Lovers Walk Don't Run

Lovers Walk Don't Run

By BloodshedBaby aka TaniTKD

Rating: NC17
Summary:Rewrite of Lover's Walk except Buffy and Spike wind up leaving her house alone, without Angel. What will happen when Spike locks them in the basement of the Magic Box together with less than honorable intentions?
Notes: I am changing a few things, obviously. Angel didn't go with Spike and Buffy to the Magic Box, and Xander and Willow aren't going to get busted by Cordelia and Oz. The vampire attack at the Magic Box happens differently in my story, also.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I only play around with the characters.
Distrubtion: Sure! just let me know where it's going!


Chapter 1

"You and what army.?" Spike challenged Angel, his lip curled up in a cocky sneer, as Angel tried frantically to penetrate the invisible barrier that separated him from the back porch and the Summers kitchen. The very barrier that proved without a doubt, exactly what he was, a vampire. And what he'd always be, no matter how hard he tried to act otherwise, he'd always be on the outside looking in.

For Spike, it was hilarious, and he wasn't even going to dwell on how it given him the warm fuzzies having someone look to him for protection for once, like Joyce had done. Usually people looked to him in horror and fear, pleading pathetically for their lives. Yeah, he'd admit it, that got a bit boring after a century.

Sure, Joyce been the one to tell off Angelus, but she'd only felt comfortable doing it because he'd been with her. Spike still couldn't quite figure out if she knew he was a vampire, or not. There was no intent to harm Buffy's mom, but he couldn't help the mocking gestures he'd made behind her back. Spike knew it would get Angel even more riled, and the look on the poof's face had been priceless. Not that Buffy's mom was in any danger from him, no, that lady was a bit of all right. She'd let him pour his undead heart out, sympathizing the whole time. Not just pretending to care, like the little witch or any of his minions, she'd actually listened and plied him with the best cup of hot chocolate he'd ever had. Spike actually felt better getting the whole Dru thing off his chest, it had helped clear his mind on the matter. Either that, or he was sobering up a little. Which ever, he was pathetic, and he knew it. Pouring his heart out to two mortals within hours of each other. Humans were usually on useful for one thing, supplying that vital thing that he needed for survival. But, desperate times called for desperate measures, or so he kept telling himself.

"You and what army?" Spike taunted Angel with, standing close to Joyce. He was so taken with annoying the poof on the porch that he didn't even smell the slayer coming. Either that, or the alcohol was still clouding his brain.

"That would" Buffy remarked, her hazel green eyes filled with cold fury at the thought that her mom had been in danger. Before Spike had even registered her presence, she had him bent backwards over the island in the middle of the kitchen, the sharp edge of the counter digging uncomfortably into his lower back. One of her small but lethal hands splayed across his chest, as she effectively immobilized him between the counter and her.

"Angel, why don't you come on in." Buffy said firmly, not taking her eyes off the blonde vampire she had pinned by the neck in her mother's kitchen.

She heard Angel come in behind her, and didn't need to look at her mom to know she was freaked. Great, so going to be in deep shit for lying again, not telling her Angel was back, Buffy thought. And for putting her in danger by letting Spike be able to come in the house. Why the hell didn't I ever tell mom he was dangerous? And why the hell didn't I revoke his invite? Stupid, stupid, Buffy.

Christ, the slayer's heat was searing, she was like an inferno laying against him like that. She has got you, mate. No way you're getting out of this one. She thinks you're after her mum, you kidnapped her mates, your goose is cooked but good.

As Spike stared into her furious face, cold fury set on her pretty features, he felt a spark of ... something shoot through him. Suddenly, everything fell away, until all that was left was her. Her mum's frantic questioning, Angel's broody glower, the bright kitchen, it all just melted away. She permeated into his every pore, her smell, her touch, her heat. What the bloody hell was this about? Vanilla with a tinge of Buffy's own scent curled delicately through his nostrils, and he tried not to breathe it in, but he found himself helpless to stop himself from taking those deep unnecessary breaths. It was like being gut punched. God, he had to get away from her, he couldn't allow himself to feel like this. What the hell was she wearing? She might as well have been naked, with what little barrier the wisps of cloth provided. Spike could almost imagine that Willow had already done the spell, with horrifying results.

Attempting to break free from her hold, to get away from her bewitchment, Spike found himself slammed back against the counter, this time with a wooden spoon poised at a crucial spot over his chest. Great, now she was pressed even closer. She was using her body to keep him pinned in place, and he could feel his body reacting to her, unbidden, and wondered why he had become so twisted. Getting turned on with Angelus and the slayer's mom standing right there, and Spike knew she was going to be able to feel his reaction any second now. And if the other stuff hadn't guaranteed his dusty demise, he knew this would. Anger started simmering through him at this new development the Slayer had put him in. She had to be responsible for it, in some way. This was all her fault. Everything bad that had happened to him since he'd first come to Sunnyhell had all been her bloody fault, the stupid cow.

Thanks to the changed position Buffy had just put herself in, it now allowed her intimate contact with practically ever inch of the hard body she was pressed against, and a flicker of awareness that shouldn't have been there, sizzled through her. What the hell? Buffy then became aware of something huge and hard growing against her lower abdomen. OH MY GOD! Is that what I think it is? He is such a pervert! Getting all turned on by being manhandled! He is so totally disgusting! Buffy didn't move away though, instead she searched his eyes, trying to find lewdness, lust, anything to give her an excuse to stake him, she so needed to stake him.

But it wasn't there, why wasn't it there??? Why did he look confused? Even resentful? Why was he looking at her like that??? This wasn't her fault! And oh god, why am I feeling all tingly where ever he's touching me? This can't be of the good. Ok, now his eyes were darkening, is that lust I see? That does it, he's dust. Buffy raised her arm to plunge the handle of the spoon through that hard well developed chest, and his murky blue eyes widened. Stop me, don't let me do it, I don't really want to do this, she found herself screaming to him, in her head.

"Willow." Spike uttered, desperate for anything to give him a reprieve from the wooden handle about to be inserted into his heart.

Lowering her arm, Buffy gave an inward sigh of relief, phew that was a close one. "You have Willow." she repeated stupidly. Duh Buffy, who else would have taken her?

"Kill me, you'll never see the witch alive." Spike informed her,rolling his hips lightly against her, as if by accident.

He was rewarded with Buffy's eyes opening wide, and instead of the look of revulsion Spike had been expecting, he was treated to a flicker of uncertainty. So quick, he almost thought he'd imagined it, so he did it again, holding her gaze the entire time. No, he hadn't imagined it, there it was again. Well, well. This was unexpected. And suddenly, all thoughts of getting Dru back fled, he had a new game to see to first. Just what he needed to get his mind off his dark princess, the thrill of the hunt. And such a luscious prize indeed. The little bitch thinks she can manhandle me? Well well, we'll just see about that.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. What the world is wrong with me? This is SPIKE, not Angel. I'm just confusing his cool body pressed against mine for Angel's, that's all. But Buffy knew that wasn't it. No way could she confuse the tight lithe form under her, who fit her perfectly,for Angel. Dredging deep into what slight acting skills she possessed, Buffy managed to draw a disgusted mask over her face.

"And Xander?" She bit out, willing herself not to respond to his acute nearness. Oh god, she so had to get herself under control. Stupid vampires and their sense of smell. Buffy didn't even dare look over at Angel, she didn't know what he'd be able to read in her face.

"Him too." Spike smirked, seeing through Buffy's pathetic attempt, ignoring Joyce's bewildered "Xander's a witch?" comment.

"Where are they?" She demanded, pushing the spoon closer in a menacing gesture.

"Got me a few errands to run first, than I'll take you to them." Spike announced, his voice smug.

Buffy shoved herself back off of him, throwing him a withering glare. She was hard pressed not to let her gaze travel downward as Spike drew his coat close around him. Stepping over to Angel's side, Buffy reached for his hand, saying "Let's go then, Spike. And if this another one of your lame traps, I will kill you."

Right Slayer, not going to be that easy. Not going to hide behind the poof. "Just you, slayer."

Angel charged forward, grabbing Spike by the jacket. "What kind of shit are you trying to pull here Spike?" He growled menacingly.

Throwing Angel off, Spike replied "Not trying to pull anything, Peaches. Just not willing to spend any more time in your not very pleasant company than I have to." The blonde vampire looked at the slayer and said "So? What's it going to be? You want to get your friends back?"

Giving him a lethal glare, she stomped past him muttering, "Fine, let's just go get these mysterious errands of yours done. I want to be back in time to watch The X Files."

"Buffy, I'm not sure how comfortable I am with this." Joyce remarked, looking highly confused and agitated. Buffy threw her a look over her shoulder. "Oh don't worry mom, there's a reason Spike hasn't managed to kill me yet. It's called incompetence." She told her mother flippantly, ignoring Spike's warning growl.

"Are we going?" She asked rudely, throwing the bleached blonde a cold look.

"Don't bother trying to follow us, Peaches. You do, and I won't tell where I've stashed the witch and the boy." Spike threatened, following Buffy out the door and into the night.

Joyce turned to Angel, hostility present in her voice at having to deal with him again, asking "Is she going to be safe?"

Angel just shook his head, not really knowing. He had gotten some uncomfortable vibes from them just before they left, and he didn't' like it. "Probably. Surprisingly, Spike usually does keep his word. And she's beaten him in fights before."

"But doesn't he want to kill her?" Joyce asked worriedly.

"So one would think." Angel mumbled, heading for the door, he needed to go find Buffy's watcher.

Buffy trailed Spike a few steps behind as he walked down the middle of the quiet Sunnydale street. The intelligent citizens of Sunnydale knew to keep indoors after dark, leaving the streets barren, almost giving it the feel of a ghost town, minus the tumbleweed rolling down the street.

Buffy wrapped her arms protectively around her as she followed the blonde vampire. "Cold?" He asked suddenly, startling her.

"Huh? Oh, no." She replied a bit sullenly, lapsing into silence again.

"Your mum makes a helluva cup of hot chocolate." Spike remarked, slowing down to walk in step with her.

Buffy looked at him skeptically. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Why are you making with the small talk?" She demanded. "And why the hell are you even back in Sunnydale? I thought the deal was for you to stay gone."

Spike smirked, making Buffy want to slap it off his damned face. "I'm evil, pet. besides, I didn't get to finish what I started the last time I was here." At Buffy's questioning look, he answered "Killing you. Never got around to it."

At her wary look, Spike flashed a sinister grin, causing Buffy to look away quickly. "Is that why you insisted on just me coming?" She demanded.

"No. Just felt like some company, is all, and didn't fancy spending any not too quality time with Peaches." Spike replied, a bit dishonestly.

"Ugh, you are so lame." She told him, exasperated. She had just barely finished uttering that statement before she found herself pinned to the side of a building, an enraged demon holding her tight. "It wouldn't do you good to insult me, I'm not in a good mood. Understand?" He snarled, squeezing tight on her throat, repeating the hold she had used on him earlier. However, he had the advantage of not having to breathe, something Buffy didn't have. When he saw her air supply being blocked off, he gave it an appropriate amount of time to make her good and nervous, then tossed her aside, before switching back to his human face.

"Jesus! Overreact much?" Buffy gasped, rubbing her hand over her bruised and tender throat, giving him a icy look, which he ignored. He could have just killed her, she had let her guard down, and he had taken her by surprise and she hadn't even had time to fight back. Ok, mental note to self, don't insult Spike and don't let guard down. May prove fatal. When she was sure she had that pounded into her brain, she continued walking.

Spike started walking away, not responding to her comment.

"Where are we going anyway?" She asked, falling back into step beside him, wondering why she wasn't trying to stake him for what he had just done.

"Magic Box." He replied, looking straight ahead. Spike felt pretty smug, he knew he'd thrown the slayer off balance. For the first time since Dru had left him, he didn't feel the overwhelming urge to retreat back into an alcoholic haze once he began sobering up. No, a clear head was feeling quite nice, right about now.

Buffy drew her arms tighter around herself, staring at the ground, occasionally letting her eyes flicker sideways in an attempt to gauge the mood of the vampire next to her. He was unreadable, for once.

Spike could feel the slayer checking him out, and willed his features to remain bland. He wanted to play with this one a while, and not just in a killing sense. Oh yeah, that would come later, but he had a few things in store for the stupid bint first. It was her own damn fault, pressing herself against him like she had. Yeah, the girl had brought it all on herself, and Spike intended to see that she lived to regret it. He just didn't intend for her to live long after that.

The locked Magic Box door held no challenge for a thief of Spike's magnitude, although usually he would just burst through any door that stood in his way. But, he didn't want the cops coming around, being alerted by the sound of the door being smashed in, so he did it the old fashioned way. By picking the lock. There was still police tape from his earlier murder, and he knocked it down, not giving it any thought.

"Your handiwork?" Buffy asked, a hard edge to her voice.

Spike's smirk was her answer, and Buffy glanced away, disgusted. He had just killed somebody in this very store, just hours earlier. So why was she here with him? Oh yeah, Willow and Xander. Phew, knew there was a good reason.

"What are we doing here anyway?" She demanded, putting her hands on her Lycra clad hips.

Did she think that made her look threatening? Christ, all it did was draw the tight material over her breasts, accentuating their youthful fullness. What is that thing she's wearing? She may as well be naked.

Spike allowed his gaze to travel up and down her body, taking in her cross trainers, her skin tight spandex workout pants and the crop shirt she wore that bared her navel, showing off the sculpted curves of her abdomen. "Nice outfit, luv." Spike drawled, hoping to throw her off balance again.

Buffy felt every square inch of his perusal, his gaze was like liquid fire, heating her skin. Goosebumps rose unbidden to the surface of her skin, and she tried to contain the shiver that came over her. Wrapping her arms around her once more, she threw a deadly glare in his direction.

"I was working out when I was so rudely interrupted" she informed him snidely, wondering why she was even feeling the need to explain herself.

"Like I said, nice outfit."

"You're pathetic." She threw at him, wishing she had had time to change before coming on this little let's go with Spikey trip. Then, remembering his previous reaction to her last insult, she watched him warily. Apparently, he wasn't going to go all damage bound on her this time, and she let out a sigh of relief.

"Well, that's original, Slayer." Spike commented, going over to one of the shelves and reading the labels of the glass jars displayed there.

"Look, can we just not do this? Really not in the mood. Again, I will ask, why are we here?" Buffy demanded to know.

Spike held up a list that Willow had written, even though he had no intentions of going through with the spell right now. He had better things to see to right now, his dark princess would just have to wait.

"Your little Wicca friend gave me a list of things to get for a spell." Spike informed her.

"She's doing a spell for you?" Buffy asked in a tight voice.

Spike curled his tongue behind his top teeth as he stared at her, gauging her reaction. "She's doing a love spell for me. To get Drusilla back."

There it was again, a foreign reaction that flickered in her eyes, something that looked suspiciously like jealousy this time. This was just getting better and better.

"You know, if you have to resort to a love spell to get her back, maybe you should just admit that your girlfriend is a big fat ho, and forget her." Buffy remarked snidely.

"Why? Are you offering to take her place, Slayer?" Spike suggested, eyeing her lewdly.

A flush of red rushed into her cheeks, and Buffy exclaimed "Eww, a world of NO. Because, just have to say, the Hello, I'm a Dead Evil Killer thing is kind of a big turn off."

Spike didn't reply, just tipped his head to the side and watched her, knowing it would make her more nervous than anything. And he wasn't disappointed as Buffy began to flutter around, stomping over to him and snatching the list out of his hands

"Can we just get on with this little errand sometime tonight?" She prodded him, not wanting to catch his eye again. She didn't even want to admit how uncomfortable he was making her, and the worst part was, Buffy had a feeling that he knew it. He just kept staring at her, and she couldn't figure out why it was getting to her.

"Eye of rat..." she read, perusing the shelves behind her. "Now that's a disgusting visual." She muttered.

Buffy jumped when the door to the Magic Box was flung open, and a group of about a dozen vampires stood there. The apparent leader, a big ugly oaf in game face snarled "You shouldn't have come back Spike."

Oh great, now I get to be in the middle of Spike's little shit wars. This is so not my night, Buffy ranted to herself while kicking a chair in the corner, liberating a makeshift stake from the wreckage.

"I do what I want." Spike drawled, drawing himself up to his full height which wasn't quite as tall as his entire presence made him appear.

"Well, then, I guess you are going to die. You and your dinner." Oaf vamp informed him, coming in to rush him.

"Dinner?" Buffy yelled, kicking the oaf before he reached Spike. "I'm not his god damned dinner!" That error was the last one he would ever make as Buffy plunged her stake into his heart, still fuming.

With a broad smile, Spike turned to the other vampires, and asked "Anyone else want to take on my dinner?"

Turning furious hazel green eyes in Spike's direction, her nasty retort was cut short by the incoming attack of the remaining vampires, intent on taking out Spike and his meal.

A roundhouse kick landed on the side of one vamp's head, as Buffy spun around on her other foot, bringing her knee up and back, nailing him in the gut with a powerful back kick. He moaned "Shit, it's the slayer."

"Well, gee, what gave you the first clue?." Buffy replied. "I'm crushed you didn't recognize me immediately." With that, she staked him, watching as he turned into a pile of ash. With no recovery time, she felt a foot strike her in the kidneys, knocking her to her knees.

"You're so gonna pay for that one, jerk." Buffy glowered, hauling herself painfully to her feet. She was immediately attacked by three of the vampires, and it required all of her attention to fight them off, as the store became a stunning vision in ruined decor. Buffy herself contributed heavily to the shambles that was created, having no regard where she flung her victims, or what she broke to take them down. Shabby chic just did not begin to do the shop justice.

Buffy allowed her attention to wander to check out how Spike was faring, 11 to 2 weren't the best of odds but the vampires weren't that old or experienced. Spike was handling himself just fine, and in fact had a maniacal gleam in his eyes and a huge ecstatic smile as he reveled in the carnage around him. It didn't matter if these were vampires and not humans, it was violence and Spike loved it.

Oh, but that brief second of inattention cost her, and Buffy was caught unaware by one of the vampires who had snuck up behind her and slammed her over the head with what used to be one of the shelves that used to adorn one of the walls.

The blow didn't knock her out, but it left her dazed and disoriented, two things that were never good when you were fighting for your life. She felt her arms being grabbed from behind and Buffy struggled wildly, but the room was spinning and she was having a hard time concentrating on anything. Shit, this was so not good.

"Spike." She heard herself call in desperation, and heard a roar, then she saw nothing.

When she came to, the only thing she was able to focus on was the intense pain in her head. Weakly, she brought a hand up to where she felt the brunt of the pain, and took it away, looking at it. Ok, no blood. She was lying somewhere, someplace hard. Buffy looked around and saw lots of shelves and boxes laying around, but no sign of the vampires that had attacked. She didn't recognize where she was, and panic gripped her.

"Spike?" She called weakly.

He stepped into view, a scowl marring his handsome features. "Oh, so look who finally decided to wake up." He announced nastily.

"What happened?" Buffy didn't want to dwell on the relief she felt at seeing him, knowing it was him she was with and not some unknown entity.

"You got yourself knocked out, you idiot. By a bunch of morons. They almost got a taste of you." He informed her harshly.

Why the hell was he so pissed at her? It's not like she asked to be attacked. "What's your damage? It's not like I asked to be knocked out. I seem to recall those vamps were coming to kill you."

"My damage is..." He began to rant, then stopped, not liking what was about to come out of his mouth. The truth of the matter was it had scared him. He almost had not heard her, and when he saw what was about to happen to her, Spike had saw red. He had practically torn those idiots to pieces in his fury. So yeah, he was pissed.

In a low dangerous voice, he began again "My damage is that you almost let a bunch of imbeciles do you in. You don't deserve to go out like that, you should be taken out by someone worthy."

"Like you?" Buffy mused.

"Like me." He replied, stalking towards her in a predatorial sort of way. Buffy's eyes widened, fear seizing hold at the flash of amber in his eyes, and she scooted herself up to a sitting position so that she wasn't in such a vunerable position.

Ok, that was so not the thing to do, Buffy realized, as the world spun around, and the edges of her vision darkened. Not to mention the intense pounding in her head warning her of a probable impending cranial implosion. Groaning, she squeezed her eyes tightly shut, and rested her forehead in the palms of her hands, willing the pain and dizziness to go away.

With a low growl, Spike ripped her hands away from her head. "You stupid little girl." He snarled, replacing her hands with his own cooler ones, guiding her to lay back down.

With an angry sigh, Spike grabbed his jacket he had shed earlier, and wadded it up, placing it under her head. He looked down at Buffy's face, noting that Buffy's tear filled eyes were now opened, and locked searchingly on his face.

"What?" He asked, his voice filled with hostility. This is not how this night was supposed to go.

"Thank you." She said quietly, and he could hear the silent question in her voice.

Spike didn't answer her, just got up and started pacing around the room, shooting his hard look in her direction every now and again, as he brought the cigarette he was holding to his lips and inhaled deeply.

"Where are we?" Buffy asked, looking around as the room decided to stay in one place finally. She was laying on a huge table shoved in the corner.

"Basement of the Magic Box." Spike bit out, glaring at her.

"Oh." Was all she replied, as she lay there. What was his problem? Why was he so angry? Another question popped into Buffy's head. A better question would be, why isn't he trying to kill you now that he has you at such a disadvantage?



"How come you're not trying to bite me?" Buffy found herself compelled to ask, drawing herself up slowly into a sitting position, thankful when the room decided to not spin on it's axis again.

Spike stopped pacing, and leaned against the wall, adopting his usual Big Bad pose. He ran his curled tongue over his top teeth slowly, while letting his hot gaze drift to her neck.

"Why are you so sure I didn't, pet?" Buffy heard him drawl. She stiffened as the intent behind his words penetrated, and her hand slapped to her neck, praying that she didn't find what he had just implied. Dammit, there they were. Her finger tips brushed lightly over the tender twin puncture wounds on the left side of her neck, and she looked at Spike aghast, as a myriad of emotions flooded her.

OK, now why was the look of betrayal on the Slayer's face the one that hit him the hardest? He'd expected her anger, her fear, but he hadn't expected the look of hurt that flashed across her face. And it made something deep inside of him clench, and... bloody hell, what were these feelings? Spike was confused, these were emotions he hadn't felt in a very long time. Then he realized he felt guilty for taking advantage of her while she was knocked out.

The demon in him screamed at him to shut the fuck up, he took what he wanted, what was right in front of him, the way he was supposed to. But something else in him was fighting back saying that he didn't have to be like that, he was more than just a demon.

"You... you bit me?" Buffy's quietly shocked voice penetrated his inner reflection, bringing him back to present. She didn't know why, but she felt so.. violated. He had touched her in an intimate way while she was unconscious. It didn't even surface in her mind the fact that he hadn't killed her, which was an oddity in itself.

There it was again, guilt at her quiet accusation, making him want to throw himself at her feet and beg her forgiveness. His demon rallied back and gave him the hard edge with which he used to answer her.

With a snide look on his face, he told her "Yeah, I bit you. Don't know what you're complaining about, I could have drained you, or worse, turned ya. But I didn't, just had me a little a snack. Figured you owed me for saving your hide. You are quite delicious, by the way."

Buffy turned her face away from his intense challenging eyes, trying to get her emotions under control. She knew he'd been trying throw her off balance all evening, something he'd managed to achieve with little difficulty. Well, maybe it was time to turn the tables. Two could play at his little shit games.

Boldly, she brought her eyes up to meet his, and stated "You will never bite me without permission again, do you understand?" There, that should vague it up for him quite nicely.

Arching an eyebrow in her direction, he merely looked at her. Implying that there will be a next time, hmm? What's the chit playing at?

Buffy's gaze did not waver, and she could see the wheels practically spinning out of control in that handsome head of his. Whoa... Did I just think of Spike as handsome? Buffy cocked her head and really studied the vampire before her. Ok, handsome so did not even begin to cover it, she decided. Spike was fucking gorgeous. Full red lips and dark brows against a backdrop of pale skin, untouched by the sun in over a hundred years. Bleached blonde hair completed the canvas of white with its few splashes of color. It should have made him look freaky, but you put together the whole package of sharp chiseled cheekbones, deep blue eyes enhanced by his fondness for eyeliner, and simply put, Spike was one gorgeous specimen. Even if he was a vampire.

At the end of Buffy's perusal, she realized that spike was watching her check him out. Willing herself not to blush, she met his stare defiantly, adopting a haughty look, but knowing she was way out of league here. Oh, she was good at her little quips and banter, but pretending to emote an attitude totally foreign to her? Spike was a master compared to her.

"Like what you see?" Spike inquired, in a low voice.

Well, now that was a good question. Did she? Yeah she did, but Buffy was so not going to admit that to him. Shrugging nonchalantly, she informed him "You're good-looking, I guess. Good looking for a poser."

Oops, wrong thing to say, she realized. The flash of amber appeared in the vampire's eyes again, and his face settled into an angry mask. Buffy tensed as he prowled towards her again, and looked around frantically for a weapon. Wait, she was the slayer, she didn't need a weapon. She WAS a weapon. Confidence restored, she watched his slow deliberate approach.

He didn't stop until he reached her, stepping in between her legs that hung over the edge of the table, as Buffy met his gaze defiantly. He made sure that he wasn't touching any part of her, but leaned as close into her as he could, feeling the heat that was begging to surround him. Spike could smell the slight tendrils of fear being emitted from her, and it fed his demon's satisfaction. "Care to repeat that, luv?" He told her in a low a low dangerous voice.

"Poser." Buffy said carefully.

Before she even had realized he had moved, Buffy found herself hauled to her feet and bent back over the table in an exact replica of the those pose she had used on him earlier at her mother's house. One hand at her throat, the other splayed across her heaving chest.

Her eyes and the sudden deluge of fear gave her away, as she stared deep into his mocking eyes. "What was that again?" He prompted, allowing his hips to thrust forward so she could feel the reaction her close proximity was having on him. Unfortunately, the pose reinforced for both blondes the earlier feelings they had both experienced.

Her eyes sprang wide open, and Spike released the hold on her neck slightly, allowing her to breathe. " Ok, ok, not.. a.. poser..." She finally bit out, gasping. With his lips curled up in a cruel mockery of a smile, he released her as quickly as he'd pinned her and stepped away, enjoying the victory.

"Why are you doing this?" Buffy ground out, rubbing her neck once again. Being close to asphyxiation never put her in a good mood. Spike decided not to answer, just stood there watching her, with his arms crossed against his chest, leaning against the wall. "Ugh! You are so irritating! Talk about Cryptic Guy! And let's not forget Major OverReactor." She ranted, then headed for the door that lead to the stairway which would take her to the main part of the Magic Box.

She kept one eye on Spike, fully expecting him to charge her to prevent her exit. She soon found out the reason for his willingness to let her flee. "Why is the door locked?" She asked bitterly, pulling on it.

Shoving away from the wall in one fluid motion, Spike stalked towards her slowly, like an animal closing in on his prey. "Because you're not going anywhere, Slayer."

She turned her incredulous filled face in his direction and sputtered "you.. You're keeping ME hostage?"

`The evil grin intensified, as he responded "Got it in one, luv."

"But that's insane!" Buffy practically shrieked, inwardly cringing when she heard the shrill note to her voice. In a more rational tone, she persisted "What do you have to gain by keeping me prisoner?"

As he came closer, Buffy unconsciously took steps backwards to put more distance between them, not realizing the added challenge that action aroused in Spike. The lazy half grin on his face was anything but reassuring. Buffy could feel her heart pounding, and she had never been more aware of anybody as she now found herself of the blonde vampire that was slowly closing the distance between them. Buffy looked around wildly, looking for some means of escape, but the locked door was the only way in or out of the large dimly lit room. The room was only illuminated by one naked weak bulb hung from the ceiling, and it didn't do much to reveal the contents on the wood shelves that lined the room. Much of the room was in shadows, including the spot that Buffy now found herself in, but she knew the low light would not be a deterrent for Spike's vampiric senses.

Buffy had backed herself in a corner, and had no place else to go, unless she charged the vampire in front of her, and given the status of her health at that moment, she didn't think that was the wisest move. "Why are you doing this?" She found herself whispering, cursing the tears that were crowding her eyes and the weakness in her voice.

Spike could hear her heart pounding away in her chest, like a runaway freight train at warp speed and satisfaction filled him that he had managed to terrify the mighty vampire Slayer. He had her backed into a corner, and he closed the distance that separated them arrogantly.

"Come now, Slayer. You know why." His voice slipping through the dim shadows like silk, wrapping around her, trying to draw her in. Buffy shook her head in a frantic attempt to clear her head of the heady spell he was trying to cast on her.

"No, I don't, Spike." She managed to say defiantly, giving a little gasp when he aligned his body against hers, pressing close. She could feel her breasts being flattened against his hard chest, feeling the warmth he now possessed due to her borrowed blood. Willing herself not to react, she stared at a spot over his shoulder as he leaned his head in close, listening to him as he breathed her scent in deeply.

"You do, you little liar." Spike chided in a whisper against her ear, sending chills down Buffy's spine. "You started it, bewitching me in your mum's kitchen."

"I so did not!" She retorted hotly, continuing her rigid stance, trying to ignore the sensations his light breaths in her ear were causing.

"Oh, but you did. Pressing your hot little body against mine, holding me there until all I could see, all I could feel, was you." He continued in a gravely whisper, flicking his tongue out to outline her ear before allowing it to trail downwards to the marks he left on her neck earlier. "How you felt, how you smelled. I knew the taste I was going to take of you was going to involve quite a bit more than just biting"

When Buffy felt his tongue caress the bite marks he had left earlier and his teeth nipping, it finally gave her the courage to break free from the web he had spun over her. Bringing her hands up to his chest, she thrust him back violently. "I believe we had words earlier about biting." She informed him coldly, trying to rein in her accelerated breathing, telling herself it was nerves and fright, not excitement.

The suddenness of Buffy's attack caused Spike to fall backwards on the floor, and he lay there, propped up on his elbows, with Buffy's green eyes shooting venom at him, and his lazy smile became a genuine grin. He surprised both of them by letting out a pleasured laugh, which transformed his face into almost an angelic visage, as he peered up at her, his eyes sparkling. "Christ Slayer, you really think that's going to put me off?"

Buffy grew furious that he was laughing at her, and her eyes grew even colder. With a loud huff, she tried to shoot past him, intent for the door. Locked or not, she was going through it. She so had to get away from this blond bloodsucker, he was driving her crazy. She didn't dare contemplate that she it wasn't exactly fear that she was running from. No, Denial Girl, just have to get out of this room away from HIM.

God, he had never quite realized how stunning she was when she got mad, her face just came to life as the rage flowed through her veins. Ah, so the little Slayer thinks she's going someplace, does she? Let's see about that. He allowed her the time she needed to gain confidence in her escape attempt, as she reached the door and pulled on the handle with all her strength. He grinned as she looked down in horror at the broken knob she held in her hands, then made his move when he noted the grim determination cross her face, as she raised her leg up to give the door a powerful kick.

With superhuman speed, Buffy found herself lifted off of her feet, strong arms clamped around her middle like a vise and she squealed in shock. "Let me go!" She yelled, struggling frantically to get away from the steel bands that held her firmly against a hard body. A firm, hard body.

"Ooohh.. keep up the wiggling, Slayer. It feels so good." The deep accented voice crooned into her ear, and Buffy stiffened in shock. Ugh! He was sooo.. crude! She could feel the hard bulge rubbing against her lycra clad ass, and the circular way the vampire was rotating his hips to maximize the sensation. No, she did NOT just lean back into him, did she?

"Yeah, just like that Slayer." Spike whispered,confirming her worst fear. "See, you feel it too. It's going to be sooo good."

That snapped Buffy out of her little sensation induced haze, and she threw her head backwards, hard. Ok, maybe that wasn't such a good idea, Buffy realized, as the back of her head struck Spike's chin in the exact spot that she was knocked unconscious earlier. Waves of pain flooded her, and she didn't even register Spike's shocked yelp of pain, as the edges of her vision darkened again and she felt her limbs turn to jello. "Don't pass out, don't pass out." She lectured herself frantically, trying to keep ahold of consciousness.

Spike felt the heaviness of her limbs as she slumped in his embrace, and couldn't help the growl of irritation he flung at her. "Good one, Slayer. Knock yourself out, why don't you. You're a right smart bird, aren't you?"

"Shut up," Buffy moaned miserably, her head feeling like it was going to explode.

With a sigh, Spike picked her up, and returned her to the table he had placed her earlier when she had been knocked out upstairs, gently laying her down and putting his duster under her head. Buffy turned on her side, and curled up, eyes closed tightly against the pain.

Spike stared down at her, finding himself amused at her lame attempt to free herself. The bint obviously heard something she didn't want to hear. He saw a wayward lock of hair drop into her face, and without thinking, he brushed the stray clump gently back to the side of her face with a cool finger, tucking it behind her ear.

Buffy's eyes sprung open, startled at the feel of his tender touch, and she looked at him in confusion. "What are you doing?" She asked in a soft voice.

He offered her a small smile, replying "Had a piece of hair in your face."

"That's not what I mean. Why are you keeping me here?" Buffy persisted, needing it spelled out for her. She couldn't believe he would keep her here just he could... have sex with her! No, this had to be an elaborate plan of his to nail his third slayer. Wow, he must be really bored to put as much effort into it as he had.

Spike looked away, then got up and paced the length of the room in an agitated manner, before coming back to sit on the table next to her. "Because I want you, Slayer."

Buffy's brows drew together as she pondered that remark. "So why haven't you killed me yet? It's not like you haven't had the chance, or anything." She questioned, a frown marring her face.

Spike looked down at her again, and gave a short laugh. "You really are an innocent, aren't you Slayer?" He announced, raising his hand and trailing his cool index finger the length of her bare arm, then slowly following the sensual path back up, rewarded by Buffy's quick intake of breath, and her heart rate speeding up. "Thanks to your little body pressing against me earlier, I got it in my head that I want you. All of you. Oh, I'll probably kill you eventually, but first I plan on our bodies becoming very well acquainted. Is that clear enough for you, Slayer?" He asked, staring deep into her confused hazel orbs, and replaced his finger with his tongue, licking his way up and down her arm as she watched in stunned surprise, unable to tell him to stop.

Chapter 2

Spike looked down at her again, and gave a short laugh. "You really are an innocent, aren't you Slayer?" He announced, raising his hand and trailing his cool index finger the length of her bare arm, then slowly following the sensual path back up, rewarded by Buffy's quick intake of breath, and her heart rate speeding up. "Thanks to your little body pressing against me earlier, I got it in my head that I want you. All of you. Oh, I'll probably kill you eventually, but first I plan on our bodies becoming very well acquainted. Is that clear enough for you, Slayer?" He asked, staring deep into her confused hazel orbs, and replaced his finger with his tongue, licking his way up and down her arm as she watched in stunned surprise, unable to tell him to stop.

"You want me, don't you, Slayer?" Spike whispered against her skin, his cool breath caressing her as intimately as his tongue had, as he leaned over her prone form. "You feel it too." That was said as a statement, not a question.

Buffy shook her head as violently as possible without causing her head to explode, in a frantic attempt to convince herself that the words he spoke were not the truth. "No." She managed to utter with conviction, pressing her eyes tightly closed once again to get away from his all seeing probing eyes. "I could never have feelings for a killer."

That made him chuckle, and he traced his finger along her jaw bone, down to her neck, knowing that would get her attention. He was rewarded by her eyes springing open, as she eyed him warily. "Luv, haven't you figured out by now it doesn't matter what I am, or what you are? It doesn't change the basic facts that we both want to fuck each other. It's called pure animalistic attraction, pure and simple."

Buffy cringed at his crude words, feeling waves of helplessness overcome her. Much to her chagrin, she felt her eyes well up with unshed tears, and she blinked them furiously back, trying desperately to stare at anything but him. "Shut up." She ground out furiously.

Spike cocked his head to the side, studying her. "What's the matter, luv? Hear something that you don't want to admit to yourself?" He prodded, moving his hand down to encompass her waist. He felt her flinch beneath his touch, but heard her heart rate speed up. Oh yeah, the chit was trying to lie to herself but good. Wasn't as unaffected by old Spike as she pretended to be.

"I'm the Slayer, Spike. I kill your kind, I don't sleep with them." She responded, knowing as soon as the words left her mouth that she had left herself wide open for attack. Of course he'd bring up Angel, how could he resist?

But to her surprise, the blonde vampire remained silent on the subject of his grandsire, just arching his scarred eyebrow in her direction, alerting her to the fact that he was letting her get away with that asinine comment. A fact which Buffy found herself truly grateful, she really did not want to go into the fiasco that had encompassed her big affair with the love of her life. It still hurt her, and somehow she got the feeling that Spike sensed that, and might even be trying to spare her pain by not bringing up that particular argument in response to her ridiculous comment.

But when he did speak, Buffy almost wished he'd brought up the Angel defense. At least she was on solid ground with that one, having to justify it enough times. Spike had removed his hands from her, and scooted back on the table so that his back rested against the wall, his hands resting on his bent knees. He sat next to Buffy's head, where she had scooted herself as far back from HIM earlier, as possible. She could feel his closeness, and it was unsettling. Buffy could honestly say she had never felt like this before, and was furious with herself for reacting this way to him. A beast who wanted her dead. God, her life was SO unfair!

"So, pet, care to tell me why your heart speeds up when I sit close to you like this?" Spike asked her. Buffy was grateful that the table was bathed in shadows so she couldn't really see Spike's face. Her head still hurt, and she knew if she tried to get up, the gravitational pull would be strong. She didn't really care to swoon again, so she just kept laying on her side, punching Spike's duster viciously into a more comfortable pillow, pondering her answer.

"You scare me." She finally said. There, that should feed his nice fat ego, Buffy thought.

Spike laughed, a deep, full throated chuckle that Buffy felt through every pore. "That's a good one, Slayer. Why don't you try again."

When Buffy didn't answer, Spike continued "Because you know I'm a vampire. It's not fear I've been smelling."

With a gasp, Buffy focused her shocked hazel eyes on the vampire's smug face. "Can I just be the first to tell you how... GROSS that is?" She fumed, embarrassment making her words sharp.

"Just telling it like I smell it." Spike remarked, lighting up a cigarette. "So...Slayer, are you going to let me bite you again?"

Shock turned to outrage as Buffy exclaimed hotly "In a word, NO."

Expecting that response, but trying to illicit a reaction from her nonetheless,, Spike needled "Oh come on. You'll probably enjoy it. It can be very...erotic."

Unbidden mental images flooded Buffy's brain, and she had to give herself a huge mental slap. NO NO NO. Do not think about it! "You bit me once, but that was because I was unconscious. The next time you bite me, it will be because you have finally won and are killing me." Buffy responded flatly.

Ohhh, a challenge, Spike thought. The chit shouldn't toss around ultimatums like that, they just made his demon rear his ugly head, turned on by the hint of such a succulent prize.

"So, what now? Are you kill me, or do you plan on talking me to death?" Buffy asked a bit snidely, her nerves making her tone rude.

Spike got a leering grin on his face and replied "No, I plan on shagging you to death." Buffy rolled her eyes, finding the action painful, wincing as feelings of thousands of tiny railroad spikes began pounding into her head. Of course, Buffy imagined William the Bloody right there, driving everyone of those tiny spikes into her cranium, and her temper flared. Bastard, this was all his fault, dammit.

Spike noted the look of pain that crossed her face in response to her infantile gesture and sighed heavily, cursing himself for caring. "Bloody hell, Slayer. You really do need a keeper, you know that?" He muttered gruffly, once again placing his cooling hands on her forehead. He guided her over so that she lay on her back, her wide sea green eyes peering questioningly up at him.

Whatever he was doing, it was pure heaven, Buffy decided, closing her eyes and relishing the feeling of his fingers pressing lightly on various parts of her head. A groan of pleasure slipped from her, as the pain eased and she felt her entire body relax.

"What is that?" She asked, her head feeling back to normal. "Because it feels majorally good." She stretched into his hands like a feline upon waking, practically purring at the pleasure he was bringing her.

"Your body has pressures points, it just requires knowing where they are and how to manipulate them." He responded quietly, his jeans becoming tight at the look of pleasure on Buffy's face. Christ, she had no idea how sexy she was, Spike realized. She was a completely sensuous creature, and she had no clue. Well, Spike realized he wanted to introduce her to the real her, thankful that Buffy still had her eyes closed so that she missed the fond look he had given her. Fabulous, the slayer was starting to grow on him, that wouldn't do at all. No, shag and kill, stick to the plan.

"So, what's going on with you and the great Poof?" Spike inquired, breaking the moment's silence.

"Why do you care?" Was Buffy's immediate rude answer. She gave a sigh of frustration as his fingers stilled, and he chided "Uh uh uh, Slayer. Be nice now."

"Fine. We're trying being friends." Buffy answered, happy when his fingers started their slow circling through her scalp again. "God that feels good." She couldn't help but moan, tipping her head back. Buffy couldn't believe she was laying on this table with a vampire who had already bitten her once tonight, had tried to kill her, and had told her that he was planning on sleeping with her, yet she was still allowing him to touch her. And not only that, ENJOYING his touch. Well, it's not like she had THAT much choice in the matter, her Bad Buffy side argued with herself. She had been kinda headachey in the matter. she further lectured. So why was she still laying here allowing his magic fingers to still be at work? Huh? Answer that one, Buffy. Uh, uh... Buffy found she had no response, she just felt.... comfortable.

Spike could see the internal warring going inside her head, she was so easy to read, did she even realize that? He slowly moved his hands to the base of her head, then trailed them down to check out the status of her trapezius muscles. "Christ Slayer, are you tight enough here?"

"Ow!" she exclaimed, her eyes springing open to glare at him. "That hurt!"

"Well, yah. Wouldn't hurt though if your muscles weren't balled up into tight little coils." Spike responded, scooting off the table as she eyed him warily. "Roll over." He commanded.


"Roll over, I said." His voice taking on a dangerous edge once again.

"Why?" She asked, her eyes narrowing with suspicion.

"Because I bloody well told you to, that's why, Slayer. Now, be a good little vampire killer, and roll over NOW." He demanded, grabbing her shoulder and roughly guiding her so that she now lay on her stomach. He took her shoes off, his face completely unreadable. Buffy could not tell if he was going to be nice or not, and couldn't figure out why she was putting herself in this position to find out.

Buffy tensed up as he pushed her head down to lay on his wadded duster, and a flicker of excitement shot through her at the anticipation of his actions, as she mentally chastised herself for getting off on this. When she felt his strong hands begin to work at the kinks in her neck and shoulders, all thoughts of that fled as she moaned "Oh, magic fingers..."

"You haven't seen anything yet, luv." Spike purred, bending down to press his firm cool lips against her satiny shoulder. He half expected Buffy to fly off the table in outrage, but she remained in place, with her eyes shut and her head turned away. He supposed that allowed her to pretend that she wasn't really here, wasn't really letting him put his murdering hands on her. Well, if that's what it took, he wasn't going to burst her little bubble. Not yet, anyway. He'd allow her to hide in her little fantasyland for now.

After getting no response to his kissing her shoulder, Spike upped the ante by flicking his tongue out and blazing a wet path from her shoulder to her neck, satisfaction flooding him at the scent of the Slayer's arousal. He repeated the path, this time worshipping the bite mark he had made earlier, noting the slayer's trembling breath, as she remained in the same position, with her head turned away. So, the slayer liked the hint of the monster, did she? His hands were still teasing the now softening muscles of her shoulders, and he allowed them to trail down to grip the edge of her workout top, tugging it up slowly, pressing room temperature kisses to the skin being exposed. He listened intently for the changes in her body chemistry, that would tell him what he needed to know. A surge of relief came over him when her body told him of it's heightening arousal, he realized taking her by force was not something he would have been able to do. Buffy still had her eyes squeezed shut, but her breathing was now quicker and there was a tremble of anticipation to her body.

She offered no resistance when he drew the lycra top over her head, leaving her bare from the waist up. His eyes feasted on the tanned perfection of her back, her full breasts smashed into the table,the narrow waist, the slight flaring of her hips, the firm buttocks. God, she was beautiful. He didn't mind that she had yet to respond to his advances, this gave him time to worship her, this golden warrior. How could he ever have thought of taking this girl's life? As soon as he started touching her, he realized how much he needed her, her goodness, the light she carried deep inside of her. It was calling to him, he needed to consume as much of this goddess as he could get

Taking off his own shirt, he climbed on the table with Buffy, straddling her hips, leaning over and placing a gentle chaste kiss on the corner of her slack mouth. "You're beautiful." He whispered to her, running his hands lightly over her shoulders, down her strong muscular back before dipping his fingers beneath the waistband of her skintight workoutpants.

Oh GOD, was all Buffy could think. She had never ever had feelings this running through her, this was soo totally wrong, it wasn't even funny. Ok, any minute, I'm going to open my eyes and tell him to get the hell off me, she decided. Oh right, try pulling the other leg. Admit it, you want this, you want him. God, he made her feel so cherished, how can a soul less vampire be so tender? Or is he just buttering you up?

As Spike began drawing down her workout pants, Buffy opened her eyes and looked at the vampire who was becoming intimately acquainted with her body. The look in his eyes stunned her, there was passion, desire, but even in her inexperience she could read the tenderness and caring that was shining brightly from their stormy blue depths. Huh, that's weird. All it did was make her even more confused.

Buffy carefully twisted around so that she lay on her back beneath the straddled vampire, forgetting momentarily that he had removed her top until she saw his darkening gaze lock hungrily on her chest. The temptation to cross her arms over her bare breasts to shield him from his intense perusal was strong, but she managed to overcome the urge.

Spike reached out and molded his hands to her breasts, leaning down to place chaste kisses on the tip of each one, as he moaned into the valley between her breasts "You have no idea what you're doing to me, luv."

A feeling of power came over Buffy at that time, at his admission. Her one time with Angel hadn't nearly begun to prepare her for feelings of this magnitude. It had all been done to reduce the trauma to poor little fragile Buffy as much as possible, and in doing that, Angel had held back his passionate nature. And that included his demon. It had been almost a clinical experience. But this.. this was something entirely different.

Spike still had his face buried in the valley between her breasts, trying to get himself under control, this had become something entirely different than what he had intended and he was feeling foreign emotions in regard to this petite girl who lay under him, and he admitted to being confused. Spike started with surprise when he felt Buffy's warm hand come up and hesitantly caress the back of his head. He sat up and searched her eyes, finding the answer to the unspoken question he had issued in their clear hazel green depths.

Giving her a genuine smile, he leaned over once again to taste her lips, but was stopped by her hands on either side of his face.

"Spike... I just have to know, before this, uh.. goes any further. This isn't a trick, is it? I don't think I could bear it if it was." She informed him in a hesitant voice. "So if it is, and you're just doing all this so you can kill me... Could you just kill me now?" She tipped her head slightly to the side, as her eyes squeezed shut once again.

Spike was stunned, something that was hard to do. He realized that she had every right to think he'd stoop that low, but it still stung. He put his finger under her jaw and tipped her head back to center. "Look at me." He demanded in a low dangerous voice.

Buffy slowly opened her eyes, afraid of what she was going to see. What she was greeted with a face simmering with anger. "I'm not going to kill you." He informed her.

"But you said.."

"I know what I bloody well said before. This is what I'm saying now. I'm not planning on killing you, got it?" He announced sharply.

"Ok, well maybe not now..."

"Not ever, Slayer." He replied intensely, his eyes locked with hers, daring her to challenge him.

"Oh." Was all she could say, as her brain worked around that startling revelation.

"We clear on this, or can I kiss you now?"

Chapter 3

"I know what I bloody well said before. This is what I'm saying now. I'm not planning on killing you, got it?" He announced sharply.

"Ok, well maybe not now..."

"Not ever, Slayer." He replied intensely, his eyes locked with hers, daring her to challenge him.

"Oh." Was all she could say, as her brain worked around that startling revelation.

"We clear on this, or can I kiss you now?"

A shy smile lit up Buffy's face that gave Spike the answer he was looking for, as he leaned over her once more to finally taste her mouth. Her kiss was hesitant at first, but grew bolder as Spike's tongue begged for an invitation to explore the hot recesses of her mouth. She allowed her lips to part slightly, and Spike plunged his firm cool tongue in, groaning at the sweet taste of her. He felt her arms wrap themselves around his neck, and he moved to lay himself out on top of her, taking the weight off of her onto his arms so he didn't crush her into the hard table top. Their tongues dueled and entwined, and he traced every inch of her hot mouth, sucking on her bottom lip before lightly nipping at it. He could feel her hands growing bolder as they stroked their way up and down his back, until they moved to grab his denim clad ass, bring him harder against the intimate part of her.

"Like that, do you, pet?" He whispered, trailing wet kisses along her jawbone. She nodded helplessly under him, as desire built up inside of her. Who would have known that SPIKE of all people could make her feel like this? Here she had been under the delusion that Angel had been her soul mate, but here her body was singing for this soul less demon, this murdering fiend. Oh, she was one sick puppy, she decided. But right now, she could care less.

Spike continued worshipping her body, allowing his kisses to trail downward from her jaw, pausing momentarily to pay homage to his previous marking, smiling inwardly as she tensed slightly at his attention to her neck. Her quick intake of breath and the sudden deluge of arousal that permeated from her alerted him that she wasn't as impervious to the idea of a vampire at her neck as she might have him believe. But he had other matters to attend to first.

Continuing his exploration, he found his way to the milky white skin of her breasts, latching his mouth on to one of the firm succulent mounds, causing her to arch her back at the sensation. Taking the pebbled nipple in his mouth, he sucked lightly before flicking his tongue rapidly over the tip, before moving to the other side and repeating the action, while cupping the ripe peach he had just left. God, she smelled amazing. Spike had always loved the scent of her, but likened it to the scent of his enemy, but now realized how far from the actual truth that was. Now with arousal added to her usual luscious fragrance of vanilla and Buffy, it was threatening to send him over the edge.

The feelings that Spike was evoking were becoming too much for Buffy, as an indescribable ache began building between her legs. She found herself grinding desperately against Spike's erection, but finding it wasn't enough to ease the painful ache, taking deep breathes in to control her rapid breathing. Wow, he smelled good. How could a dead guy smell so damn good? Wouldn't he start smelling, ... like.. Dead? Ok Buffy, do NOT let your thoughts go there, let's not ruin the moment here, she chided herself.

"Spike." She found herself uttering helplessly, not knowing how to put into words what it was that she needed. He looked up with passion filled eyes to meet her frustrated green ones, and a self satisfied smile came over his face.

"Something you need, Slayer?" He drawled, allowing his hand to drift lazily down her bare abdomen. Her stomach muscles clenched violently with anticipation as Buffy nodded, mentally willing his hand to hurry up and reach that golden spot between her legs that was begging for his touch.

"Gonna have to do better than that." Spike teased, halting his motions. "You have to tell me what you want."

God, could he be any more dense? "You" she ground out in desperation. " I want you." Pathetic much, Buffy? That voice inside of her asked, but she tuned it out as she waited to see what he would do.

"See, that wasn't so hard, now was it, Slayer?" He replied, the teasing quality still present in his voice, as he sat up and slowly got off the table, keeping his hot gaze on her the entire time. Standing in front of her, he told her "I'm gonna take off your pants now, ok?" Buffy nodded frantically, as he drew her slowly to the edge of the table, running his hands over her the entire time and finished the task he had started earlier. Teasing her in his slowness to undress her, making that single thing into a sensuous act. When she was left in nothing but a pair of black thong panties, Spike groaned at the sight of her clad in those and nothing but, his eyes raking over her shapely muscular legs and tight body, letting her know with his steamy eyes how beautiful and desirable he found her. He cupped his strong rough hands under each cheek of her buttocks and lifted her up, with Buffy staring at him in slight bewilderment at his intentions. When her pelvis was at the level of his mouth, he grabbed one edge of her thong knickers with his teeth, and pulled it down her silky hips. For some reason, that struck Buffy as funny, and she couldn't help the giggle that escaped.

Guiding her hips back to the table, Spike growled playfully "Something funny, Slayer?" Buffy just shook her head with mirth, not wanting to break the spell that had been woven over them.

"Now sit up, Slayer." He instructed her, pulling her to a sitting position, allowing her legs to dangle over the side of the table. Buffy knew the label of Slayer was deliberate, and it chafed, it was allowing the reality of the situation to penetrate, and that she did not want.

"Call me Buffy." She announced, staring at him with a challenging look in her eye. A fierce look came into his eyes as he held her gaze defiantly.

"Buffy." Spike whispered finally, bending down to capture her lips again. With that name uttered, all walls Spike had erected upon himself came crumbling down, and Spike realized there was no going back from this. It had been deliberate that he hadn't called her by her given name before now, by calling her Slayer it kept him in a reality check of exactly what she was and what he had allowed himself to become, a killer. It made things so much easier that way. But now, she had forced his hand, and now he couldn't deny that this had some meaning to him. Shockingly, that realization didn't anger him, only made him want her more.

"Buffy" he whispered again softly, liking the way her name rolled off of his lips. He grabbed her tiny hand and brought it to his belt buckle. "Take off my pants, luv." He instructed her, leaning down to bring her earlobe into his mouth, mindful of the multitudes of earrings that adorned her ears. This brought a gasp of pleasure from Buffy, as she did as her new vampire lover instructed. She fumbled for a moment with his belt buckle, causing a sexy chuckle to erupt against her ear, before she managed to undo it and she attacked his button fly, desperate to have him bared to her.

"Easy, luv." He cautioned, stilling her hands, as he finished the job for her. He pushed his jeans down his hips and kicked them off before turning back to look into Buffy's eyes. He was greeted with her awestruck stare at the huge shaft protruding from his body, as he stood before her in all his naked glory. "Touch me." He ordered gently.

Buffy quickly glanced up, and unconsciously licked her lips, causing Spike to moan with anticipation, before she placed one hot little hand around the middle of his erection. It was softer than she expected, soft and cool. Well, the skin was soft, but it was definitely hard underneath. Guess that's why they call it a boner, the name fits, Buffy thought, giving it a good perusal as she ran her hand lightly up and down the thick length. It had been dark with Angel, so she hadn't really seen too much. Then, of course, he lost his soul and tried to kill me after that. Hey, score one for Buffy, at least Spike's already told me he's not planning on killing me. Yep, you are a sick puppy, not doubt about it.

"Oh yah..."Spike moaned, thrusting his hips slightly into her hand, breaking Buffy away from her inner reflection. "God that feels good."

He brought his hand up to investigate the source of the sweet perfume that was flooding the air around him, slipping his finger between her legs, and any chance of thought were soon erased. Christ, she was so wet for him already. He flicked his finger over the swollen nub of her clit and was rewarded by her quick intake of breath and a heady moan against his shoulder, as she moved herself into his hand. Buffy guided her hand up and down over his shaft harder in response to the growing ache that was building up inside of her, and she couldn't help but toss her head back at the electric sensations that were pouring through her. She had NEVER felt anything like this. She should be feeling embarrassed as hell right now, but Spike it feel so completely... right. Buffy wanted him inside of her. Now.

"Spike..." She said in a pleading voice, finding that dreaded shyness rearing its ugly head again. But Spike anticipated her needs, and didn't make her voice her request, as he pushed her back gently on the table. He picked up one legs and placed it over his shoulder as he leaned over her, pressing the tip of his erection at the entrance of her welcoming heat.

"This what you need, Buffy?" He asked, slowly thrusting forward, as Buffy nodded helplessly. She tried to relax her internal muscles, but she was still feeling a twinge of discomfort as Spike pushed himself in. Damn, he's big, she thought.

Christ, she may as well be a virgin with how tight her channel is. She was slick with need, but so damn tight. "This your second time, luv?" He asked, a indescribable feeling flooding him at her answering nod. "Right then. I'll go slow until you get used to me, ok?" She nodded with a grateful smile, her eyes locked on his face as he exerted every bit of self control he possessed not to ram himself into her moist sheath. His demon was screaming at him to cause this girl pain, and he fought back with everything that was left of him when he was turned, a side that he usually ignored. But was one battle he intended to win, he was not going to hurt this girl.

Buffy could see the internal war going on inside of Spike, but misinterpreted the reason for it. She placed her hands on either side of his face and brought his head down close to hers. "It's ok, it doesn't hurt." She reassured him, kissing him tenderly. She couldn't believe the restraint he was showing, he was being so careful, so tender. He was already showing more restraint than Angel had done when they had finally gotten to this point. Ugh, Buffy! Stop comparing this to Angel!

Spike smiled down into her face, and returned her kiss, pulling out of her slowly before pushing himself back in. He could tell she was getting accustomed to his size, and she began matching him thrust for thrust, passion building up in her sweat drenched body.

"Oh my god, Spike.." She panted, as the incredible sensation of having him inside of her flooded her veins, creating a tidal wave of need, just waiting for release. This was incredible, it shouldn't feel this good. It was wrong, but it felt sooo good! How can someone so evil make me feel so good?

Spike drew Buffy's sculpted leg up to rest atop of his shoulder as he pounded away into her wet heat, as they both spiraled to their final completion. Spike could feel the demon clamoring for control, urging him to sink his teeth into the slayer and drain her until her heart faded away, and he realized in one blinding moment that there was only one thing that would keep this girl safe from himself.

Buffy's orgasm washed over her in a sudden wave, as pleasure spilled to every fiber of her being, and her internal muscles clenched down like a vise around Spike. Buffy was just coming down from her orgasm, feeling the aftershocks spread through her, when she felt the bones in Spike's face shift where he had been it buried in the crook of her neck, "Spike, no." She whispered pleadingly, unsure exactly what his intentions were. "You promised."

He ignored her as he bit down at the same moment his world exploded, as he shot load after load of his lifeless semen into her core. Tears came to Buffy's eyes as she felt him drinking from her, and betrayal hit her heavily. She was too hurt to do anything but let him finish what he started, it was nothing more than she'd offered at the beginning of this little sex session. Well, minus the mind numbing orgasm. The tears that threatened now fell down her face, and she cursed her luck in relationships. Gee Buffy, maybe you shouldn't go for the undead then, she pondered.

She was so into her inner reflection, she was slow on the uptake when Spike removed his fangs from her throat and said a word that would change her life forever.


What the..... Did Spike just do what I thought he just did? Buffy asked herself frantically. No freakin way!!!

"What did you just say?" Buffy asked a bit hysterically, her eyes wide. Spike's demon features changed back to his gorgeous human face, but the defiant look remained. "You heard me."

Buffy pushed him off of her roughly, and turned her incredulous gaze in his direction. "What did you do?" She asked menacingly.

Spike shoved himself away from the table and went to where he had stashed his smokes and lit one up, his nakedness not bothering him a bit. But it bothered Buffy. She grabbed his t-shirt and slipped it on, grateful to not be exposed to his prying eyes as she scooted herself off the now slippery table and went to face him. "Spike...." She repeated, the menace still present.

Spike ran his fingers through his unruly hair and took a deep drag on his cigarette, trying to find the best way to explain his actions. "I thought we had a deal about the biting." Buffy announced, getting a very nervous feeling.

Spike nodded. "We did. This was different."

Buffy stared at him, and when he didn't continue, gave a dramatic eye roll and said "AND?"

"I had to make you mine." He muttered, eyes cast downward to the floor.

"YOU HAD TO WHAT????" Buffy shrieked, putting her hands on her hips attempting that intimidating posture that just managed to turn Spike on.

He allowed his eyes to grip hers so that she could see the intensity burning in them. "I had to claim you, to protect you."

"God, cryptic much? From who?" Buffy huffed, her mind reeling at this new revelation.


"Huh?" Buffy asked in a baffled voice.

Spike gave a deep sigh. What had he been thinking? But even as he thought that, he knew he had made the right choice, he just had to get her to understand it. He reached out his hand towards Buffy and said "Come on, let's go sit down, and I'll explain. Ok, luv?"

Buffy looked at his extended hand skeptically, but with another eye roll, she placed her warm hand in his cool palm, and Spike led them to sit on the floor against a crate. Buffy resisted as he tried gathering her up in his arms, but at his warning look, she consented and allowed herself to snuggle into his embrace.

"So, spill." She told him. "Why did you claim me?"

"So my demon wouldn't keep trying to get me to kill you." Spike explained.

"And again with the HUH?" Buffy exclaimed, looking up at him with confusion written all over her face.

"Every time I'm near you, my demon wants a piece of you. When we were just shagging, I couldn't get it to shut the hell up. Kept saying drain her, drain her, kill, kill, kill. It was annoying. The only way I could get the demon to shut up about you was to claim you, so it would see you as a mate." Spike explained, tracing patterns on her thigh with his finger. He spared a glance at her face and was surprised to see a soft look there.

"So, you really do care what happens to me?" Buffy asked him.

"Well, yeah. Weren't you listening when I said I wasn't going to kill you?" Spike asked her.

"Well, I heard you, just didn't really believe you." Buffy admitted softly.

"Ah, so that's why you thought I was killing you when I was marking you."

"Well, duh. You were supposed to ask, remember?" Buffy teased.

"So, what would you have said if I had asked, Buffy?"

Chapter 4

"So, what would you have said if I had asked, Buffy?"

It was Buffy's turn to stare at the floor uncomfortably as she pondered the answer to the question he posed. Spike kept his eyes pinned on her the entire time, waiting for her reply. She knew rationally what her brain would have told her, but her heart was a different matter, and in the heat of the moment? She honestly didn't know.

"I might have let you bite me." She admitted quietly, still finding the floor extremely interesting. Ooh, look at all the pretty dust bunnies, and hey, is that a dead cockroach over there?

With a flash of the Spike she was used to dealing with, a smirk emerged on his face as he replied cockily, "Well, I know that, luv."

Shooting indignant hazel eyes in his direction to confront that comment, Buffy exclaimed "I so cannot believe you just said that!"

Spike's smirk turned into one of tenderness as he ran his fingertip along her neck, rubbing his new mark. His real mark, one that claimed ownership. The Slayer was his. "Please, it was a bit obvious. You've got a bit of a dark side in ya." He told her.

"I SO do not!" She replied hotly.

"Right, that's why the only two lovers you've ever had, have both been vampires?" Spike prompted, feeling oddly proud of her.

Discomfited, Buffy looked away and shrugged, mumbling "That's different."

With a hoot of laughter, Spike drew her closer and pressed a quick kiss on her lips. "That's priceless, luv. Care to explain how having two vampire lovers doesn't qualify you as having a taste for the dark side? Angel may have pushed the limit, with him being all soul having, but hate to say it, you have no excuse when it comes to this soulless demon"

Instead of getting upset about it, like she normally would have, Buffy just tossed her honey blonde hair back so it flipped into his face and claimed flippantly "I don't wanna talk about it."

"You going to be like this every time we disagree on something?" Spike inquired, running his long fingers through the honey colored tresses laying across his bare chest.

Tipping her head back to lean against him, Buffy's lips curled into a smile as she answered secretively "Maybe."

"Well, can't say I wasn't warned." Spike replied in mock exasperation.

"It's either that or I kick your ass." Buffy remarked, looking up at him, again wondering at the circumstances that brought them together like this. Oh wait, there were no circumstances, Spike kidnapped her friends and than held her hostage here. Great. Now real life intrudes in one foul swoop. "Spike, where are my friends?"

"Huh?" Spike seemed momentarily confused.

"That's usually my line. My friends. Where are they?"

"Oh, the little Witch? At the Factory." Spike replied nonchalantly. Seeing the disgusted look Buffy was giving him, he asked "What??"

"You were lame enough to take them to the Factory?" Buffy asked, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice.

"Well, yeah. Figured you wouldn't think I'd be stupid enough to take them there, and hey it worked, didn't it?" Spike informed her proudly, ignoring the looks she was giving him. "Don't worry, they're safe. When we leave here, we can go and let them out, ok?"

Sighing heavily as further thoughts of Real Life penetrated, she replied "Fine." Slumping down slightly in his embrace, she posed a question that had her bothered. "So, what happens when we leave here?"

"Told ya, we let your little friends go." Spike answered, deliberately playing dense in an attempt to avoid her line of questioning. But he forgot who he was dealing with.

"DUH Spike, I know that. I mean, when we leave here, leave here." Buffy clarified, finding herself strangely nervous.

Spike was quiet for a moment. "Well, luv, that depends greatly on you, I suppose."


"Yeah, you. You're the one with the Great Poof hanging over her shoulder doing the Let's be friends scenario, the one with the Watcher and all her little friends at your side. So yeah, it depends on you. I marked you as mine, but I'll leave it up to you to decide what to do with it, ok?" Spike explained seriously, rubbing his finger over her neck the entire time he made his little speech.

Inadequacy flooded Buffy at his words, as she asked him hesitantly "So.. you don't...want me?"

Spike's eyes grew intense and he shook his head in disbelief. "Not want you? You must be out of your gourd! Hell yes, Buffy, I want you. Make no mistake about that. But, I'm letting you make the choice. It needs to be your decision." He told her, as hard as it was for him to say it to her, it needed to be made clear. If they were going to be together, he was going to need her by his side without her having any doubts, if they were going to survive the backlash their relationship would cause.

As Buffy searched his eyes, she found herself remarking "Ok, now where is the asshole I've been dealing with since I met you? Were you like bodysnatched, or something? Abducted by aliens perhaps?"

Spike snorted at that comment, and replied "No. I have an image to maintain, you know. I'm the Big Bad. Can't be all touchy feely with emotions when you're the Big Bad."

That caused Buffy to snicker. "Gotcha. Spike, I don't know what to say. If I'm honest with myself, I'd say that my heart is telling me yes, I want to do this, but I'm thinking the mindblowing sex might have something to do with that. "

"Mind blowing?" Spike asked smugly.

"Mind blowing. " Buffy confirmed. "But my brain and my slayer side is rearing it's head saying HELLO, this is a BAD idea. I'm majorally confused here." She admitted helplessy.

"What does Buffy want to do?" Spike asked quietly.

Without any hesitation, she replied "Buffy wants to be you."

Hearing those words uttered made Spike happier than he ever thought he could feel, and he drew her up so that she faced him, so that she sat across his jean clad hips. Buffy had to confront him on the one issue that was sure to drive a wedge between them before she allowed him to touch her again.

"Spike, we still need to talk." She told him, trying to push him away. He pulled her closer, pressing his lips to taste the warm delicate skin at her neck, sucking her throbbing jugular as it pounded deliciously beneath his firm lips. "SPIKE!" She yelped, as her resolve weakened.

Pulling away with one last bit of resistance, she told him "We really need to finish talking." She grinned at the puppy dog look he got on his face, then continued sternly "It's important."

Sighing, he leaned back dramatically, allowing her to remain straddled astride his hips. Spike bucked his hips up teasingly, earning him an exasperated look. He waited for her to broach the topic he knew was coming, when his enhanced senses picked up the sound of movement behind the locked door. Great, some vampire he was, letting two people sneak up on him tonight. He should have heard this one long before. Oh bloody hell! He knew who it was behind the door.

Before he could alert Buffy of the impending intrusion , the door crashed open, and two men stumbled into the room with the momentum of the ruined door.

Buffy's look of bewilderment turned to one of horror as she recognized her Watcher and.. Angel, both with identical looks of shock on their faces as they took in the scene before them. Spike leaning against a crate in the middle of the room, wearing only his jeans, with Buffy straddled across his hips, her hands splayed on his bare chest, clad only in a over sized black t-shirt that could only belong to the vampire who lay beneath her. Their remaining clothes were strewn across the table in the corner, and this scenario left nothing to the imagination. Even if the scent of sex hadn't been hanging heavily in the air for Angel's vampiric sense of smell to pick up on.

The look of betrayal on Angel's face was horrendous, as he stared at the duo before him in shock. "Buffy..." Was all that he could utter, before he was rendered speechless.

Oh good Lord, this can't possibly have happened, Giles thought frantically to himself. When Angel had found him, muttering something about Spike having Buffy and "something weird was going on" Giles had feared for his Slayer's life, at the very worst. Never in his wildest imagination did he ever think he'd find her in a situation like this one. She had obviously engaged in consensual sex with William the Bloody. One vampire wasn't good enough, apparently.

"Buffy, what is the meaning of this?" Giles inquired, whipping off his glasses seeing that they were in need of a good polish. Maybe when he put them back, this scene before him would turn out to be an optical illusion. One could hope.

Spike took note of the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look that was frozen on Buffy's face, and took charge of the situation. "Luv." He said gently, to get her attention, but her mind and body were frozen. "Buffy." He said a little sharper, getting no reaction. Reaching his hand up to cup the side of her face that was turned in the Crashers direction, he gently guided her face so that she was looking at him. "Hey." He tried again, rewarded when she finally blinked. "You ok?" He asked, relieved when her eyes appeared to refocus on him

She nodded mutely, before turning her gaze back to her Watcher and ex lover. Spike grabbed her hands that were still on his chest and pulled her up off of him, helping her to stand, before hauling himself up to face the music. He kept a hold of one of Buffy's hands, and was reassured when she didn't yank it away. She was staring at the floor, looking truly miserable. Spike should have found this little scenario funny, but all he could feel was feel sorry for Buffy, and feel anger at these two for barging in on them. Spike glared defiantly at the two new comers, meeting Angel's amber eyes steadily.

"Get away from her, Spike." Angel growled menacingly. He was ready to rip apart his grandchilde piece by piece. He knew how Spike operated, but couldn't believe that Buffy had fallen for it.

"Shove off, Angel. She's not your girl anymore." Spike replied, keeping his demon in check. Now that Buffy was his, his demon was highly protective of her, and Spike knew from experience how irrational his demon could cause him to act. Better to keep his head here.

"And she's not yours." Angel snarled, the battle for dominance an old one.

Spike was going to let him get away with that comment for now, he just wanted to get the bloody hell out of this basement and someplace that he could finish his talk with his girl.

But Buffy shocked the piss out of him by tossing her head up defiantly and announcing "I am." Having reached a decision during her reassessment of the floor, her conviction grew that she was making the right choice, especially witnessing how this supposedly evil vampire was shielding her from two people who supposedly loved her.

Angel adopted a confused look, one that did not mesh well with his demon features. "You are,..... what?"

Looking over at Spike, Buffy smiled softly before reply "His girl."

"Buffy, I'm afraid I don't understand." Giles announced, his features pinched

Buffy tossed back her hair, revealing the second bite mark Spike had given her that evening, her gaze challenging.

With a roar, Angel flung himself at Spike, pounding him to the floor. "You dare mark what is mine!" He bit out savagely, bringing his arm back to punch Spike's face, only to find himself flung off, where he landed in a heap on the floor. A very pissed Slayer stood over him. "Don't touch him." She threatened, as Spike jumped up and commented "I can fight for myself, luv."

Chapter 5

"I can fight for myself, luv." Spike announced crossly, picking himself up off the floor. Buffy sent a thunderous look in his direction which he met with one of his own. "Don't need you to protect me."

"Well, excuse me for keeping you from getting your ASS kicked." Buffy remarked snidely, stomping over to where her clothes were scattered on the table. Buffy couldn't help the longing look she gave that well made hunk of wood, it had held up so well to their superhuman strength that had exerted itself during their frantic coupling. Pushing those thoughts from her head, Buffy picked up her strewn articles of clothing, and wadded them up in a ball, and grabbed her shoes from the floor where Spike had dropped them earlier. Without sparing a look for anyone, Buffy marched out of the door where the others could hear her heavy pounding steps taking her up to the main part of the Magic Box. Spike knew he had hurt her feelings, and sighed heavily. But this had been Angel, and Spike needed to deal with his elder on his own terms. He could still hear her muttering upstairs about bloodsucking fiends and moron vampire dunderheads who didn't have a clue. Spike didn't assume she wasn't talking about Angel either, and he found himself grinning at her tirade. He was finding the girl more and more adorable as the night went on.

A stake had magically appeared in one of the Watcher's hands during Buffy's dramatic exit, a cross in the other, and Spike eyed them warily, the grin dropping from his face to be replaced with a menacing glare. "Think you'll be wanting to put those little items away, Watcher."

A hard look came into the older appearing British man's eyes as he replied "I don't believe that's going to happen, Spike. I believe we're going to have us a little chat here, first. "

Angel stood up from being a heap on Buffy's floor and growled again, taking a step towards the younger vampire. Giles turned the hard look in his direction and coldly informed him "Angel, this stake will work on you just as well as Spike. I suggest you sit down and allow me to handle this. Have I made myself perfectly clear?"

The hostility that was present in Giles's voice was not lost on Angel, nor the reason behind it, and the dark haired vampire cast his immediate guilt ridden eyes away from the other man, nodding his understanding. His rigid posture indicated that he was not happy about letting the human take control of this situation. The demon in Angel screamed to have it settled the "proper" way, with a fight to the death, even though Angel had no ownership over Buffy, and had no such mark in place, thus had no valid reason for trying to claim ownership of Buffy. However it was the same demon that made Angelus such a monster that was demanding that Spike not be allowed to get away with this, and Angel was having a hard time keeping the demon from exerting his authority. Fortunately, Angel's soul allowed for primary control over the base instincts, and he craved atonement for his sins as Angelus, so he did what the Watcher requested. Giles had paid a heavy price when Angel had been soulless, and Angel's guilt was acute. Deferring to him now was a small price for Angel to pay, and he knew it.

Now that Giles had established order between the two vampires, two demons who were decades older than himself, he looked at Spike again, demanding "I'd like to know what happened here."

With a nonchalant shrug, Spike turned away from the man and went in search of his smokes, lighting one up and taking the smoke deep into his dead lungs, letting the familiar gesture calm him. "Would have thought that had been made perfectly clear, old man. You want any other details, I suggest you ask the Slayer."

"I'm asking you." Giles informed him, his tone sharp and challenging. Spike could see that there were was more to Buffy's Watcher than met the eye, this was a man to watch out for. Spike caught the malice in the mortal's eyes, seeing a hint of darkness flickering back. Spike had heard the rumors of Ripper, Rupert's alter ego when he was younger, but hadn't paid them heed, unable to imagine the tweeded uptight git as anything more than he appeared. Spike should have realized how deceiving appearances could be, he was a perfect example of that himself. As Giles held his eye, respect found its way into Spike's penetrating stare, and he gave the human an barely imperceptible nod of acknowledgement. Giles didn't quite know what to make of that, merely waited for Spike to continue.

"And I'm not the type to kiss and tell." Spike revealed, leaning against the table, enjoying his smoke.

Angel gave a snort of derision. "Oh please, Spike. Have you forgotten I've known you for over a hundred years?"

Spike's eyes glinted amber at his grandsire's comment. "I do believe you're mistaking me for yourself, ANGELUS."

"Stop it, both of you." Giles ordered sharply, feeling like he was refereeing one of the many squabbles that took place among Buffy and her teenage sidekicks. "Spike, you will tell me what you have done to my Slayer, and how it fits into one of your sick plans, do you understand?"

Spike's back went ramrod straight at that implication, and he replied "It wasn't a part of a sick plan." Then he further clarified "Well, ok it may have started out that way...."

"I suggest you start from the beginning, if you know what's good for you." Giles threatened. Spike scoffed at idea of this human threatening him, but then looked over the watcher's shoulder to see Angelus glowering at him, and knew the poof would finish any job the Watcher started. "Why don't you begin with why you're back in Sunnydale."

After grinding out his lit cigarette on the table top, Spike leaned back against the table once more, crossing his arms against his bare pale chest, and nodded his consent. "Fine then. Came back because Dru dumped me in South America because of Peaches over there." He glowered heavily at Angel, who actually looked slightly contrite. "Snatched Bu.. the Slayer's little Wicca friend to do me a spell to get Dru back. Red needed a book from the Slayer's house, so went there. That's when you found me, Peaches."

"Threatening Buffy's mom." Angel snarled.

"I was NOT threatening her mum. Just having a nice cuppa with her. I like the lady, treats me decent, unlike some people." He said, meaningfully.

"Continue." Giles commanded, finding himself surprised that Spike was answering the questions, and hadn't made any attempt to flee the room.

"Fine. So then me and the Slayer skipped out of her house, and come here. Get attacked by some vamps, Slayer gets knocked out, and anything else you bloody well want to know, you bloody well can ask Buffy because I am not telling you lot anything else." Spike announced matter of factly.

"Did you rape her, Spike?" Giles felt compelled to ask.

Outrage shone brightly on the blonde vampire's face as he replied heatedly "No, I bloody well did not rape her! Did she look like someone who had been raped when you gits busted your way in here?"

Giles had his own idea, but looked to Angel for confirmation. The look on the other vampire's face was disgust and outrage, but he shook his head in response to Giles's unspoken question. From what little they had seen, Buffy had not looked forced, she had been sitting on top of Spike of her own accord. Anger poured through Giles, and he glared intently at the source of all this upheaval. How much easier it would have been if they could just have said that Buffy had been forced into a situation where she was helpless but to succumb to the vampire's unwanted attention. But they both knew better.

"And now, I have nothing more to say to you wankers. You want any more details, I suggest you ask the Slayer." Spike announced fiercely.

"Ask me what?" Came the feminine reply from the doorway. Buffy had changed back into her alluring workout outfit, and Spike allowed his gaze to travel up and down the length of her, drinking in the luscious sight of her, like a man starved of food. Spike's eyes looked on the cleavage her exercise top was revealing, giving her a private smirk. Buffy had his t-shirt wadded up in her hand and she chucked it across the room at him, rolling her eyes at his eyeing her with the others in the room.

"Thanks, luv." He told her, bringing it up to his face and inhaling deeply. "Aahh, smells like you,." He announced to the room wickedly, feeling pleasure grip him at Angel's stormy face.

"Ask me what?" Buffy repeated, walking over to be next to Spike, as she scooted her butt on their table, letting her legs dangle free, hooking her ankles together and swinging her legs back and forth. She felt Spike hop effortlessly on the table next to her, and found comfort in his nearness.

Spike hadn't realized how much pleasure could be derived from something so basic as this girl choosing to sit next to him over the others present in the room. But pleasure it was that filled him, warming his dead body with its happy glow. It made it so he felt perfectly safe in repeating the gist of the discussion right before she entered the room.

"Peaches and your Watcher wanted to know if I raped ya, luv." Spike informed her with a leering grin on his face, curling his tongue behind his top teeth and staring meaningfully at her, eyeing her up and down. He didn't need to look over at the two gits to know that they were studying this byplay between the two new lovers, watching the way they interacted with each other.

To his ever continuing surprise, Buffy snorted and remarked, looking over at Angel and her Watcher "Oh please! Like I'd so let Spike rape me! Don't think so! I believe it would be safe to say that he'd fit into an ashtray before I let him touch me against my will." Buffy had made her decision upstairs how she was going to play this out, and she realized she couldn't do it half assed. It had to be all or nothing, or they would never be given a chance. Buffy felt like she was facing an execution squad right now, but it helped knowing she had Spike completely by her side.

Her admission, and the way she expressed it stunned the two newcomers. "So, would you care to explain... this?" Giles asked, pushing at his glasses, gesturing helplessly to the room around them.

"Actually, no I really wouldn't." Buffy announced firmly, settling her features into a resolve face that would do Willow proud.

"Buffy.." Giles began to stutter, slightly taken aback by Buffy's attitude.

"No Giles. It happened, you know it. Couldn't really deny even if I wanted to. But that's all you need to know." Buffy replied. "The details would just cause pain. Not to mention it's private." She looked at Angel as she said this, and his face grew dark with fury. A stab of pain went through Buffy, but she knew that there had never been any hope for them. She could only move on and embrace this new path her life found itself winding around.

Admitting defeat, Giles sighed, remarking "All right then. It's over and done with, I suppose."

To that, Buffy shook her head, shooting a glance towards her new lover, before informing them "It's not over."

"I'm afraid I don't understand." Giles stated a bit untruthfully. He understood, he just didn't want to.

"I'm Spike's now." She replied, and as she said the words, strength and power permeated her entire body, seeping into every last fiber as she acknowledged his possession. In a desperate need to have contact with him, she grabbed his hand and felt a spark. They exchanged knowing looks, full of shared passion and sensation, and smiled a secretive grin.

Angel could feel the power zinging in the air, and his wrenching despair sunk to a deeper level. Angrily, he asked "Why did you claim her, Spike?"

Haughty blue eyes held his grandsire captive as the blonde remarked "Come on, Peaches. You know why. Don't tell me you didn't have the same problem."

Angel's silence was all the answer Spike needed. Or Buffy, who looked at him curiously. He had never mentioned this to her, yet another secret plucked from the file marked Angel.

"Would someone be so kind as to offer me an explanation?" Giles asked tersely.

Buffy and Spike exchanged looks, then Angel and Spike repeated the action. "Some time today would be appreciated." Giles prompted snidely.

"It's the demon." Spike revealed. "Come on, Watcher, aren't you supposed to know about this stuff?"

"Just enlighten me, please." Giles complained, sitting on the crate that Buffy and Spike had been leaning against earlier. There wasn't a full documentation on this in any of the Watcher's journals, and quite frankly, he was intrigued.

"I guess you could say it's like a fail safe. Prevents a vampire from feeling the warm fuzzies for a bloody human. All the demon craves is mortal death, and if there are feelings beyond that, well, there is only one way for the mortal to be safe. By, you know.." Spike responded.

"Claiming them. Yes of course, makes sense." Giles muttered, his mind spinning at what had just been revealed. " I was under the delusion that you wanted to kill Buffy?"

"Oh, my demon did, all right. Was screaming for it right up until the time I placed my claim."

"So, why couldn't you have just ignored it?" Giles asked. "If you have such control?"

"Because it was bloody well obnoxious, that's why." Spike replied. "Besides I didn't want her to be in that type of danger from me."

"Did your demon want to kill me?" Buffy asked Angel, whose forehead was a stunning display of broodiness by now.

Looking decidedly uncomfortable, Angel nodded, as Buffy stared at him in shock. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Yah Peaches, how come you never told the girl that living with your demon is like living with Angelus inside of you, whispering taunts and threats 24/7, telling you to kill the girl you love, and all you can do is sit there and try to be strong against whatever evil Angelus is trying to make you do?" Spike taunted.

"Shut up, Spike." Angel ground out. "This isn't about me."

"But, I'd like to know, Angel. Why didn't you ever warn me?" Buffy asked softly.

"Because I'm stronger than my demon, that's why." Angel bit out angrily.

"And so am I." Spike retorted hotly, standing up, eyes blazing.

Angel gave a snort of derision,. "Get real, Spike. Having a soul gives me control of my demon. And that protects the people I care about. You're a danger to every mortal around you."

"But guess what Peaches? I didn't need a bleedin soul to protect the girl I care about, now did I? She is no longer in any danger from me, now is she? Can you say the same for yourself? Think about that one for a minute, and maybe you'll step off your pedestal." Spike snarled.

Angel blinked, then slumped as realization dawned on him. Without saying another word, he nodded at Spike and turned on his heel and stomped out of the room.

"Wow, what was his damage?" Buffy asked, confused.

Spike turned a smug face in her direction and replied "Angelus just got his comeuppance, is all. Long overdue."

Giles shocked the hell out of Spike by agreeing with him. "So, what was all that demon male posturing about?" Buffy inquired.

"Yes, I'd like some clarification on that, myself." Giles announced.

"Angelus just realized that I showed more control over my demon by claiming you, thus protecting you, then he did the whole time he was with you, by just fighting off the evil impulses, being all soul having." Spike clarified, reaching for Buffy's hand again, making Giles cringe at the display of affection.

"So, what exactly does this mean?" Giles felt compelled to ask.

"It means the Slayer's mine." Spike announced possessively, drawing her into his embrace.

"Buffy, do you really think this is wise?" Giles asked, taking his glasses off again, as they were in need of a polish.

"Honestly, I don't know if it's wise. But I do know it's right, Giles. We're together. Are you going to be able to deal?" Buffy replied.

"What, having my slayer being the mate of William the Bloody? Why should I have trouble dealing with that?" Giles remarked sarcastically.

"Giles!" Buffy admonished, glaring at her Watcher. Spike was too busy watching Buffy to really listen to the conversation between his slayer and her Watcher.

Sighing dramatically, Giles replied "I don't know, Buffy. I can't say as I'm happy about this. God knows what your mother is going to say about this."

"Hey! Joyce likes me!" Spike injected, tuning into the topic at hand.

"You're right, she does." Buffy told him. "Why, I don't know. After tonight though, she may feel completely different."

"And then there is the Council to think of." Giles persisted in a pained voice, as he imagined informing the Council of his Slayer's new boyfriend. They were so thrilled over her last one.

"Ugh. Don't think they'll be too happy." Buffy reflected unhappily.

"Hate to break up this mutual un-admiration society meeting, but don't you think we should go let your little friends out sometime tonight?" Spike announced sardonically.

Buffy felt a stab of guilt go through her at the mention of Willow and Xander, mentally slapping herself for forgetting about them. Some friend she was.

"Well, who was the lame brain who locked them up in the Factory?" Buffy remarked, as she threw his boots at him and prompted him to finish getting dressed.

"Hey, how was I to know that I'd end the evening by shagging the slayer? If I'd known that, I would have done things a bit differently, now wouldn't I?" Spike retorted, shoving his feet into his boots and tying the laces.

"Spike! God, not in front of Giles!!" Buffy yelped, her face bright red.

"I think it's a bit late to try the denial thing in front of the Watcher, pet." Spike informed her, shoving his red button down shirt on, and thrusting his arms through his black leather duster, as he stood up, ready to go.

"Just please, no details." Giles pleaded, going to the door of the basement.

Buffy linked hands with Spike, and the trio walked up the creaky stairs, through the disheveled store interior and out into the clear night sky. Giles had his car parked out in front of the Magic Box, and Buffy slid in the back giving her vampire lover the front seat, and they headed towards the outskirts of town where Spike had stashed Buffy's two friends earlier that evening, in the abandoned factory that Spike had used as a lair when he'd been in town the year before.

Spike thought about the interesting path his life had taken that evening, and came to the realization that he couldn't have imagined a better outcome if he'd tried. Feelings of gratitude went out to Drusilla for setting him loose to obtain his true prize, for now he could see that is exactly what she had done. She had known that this was going to happen, was destined to happen, but Spike had paid no heed to her bitter ramblings. Love spell, indeed. He wondered what would have happened if he'd actually gone through with it.

Buffy was full of fear and doubt, but strangely felt totally complete. She was deliciously sore in naughty places, and her bite marks stung, but it had been a night like no other. She didn't regret the directions things had gone, and if she was honest with herself would admit that they had been headed that way since the two had locked eyes the previous year. She only hoped her Watcher and her friends accepted things between her new vampire and her. She imagined Willow's and Xander's reaction would not be pretty, having been at Spike's mercy for hours now. But she was confident that her friends would come out of this unscathed, and hoped desperately that she would be able to say the same thing about herself.


Do not fear, there will be a sequel. Just... later.

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