coastal.) I haven't been writing very long....actually my recent writer's block has been longer than I've been writing. LOL. While I'd love to attend writercon and meet all of you, unfortunately my finances will only allow me to be a supporting member and get everything on paper instead of in person. So drop me a line and let me know what you think of my stories, or if you know of any good ways to get rid of writer's block. :-)

My fic is archived at
The Bloody Awful Sandlot. I also post the most boring, mundane tripe on my livejournal.

Socksister Spikegood
In Real life my name is Lois, I am a 37 year old Female, that loves my job (A/P), my kids, my girlfriend, and the lovey spander slash. I also love Brian and the darling Justin. Visit my
Live Journal. I so can't wait to get to meet you all down there!!

I'm Sonya, aka sonyaelflady. I'm 24 and female, and I live in PA with five rats, one parrot, two mice, and some family who'd yell at me for describing them online. I work as a veterinary receptionist. When not involved in fandom-related stuff, I enjoy drawing, painting, nature photography, hiking, political activism and generally being opinionated - though that sometimes happens within fandom, too.

I've been writing in BtVS fandom for about three years, and in the past I've written X-files and Babylon 5 fic, and some unpublished original fiction. I've been reading fanfiction since about age 14, and do not even want to contemplate what I might have spent on books in the last ten years if fic did not exist. Currently I'm writing mostly crossovers, BtVS/Harry Potter or BtVS/Anita Blake. I enjoy writing drama, especially the emotional aspect thereof, and I particularly like exploring the relationships (not necessarily romantic) between characters and the consequences that those interactions can have for their stories. In addition to writing, I also enjoy fan art and photo manipulation - making pictures of people who don't exist in situations that never happened.

All of my current written work is archived at here, under 'sonyaelflady'.

Give me evocative language, angst, blood and tears; I love to read and write fic that takes these our beloved characters a step further

I discovered the world of Jossverse fandom approximately 2 1/2 years ago and wrote my first fan fic not too long after that. I'm not sure what a quintessential Spiralled fic would be as my stories seem to vary in length, style, characters and 'ships. Mostly, I write within the spaces of canon, or at least at the time they were written most could qualify as being canon friendly. I also beta and find that the process improves my own writing. Outside of fandom, I work in college student services and I'm seeking a Master of Divinity degree with intentions of becoming a pastor.

I've been heavily involved in fandom for about two and a half years and was kind of on the periphery before that for a few months. I have about a dozen BtVS/Angel related sites, including some of the fandom biggies like CP&D, Fists and Fangs, Eternal Nightcap, and so on. My biggest loves are Spike and Angel, preferably together, but I've also been known to dabble with the fanged four, Spike/Anya and I have deep love for all things Pylea. All of my sites can be found at http://www.fangedfour.com.

I'm known in the fandom as both UncagedMuse and Rae. I began reading and talking in the fandom years before I started writing. I only added the penname UncagedMuse when I finally had the courage to try writing. I am a stay at home mother of two boys and love the people I have met in the fandom like family. My fics encompass many pairings and range from PG to NC17.

Veggiebelle fell into fan fiction without knowing that it existed by starting a Xander Harris journal on a whim in January of 2003 in order to to snark at the First Evil's journal on LiveJournal. She continued to write that journal for sixteen months, and it can be found
here. All of the sudden, the Wide World of Internet Fandom opened to her, and it was pretty darn cool. Her first fan fiction story, Human Day, popped into her brain as she drove to work last September. Veggiebelle also writes reviews, essays, and articles under her real name, Amy Berner, at DarkWorlds.com. Most of her Whedonverse articles can be found here.

I'm a graduate student in vertebrate paleontology who has only recently started writing fanfic. In addition to loving all things BtVS and fossilized, I also tend to indulge in sword fighting, art, and studying ancient cultures.

I am a 28-year-old with degrees in creative writing and library science. I think that Iím best known for the ďSlashed Sonnet SequenceĒ, currently on hiatus while I work on some original fiction to submit in hopes of publication. Right now, Iím doing the ďDrabbles of the Non-Office LackeyĒ to keep my fingers in the fandom waters - taking requests and writing ficlets based around them. Iím really looking forward to WriterCon, and all that I can learn to help myself become a better writer..

William's Girl

What can I say? I'm a sucker for romance. Professionally, in Real Life, I am a psychiatric social worker with a background in medical social work. I had been reading fanfiction for about a year when I decided to take a stab at it myself. I've been writing now for about a year and a half. I believe that Joss is brilliant and that Spike and Buffy belong together. My husband won't allow me to have Spike, so I might as well allow Buffy the pleasure. I live in Southern California with my 11 year old son and my own hot William (that would be the aforementioned husband-and you can't have him).

i've been active in the fandom for about 15 months, and writing for the same amount of time. i am a fan of spike, first and foremost; a redemptionista, if i must be labeled; and somewhat reluctantly spuffy.

i am a songwriter/vocalist/performer and have recently begun writing original fiction as well as poetry.

i count myself among the lucky to have found such a richly diverse group of people with which to share my interest(s). i look forward to gettting to know more of you.

Yindagger is well-known as the author of "Things to Do in Omaha When You're Dead" and "Ten Steps to Corporate Advancement Through Espionage and Murder." She is occasionally found as a guest lecturer at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia. She would tell you the topics on which she speaks, but then she would have to kill you. She lives in a majestic single-wide trailer located on a windswept bluff in Arkansas with a houseful of cats, all named "Mickey." Reports of her ability to be serious for more than ten minutes at a time are greatly exaggerated. She enjoys long walks on the beach in the rain, rum raisin ice cream and referring to herself in the third person.

She is possibly also a mid-level corporate drone in Atlanta, Georgia who is married and has no children, unless you count the dog (Wylie, 10). She may also be a fanfic writer who is slaving away at her first original novel while preparing to begin a Master of Fine Arts degree in December 2004. It's been rumored that she will participate in the "Facing Down Writer's Block" panel at WriterCon. Her qualifications for this appointment could include frequent bouts of writer's block and subsequent whining entries about it in her LiveJournal. There is speculation that she will answer to the name Stacy. At press time, none of this information could be confirmed and calls to her agent, mother and parole officer were not returned.