If you are attending the 2009 con, feel free to submit another story to the archive. (If you have attended previous WriterCon events, please feel free to submit a new story for the 2009 page...and please check anything you might already have here for broken links etc and updated bio info.)

The archive is open to any fandom, not just the Jossverse. While I have nothing personal against RPS/F, I'd like to keep those stories out of the archive. While we're walking a fine line legally as it is- I'd rather not invite further scrutiny.

Send the story to me as a word doc or .txt doc attachment. I hand code, so I am happy, happy if you can code for italics, etc...and paragraphs, too! *g* (If you can't no worries.) If your story is extra long and posted somewhere already, I am happy to link- just send me the info.

Please remember to include all the necessary header info:

Your writing name
The story title
The rating
Pairing (if applicable)
Disclaimer (if you use one)
Any other notes

I would also love it if you included a link to your personal web site or LJ (a place where people might read more of your stuff if so inclined) and an e-mail for feedback.

All this information is important and it makes my life easier if I don't have to chase you up for it. In addition, I do have author bios up...please feel free to send one or update what is currently there.

Send it here and please put 'Writercon' in the subject line!

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