Why Me?

Why Me?

By Annalise

Rating: R
Summary: Spike needs somewhere to stay.
Notes: Characters: Spike, Xander Genres: Humor Warnings: Sexual situation “Why me? I had him last time, why can’t Willow or Buffy take him?” Xander whined, determined to make sure someone else took Spike this time. “After all I have a life too. Okay, so I don’t have a girlfriend or anything, but that doesn’t mean I should have to vampire-sit every time Giles has a hot date.”

“Xander, we’ve been over this again and again. You and I are the only ones who can take Spike and since my friend is coming this weekend he can’t stay here, therefore you will have to take him.” Giles was tired of having this same argument every time the vampire had to stay with Xander.

“But –”

“Oh, get over it Xander!” Buffy was sick of hearing it too, “It’s not like we don’t know you two are shagging like bunnies.”

“What! How did you – I mean, NO! No shagging like bunnies, or any other animal, in fact, no shagging happening at all. Right Spike?” Xander said, looking for all the world like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.

Spike smirked at him. “If you say so.”

“Really Xander, Buffy is right. We are all aware of your relationship with Spike, however ill advised it is. We have all noticed the two of you sneak off together during patrols only to reappear later looking rather – satisfied and happy. It simply is time for you to stop sneaking around and pretending, and I must say it will be much easier for all of us now that it’s out in the open.” If asked, Giles would deny that he enjoyed the look of shock on Xander’s face, even though he did.

“We don’t! Sneak off and have sex that is. I mean, we don’t sneak off at all. We openly go to investigate possible baddies, by ourselves, so you won’t get hurt. And doesn’t that sound lame with Buffy being the Slayer and all. This is me, shutting up now.” Xander said, sinking down onto the couch and holding his head in his hands.

Willow walked over and sat down beside Xander, putting an arm around him and giving him a squeeze. “It’s okay Xander, I know how hard it is to admit to yourself that you are gay, much less tell your friends and family. But none of us mind that you’re gay, the whole ‘sleeping with a vampire’ thing took some getting used to – you have no idea how many times Buffy wanted to stake him – but we’ve even gotten used to that. After all, we see how happy you are since you’ve been together and it’s obvious that Spike would kill anything that tried to hurt you, so we know you’re safe. Besides, you two are kinda cute together.”

Xander looked desperately at Spike who smiled and mouthed “Told ya so.”

“So, I guess now would be the time to say ‘Hey guys, I’m gay and Spike and I are together’ – right?” Xander said with a weak smile.

“Yes, acceptance of oneself is the first step to truly being happy, being truthful with your friends and family is the second step. Living a lie, especially if you are lying to yourself, only causes more harm and pain in the long term.” Giles was smiling fondly at Xander.

“Yeah, well, so not telling the family about this. Don’t think the folks are ready to hear that their only child, their only son – likes men. So not going there.” He said, leaning back and folding his arms across his chest.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. The Scoobies all know, you’re not telling your folks, and as much as I enjoy the whole bonding thing – oh, that’s right – I don’t, so can we leave now and go shag?” Spike wasn’t sure which was better: the look of disgust on the Slayer’s face; the mixed arousal and embarrassment on Red’s or the Watcher’s pained look. Maybe it was the pure lust on his boy’s face. Nope, no question, Spike knew – the look of lust on his boy was the best one of all.

“Well, um, I guess we’d better go then; seeing as how Giles has company coming and we have to get back to my place before sunrise and all.” Xander quickly got to his feet and headed toward the door, grabbing Spike and pulling him along. “See you all tomorrow – or the day after.” The door slammed closed behind them.

“Well, that went well didn’t it?” Buffy asked, rather pleased with herself.

“Yes, it did actually, but didn’t we agree that we weren’t going to confront Xander, that we’d allow him to tell us about Spike on his own?” Giles asked.

“Yep, but I was tired of waiting for him to say something, I figured he never would and I just couldn’t pretend one second longer that I didn’t know. I mean come on; they constantly sneak off to your bathroom together! Now you can stop that since you don’t have to pretend you don’t know they’re sneaking off to have sex.” Buffy smiled at the look of disgust on her Watcher’s face.

“Yes, well. I do have company coming and need to finish straightening up, so if we have nothing further to discuss perhaps I could ask you both to leave now?” Giles couldn’t wait for them to leave him alone.

“Sure Giles, come on Willow – let’s go.” With that the girls left.

As soon as they were gone Giles started to chuckle remembering the look of horror and surprise on Xander’s face as he realized everyone knew about him and Spike. It wasn’t nice to be amused at Xander’s expense, but it had been funny.

In Xander’s apartment Spike was furiously stripping Xander of all his clothes, a feat made difficult by the fact that Xander was laughing. “Would you stop!”

“Can’t. That was so perfect. You were right, all we had to do was be very obvious - and can I say sneaking to Giles bathroom for sex was a wonderful idea - be obvious yet act like we’re hiding ‘us’ and let them bring up the fact that we’re together. No muss, no fuss and everyone’s happy.”

“Yeah, well, I figured that if we told them we were together they’d all have a fit; the Watcher’d lecture you about being with a vampire, Red would be all upset ‘cause you didn’t tell her first – being best friends and all, and the Slayer’d try to stake me. This way they all felt sorry for you, and were ready to be supportive of you and your new lifestyle. Now, can we stop talking about this and shag?” Spike finally had his boy just the way he liked him – naked.

“So, I suppose that you can move in here now – Oh God…love it when you do that.” Xander’s eyes closed as Spike licked down his neck to his left nipple, teasing it until it was a hard, aching nub.

“Yeah, now shut up and let me get on with this.” Spike moved to the other nipple, playing with it until it also was hard. Spike suddenly picked up Xander, carrying him into the bedroom and put him on the bed; then he quickly stripped off his clothes and pounced on his lover. Soon all that could be heard was moans and panting from the two figures locked together.

Later, as they lay wrapped around each other, enjoying the closeness of the moment Xander began to fidget.

“What now? I can hear your mind spinning, not to mention you’re starting to twitch. What’re you thinking about this time?” Spike opened one eye and waited for Xander’s response.

“Well, your plan about letting the group know about us went really well and all…”

“Yeah. So?” Spike opened both eyes and looked at Xander.

“So, how’re we gonna let them know about Angel?”

The End

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