Silk Panties

Silk Panties

By Samolly

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Spike/Dawn
Summary: Alternate season 7 ficlet
Notes: I wrote this during a time I was really hating Dawn. I like her more now, but my rage made a good ficlet.
Warning: If the thought of Spike & Dawn squicks you, do not read!


I know why Spike sought Anya.  And I enjoyed the pain on Buffy’s face when she saw the live feed over Willow’s notebook.  Her realization about what she threw away. But silly girl, she still did nothing to get him back.  He went back to his crypt that night, as did I.  I waited outside, behind the bushes, thinking she would come to him.  But she didn’t.  So I did.  I stopped him from leaving, told him I needed him.  He knew Buffy wasn’t there for me, and he felt responsible, so he stayed.

I started going to his crypt every day after school.  First it was just short little visits, but then they would get longer.  He told me stories, stories of his past.  And he didn’t treat me like a baby and sugar coat them.  Spike knew I accepted him for who he was.

I told him about school and my problems.  How boys ignored me, and even when they did notice, Buffy wouldn’t let them near me.  I told him how before Buffy broke it off with Spike, and back when Willow was all on the Magic Crack, I had a boyfriend name Kevin. I told him how Kevin and I would talk on the phone and he would come over and we would make out. This made him mad.  I told him it was all innocent, that nothing happened.  We just kissed and talked.  Spike told me young girls need to ‘protect their virtue’.  I laughed at him.  I told him girls need satisfaction just as much as guys.  Spike asked me what I knew about satisfaction.  I told him I knew plenty, just like Buffy. He kicked me out that day.

But I came back the next.  I make sure I dress like Buffy when I visit Spike. Halter top and tight jeans.  I don’t fill the top out like she does, but I have better legs.  We use the same body wash and shampoo, so Spike can catch the soft scent of vanilla wafting off me.  I can tell when I walk by him and swing my hair that it affects him.  Sometimes he will come behind me when we’re talking and stroke my hair.  I’ve started getting blond highlights put in.  I’m not going to become the peroxide junky that Buffy is, but I like how the golden highlights reflect off my hair in the candlelight of Spike’s crypt.

I know vampires have super senses.  I know Spike can smell how wet my panties get when I’m around him. Shit, my pussy’s wet even when I’m not around him since I’m always thinking about him.  I started using Buffy’s panty liners so I’d stop messing up the silk panties I bought for Spike. But that’s just for school, when I’m sitting in class thinking about him.  After the final bell I go to the girl’s room and throw the liner away, and wipe myself real well.  Just in case he actually gets to see those silk panties.

Today I told Spike that I bought a dildo.  I told him I missed Kevin rubbing on me, and my hand alone wasn’t doing a good enough job.  After spitting his whiskey everywhere and then regaining his composure, Spike said I was a little young to have toys.  I told him that Buffy and Willow had them, so why shouldn’t I?  I asked him how he got off.  He told me it was none of my business. Then I asked him how he thought I should get off.  He kicked me out again.

They next day when I visited him, I made sure I was good.  I also made sure I wore a thong with my low-rise jeans. 

A few days later I came over and he was in a shitty mood.  He’d been drinking heavily, and there were smashed whisky bottles everywhere.  I asked him what was wrong.  He just said, “The Slayer”.  I sat him down, heated him up some blood to sober him up.  I asked him what Buffy did that got him in such a mood.  Apparently, he had seen her out patrolling last night with the new principal.  And apparently they patrolled the way Spike and Buffy used to patrol.  I knew she and the principal had seemed close ever since he offered her that job at the school that was making my life hell, but who knew she was getting busy with him!  Well good for her, more Spike for me.

I knew I needed to make my move now, or Buffy would drive Spike away forever.  So I summoned up every ounce of courage I had.

I told Spike that he needed to forget about her. I told him there were plenty of women out there who would want him and would treat him right.  Starting with me.

He looked at me with those blue eyes like I had slapped him.  He told me to stop talking crazy, that I was just a little girl.  I told him no, that I was a woman, and that I wanted him and he knew it.  That he’d been ignoring it for months.  That we couldn’t deny it any longer.  I needed him, and he needed to get over Buffy.  Then I took his head in my hands and kissed him on those luscious lips.  Softly at first, but then more demanding, letting my tongue explore his mouth.  He didn’t pull away.  Maybe because he was drunk, but I believe he’s wanted me for months.  I know it’s only because it’s the closest he’ll ever get to having Buffy again.  But I don’t care.  I just want him. 

I moved to straddle his waist, never breaking the kiss.  He keeps his eyes open, like he can’t believe this is happening.  But he doesn’t stop me. I start running my hands underneath his shirt, savoring the feel of his rippling muscles.  His hands start to wrap around my waist and I know I have him now.  I slowly start grinding my pussy onto the bulge in his pants.  It feels so good; I’m just about to come when he stops.  I start to protest, but the he lifts my shirt off and tears off my bra with his teeth.  Suddenly I feel very exposed, with my hard pink nipples pointing out at him.  But he quickly leans down and takes one in his mouth and starts sucking.  I almost cry at the ecstasy.  I start to unbutton his pants, and discover he wears no underwear.  Very convenient.  I continue with the buttons and reach down and free him.  I wish I could see, but his head attached to my breast is in the way.  But I can feel.  He’s twice as long and thick as Kevin.  I start to quiver in a mix of anticipation and fear at the size.  I slowly start stroking him and he moans.  I continue, and then start to play with the little bit of liquid forming at the tip.  I wish I could taste it.  I start to pull away so that I can get on my knees and take him in my mouth, but when I do he stops me and starts to pull down my jeans.  Once down there, he flings my silk panties aside and starts to finger my clit, while snaking two fingers into my pussy.  He does so for about 30 seconds and then I start quivering and come harder than I ever did with that dildo.  He removes his fingers, and licks them.  Then he pulls off his shirt and pushes his jeans off.  Spike then picks me up and I wrap my legs around his waist while he backs me up against the wall of the crypt.  He quickly pushes into me and I scream as he breaks my virgin barrier.  The smell of the blood makes him vamp and he whispers to me -“Shh, this is what you wanted…” Spike shifts out of game face and starts moving in and out.  Slow at first, but then harder.  It seems to go on forever and the pain is unbearable as he stretches and fills my virgin walls. 

Suddenly he pulls out of me and lets my feet drop to the ground.  I wonder if he came, if it’s over – but then he leads me over to the sarcophagus and bends me over it and starts slowly pushing into me from behind.  It hurts even worse than before because my pussy is now all raw and sore.  I whimper from the pain, but he place one hand over my mouth.  It smells like my pussy.  He starts to pick up speed again and I try to relax.  He takes his hand from my mouth and moves down and starts to play with my clit.  Despite the pain I start to feel that wonderful tingle again.  My body starts pushing back into his and meeting his strokes.  This makes him pump into me faster and harder. I can feel his heavy balls slapping against my thighs.  His hand starts working furiously on my clit and I start to cry out my orgasm.  I can feel my pussy clenching his dick, and then Spike cries out, and cool, soothing liquid invades my pussy.  He collapses onto me, trapping me against the sarcophagus.   He starts mumbling something under his breath, and I realize he’s crying.  Then I realize what he’s mumbling. 


I start squirming and he pulls out of me. It feels sticky down there.  I don’t look at him, just let him stand there and sob.  I find my panties and torn bra, and then the rest of my clothing.  I get dressed as fast as I can.  As I head to the door, I hear him behind me calling to me – “Dawn?… Niblet?… I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I run through the cemetery, praying I don’t run into Buffy and Principal Wood.  When I finally reach home, nobody’s there.  I go through the kitchen and out the back door and sit on the back steps.  As I look up at the sky, I can feel his fluids running out of me and collecting in my silk panties.

The End

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