To Kill the Girl

To Kill the Girl

By Sandy/sp23

Rating: NC17
Pairing: Buffy/Spike
Summary: This story is just your basic PWP, and takes place in early Season 3 before Angel returns or Faith shows up. Spike returns to Sunnydale intending to kill the Slayer. Things never seem to go according to plan for that boy.
Notes: This is the first longish fic I ever wrote, so I'm very fond of it, warts and all. It also spawned two sequels: "You Have to Love Her" and "Double Trouble".
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss, et al. I only borrow them to play with occasionally.


Chapter 1

At first there was nothing but blackness and pain. Buffy moaned as she tried to pull herself up but was prevented by something heavy and tight across her wrists. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around. She appeared to be in a room-like cavern. Entrances into the cavern opened in front of her and to her right. Torches blazed from wall sconces and as her eyes adjusted to the gloom, her heart began to pound. Instruments of torture were laid about. Hooks and chains hung from ceiling and walls.

Buffy was seated, legs curled under her, wrists shackled behind her back. She tried again to stand, but she was chained too closely to the wall behind her to move more than a few inches.

As she struggled, she heard the sound of stealthy footsteps coming through the opening to her right. Turning her head, she held her breath, waiting to see who it was who had captured and bound her.

The figure that entered the room was frighteningly familiar. Black leather coat, black jeans, boots and trademark platinum blond hair.

"Spike." Buffy's voice was barely above a whisper.

"Well, well, well. Slayer." Spike looked at the chained girl with amusement in his eyes. Coming to her, he squatted down and looked at her with a malevolent gleam. "Seems like someone tied you up like a present for me. And it's not even my birthday."

Buffy looked at him with surprise. "You didn't do this to me?" she asked.

"No, can't say I did. Pity that. Looks like it was fun." Spike looked around; his eyes taking everything in. Turning back to Buffy, he raised one eyebrow. "Looks like someone's got quite the party planned, doesn't it?"

Before Buffy could reply, a shuffling noise came from the entrance behind Spike. He stood and turned, body taunt and balanced. Buffy's breath caught in her throat as her captor made his appearance. Tall and broad, the beast had a pushed in, man-like face. Its skin was dark, green or brown - Buffy couldn't tell. Its back was curved over, causing it to walk in an odd swaying motion. In its hands it held two long metal instruments; one pointed and one with clamps at the end. Buffy shuddered and felt the fear almost overwhelm her. She was brave, but she was also bound and helpless. And as Spike had just observed, it looked as if this creature had definite plans for her.

The creature's eyes blazed as it took in Spike's presence. "What do you here, Vampire?" it hissed. Its voice was sibilant, as if its tongue was forked like a snake's. Its very sound made chills run down Buffy's back.

"Yeah, well y'see," Spike began, all cocky and confident. "Heard that a Gr'Racka demon was out gunnin' for the Slayer. Meaning to do all kinds of nasties to her. Then I heard that said Gr'Racka had actually caught the Slayer. So I thought I'd come and watch the fun."

"I want no audience," the demon hissed. "You go or I'll kill you." It stood where it had stopped, swaying slightly like a cobra about to strike.

Spike merely shook his head. "Can't do that, mate. See this little Slayer and me, we got a date. Either I'm going to kill her or she's going to kill me. You're interferin' with my plans, and I can't have that now, can I?"

Buffy drew in a gasp of air at his statement. Spike had come here because he didn't want this creature to kill her? For the first time since she regained consciousness, she felt a thin ray of hope. Granted she was going to end up dead, whether by Spike's hands or the beast's. But she knew that at least Spike would kill her cleanly. He would not torture her first. Why she was so positive that Spike would not torture her first, she didn't know. But she was.

"Then I will kill you first, Vampire, then I will have my fun with the Slayer," came the reply. With a speed that its clumsy body belied, the beast threw the pointed instrument at Spike. Spike easily knocked it away, and with his own burst of preternatural speed, was on the Gr'Racka. Buffy was amazed at the battle. She remembered a late night Really Bad Cinema party at Xander's house a few months back when they had watched War of the Gargantuas. This fight reminded Buffy of that movie. Two supernatural beings fighting to the death, all fists, fangs and claws.

As the battle raged, Buffy tried to escape from her bonds, but the manacles that bound her must have been magically enhanced because she made no headway. Her wrists began to bleed from the deep cuts she was inflicting on herself as she struggled to pull her hands free.

Her head came up as she heard a cry of pain coming from Spike. The beast had him in a bone-crushing embrace, squeezing his ribs and spine. As Buffy watched, her heart in her mouth, Spike reached up, grabbed the demon's head, and with a mighty twist broke its neck. The sound echoed throughout the cave, and the beast shuddered before it collapsed taking Spike with it.

Time seemed to come to a halt as Buffy waited to see if Spike was too injured to move. At last she heard a groan coming from him and then movement. Slowly he disengaged himself from the dead monster's arms and struggled to his feet. With one hand cradling his ribs, he limped back to Buffy.

Slowly and painfully settling down next to her, he turned a bruised and bloody face to her and grinned. "Well, Slayer," he smirked. "Looks like it's just you and me."

Chapter 2

Buffy looked him in the eyes. A more difficult task than it would seem by virtue of the fact that one eye was now almost completely swollen shut. Taking a deep breath she said, "Spike, please don't turn me."

Spike was surprised by the request. He had expected her to hurl invectives at his head, threatening him with all kinds of violence if he tried to touch her. Instead, she seemed to accept her fate.

He didn't like it.

Feigning indifference, he rubbed his chin in a thoughtful manner. "Y'know, Slayer," he began. "I never gave a thought to turning you. But now that you mention it, it does sound interesting." He ran his eyes up and down her, licking his lips in a suggestive manner. "Just think how much fun we could have, you and me. I bet a Slayer turned Vampire could come up with all kinds of inventive ways to kill."

Spike laughed at the look of sick revulsion Buffy got when he said this. Reaching out his hand, he lightly traced down the side of her face. "What's the matter, luv. Don't you think we could have a real good time? Why, I bet the sex alone..." He cut off as she snapped her face away from his hand, a cry of distress coming from her throat.

Spike grinned and then shook his head. "Don't worry, Slayer," he said. "I'm not going to kill you today."

Once again, he had managed to surprise her. "Why?" she asked. At his laugh she could have bitten her tongue out.

"Because, when I do kill you, it will be at the end of a fight." At her questioning look, he continued. "Not this kind of a fight; a fight between the two of us. I don't just kill Slayers; I defeat them. What the hell good would it do my reputation if I claim to have killed my third Slayer and it gets around that she was trussed up like a bleeding Christmas goose at the time? No, sorry, Slayer. You'll still have to face me in battle."

Making a circling motion with his hand, he indicated that he wanted to look at her manacles. She obliged, thoroughly confused. Spike was a very strange Vampire. His code of ethics was very firmly placed, it seemed. He examined her shackles and then, with a grunt, stood up and carefully made his way back to the Gr'Racka. Fumbling around in the beast's pockets, he found a small key and returned to Buffy. Lowering himself once again, he hesitated.

"Look, Buffy," he said. "I thought I could maybe just loosen up your chains, give me some time to get away before you got yourself free. I'm in no shape to fight you right now, and I don't feel like getting staked before we have a chance to finish our dance."

Her eyebrows shot up at his words. He grinned at her again. "Come on, Slayer. You know all we've done so far is dance, don't you? A few pas de deux before the big finale. Well, I'm in no shape for the big finale right now, and I can't just loosen your chains; I have to completely unlock them. So, if you want me to set you free, we have to have an agreement. I already told you I'm not going to kill you now. I want your word that you won't kill me either."

Buffy looked at him and shook her head. He misunderstood her intention, and sighed. "Damn it, Buffy, it's the only way..."

"No. I mean yes; of course I agree not to kill you now. I was shaking my head because I just don't understand you. You're a very strange man... I mean vampire."

Spike shrugged his shoulders as he began to work on unlocking the manacles. "I'm not that strange. I already told you, I mean to kill you, just when the time is right is all."

As the heavy weight dropped from her wrists Buffy heaved a sigh of relief and brought her arms forward. Rubbing her wrists and flexing her arms she tried to restore the circulation to her aching limbs. Spike stood and reaching over helped the tiny Slayer to stand. She leaned against him for a minute until she could stand on her own, and then stepped away from him. Looking up at him she said quietly, "Thank you, Spike."

Spike shrugged again and then said, "Come on, Slayer. Let's get the hell out of here. This place even gives me the creeps."

Nodding agreement, she followed him out of the chamber of horrors.


"So let me get this straight," Giles was saying. It was the next afternoon, and the Scoobies were gathered together in the school library. Buffy was filling them in on her adventures of the evening before. "A Gr'Racka demon had captured you, had you chained to a wall all ready to torture you to death and Spike came and saved you? Spike?"

"Yep, Spike." Buffy answered.

"Don't get me wrong, Buff," Xander began. "I mean I'm really happy that you were rescued and you're here all alive and everything. But just why didn't Spike kill you?"

Buffy sighed. She wasn't sure if she could explain it since it made so little sense to her. "It seems," she began "to be a matter of pride."


"Spike said that he had every intention of killing me, but it would be at the end of a fight between the two of us. Apparently killing me when I was helpless wasn't playing fair."

"And again I say, huh?" Xander remarked, a look of thorough confusion on his face.

"In Spike's mind, he has to defeat me in a fair fight in order for it to count on his tally board or whatever."

"So then why after he released you didn't he fight you and try to kill you?" Willow asked.

"Oh, Will, you should have seen him. You could have beaten him. I think he had a couple of broken ribs at least, and one of his eyes was completely swollen shut. He was walking with a limp, and I think he may even have had a broken vertebra or two."

"Yes, well that's not surprising," Giles said. "Gr'Rackas are exceedingly strong, vicious creatures. That he killed it in unarmed combat says more for his fighting skills that I like to admit. When the time comes that you and he do engage, Buffy, you must use every trick you know to defeat him."

"Engage?" Xander yelped. "You mean he and Buffy are going to get engaged?"

"No, you twit," Giles answered irritably. "I meant engage in battle."

"Oh." Xander thought for a minute and then said, "OK, so in Spike's mind he couldn't kill you because he wasn't in any shape to defeat you in battle, and he wouldn't kill you when you were chained up. I guess I get that. What I don't get is why didn't you kill him. You didn't kill him, did you?"

"No, I didn't kill him. We made a truce. It was the only way he would release me from the chains. If I hadn't agreed not to kill him, then I would still be chained up in that cavern with a decaying corpse and no way to get loose."

"Ew," Cordelia said. "Well, why didn't you kill him anyway after he let you loose?"

Buffy just looked at her. "I. made. a. truce." she said, emphasizing each word. "And, as it turns out, if I had reneged on our truce, I would probably still be wandering around down there trying to find my way out. How Spike figured out how to get out is a complete mystery to me. It was a lab... lab... one of those really hard places to get out of."

"Labyrinth," Giles supplied.

"Yeah, one of those. Spooky, and dark and twisty. I was never so glad to see the sky in all my life."

"So, Giles," Willow turned to the Watcher. "Do we need to go on patrol and look for more of these Gr'Racka demons?"

"Thankfully, no," Giles answered. "They are solitary creatures. The only time you would find two in the same territory is when a female wishes to mate, and even then there's every likelihood that one or both will die. Terribly nasty creatures."

Buffy gave a shudder and offered up thanks to whatever deity protected Slayers that Spike had come last night. Even if his reasons were far from altruistic, he had saved her from a terrible long and painful death. It would be hard for her when the time came to kill him. She knew this and it frightened her.

Chapter 3

Buffy finished patrol early and headed home. She had a chemistry exam the next day and wanted to get some extra studying in. Her mom's car was parked in the driveway, which surprised Buffy. Joyce usually parked it in the garage as soon as she got home. Opening the front door, she called out "Hi, Mom, I'm home."

"In here, Buffy," Joyce answered. As Buffy entered the living room, she came to a surprised halt upon seeing who was sitting in a chair facing her mom. Going instantly into attack stance, she pulled out a stake and ordered, "Get away from my mom now!"

Spike insolently raised an eyebrow at her and drawled, "Don't get your knickers in a twist, pet. I'm not doing anything to your mum. We're just havin' a nice conversation, aren't we, Joyce?"

Joyce looked at her daughter with some confusion. "Honey, what's wrong? It's just Spike. He's your friend isn't he?"

"No, mom, he is not," Buffy growled. "He's a killer. What's he doing here?"

Joyce looked between her enraged daughter and the smirking vampire. Thoroughly at a loss, she explained, "My car broke down on my way home. A couple of men were coming at me. I... I think they might have been vampires. I know they really frightened me. Then all of a sudden Spike was there and chased the men away. He fixed my car and offered to escort me home. I invited him in for some hot chocolate. We were just talking." Joyce paused, "Honey, I don't understand. The last time I saw Spike, you and he were allies, weren't you?"

"Yeah, well that was just a one time thing, mom. He's an evil vampire, and you should never trust him. And you certainly shouldn't allow him to escort you home and invite him in for hot chocolate."

Spike lounged back in his chair and took another sip from his mug. "Relax, Slayer," he said. "If I had any evil intentions towards your mum, she'd be dead already."

He heard Joyce's intake of breath at his statement. He smiled reassuringly at her and continued, "Like I said, I'm not doing anything to your mum, and I don't intend to." Sitting forward again he gazed intently at the tense Slayer. "I give you my word here and now, Slayer. I will never hurt your mother, nor will I ever enter this house with the intent to hurt anyone here."

By now, Buffy was as confused as her mother. "Just what kind of game are you playing now, Spike?" she demanded.

"No game, Slayer. I saw your mother in a bit of a pickle and thought I'd help her out is all. She's a nice lady, your mum. Of course, if you like, the next time I see a couple of vamps coming up on her, I could just walk away." He shrugged. "It's up to you, pet."

Buffy was at a complete loss. Why on Earth would this vampire who had promised several times that he would kill her protect her mom from other vampires? Shaking her head, she put away her stake, but backed up to the front door. Holding it open, she said "Well the party's over, Spike. I want you to leave. Now!"

Standing up, the blond vampire placed his mug on the coaster, turned to Joyce and said good night. Walking past Buffy, he said low for her ears only, "We still have a date to dance, Slayer. I haven't forgotten about it." With that, he disappeared into the night.


The next day, Buffy filled the gang in on her latest Spike encounter. Giles had removed his glasses and was rubbing the bridge of his nose. "You came home from patrol last night and Spike was sitting in the living room with your mother drinking hot chocolate?"

Buffy sighed. She was as confused now as she had been last night. Joyce had insisted that Spike had done nothing but help her. She had felt absolutely no discomfort being in his presence. Buffy didn't know what to think of his actions.

Xander shook his head. "Just what kind of a game is that guy playing?"

"My words exactly, Xander." Buffy answered. "He said he wasn't playing any game; that my mom was a nice lady. Said if I wanted however the next time he saw my mother in trouble, he could just walk away and leave her on her own. My choice, he said."

"Buffy, this is really weird," Willow chimed in. "And not a little creepy."

"Yes," Giles said. "I'm not sure what Spike is up to, but I certainly don't like it. If he is trying to terrorize you like Angelus did, he is certainly going about it in a unique way."

"I don't think he is, Giles." Buffy said. "I believed him when he said that he would never hurt my mom." Buffy paused. "I just don't know why I believed him. And why wouldn't he hurt my mom? I mean I'm glad he won't but she's nothing to him. Why would he care to save her from other vamps? Why would he swear to never enter my house to do harm? It just doesn't make any sense."

Cordelia had been sitting at the table all this time filing her nails, acting as if she wasn't listening to the conversation. It therefore surprised everyone when she spoke. "Maybe he's in love with you," she said.

Four shocked faces turned to her. "Huh?" Buffy choked out.

"Cordy, honey," Xander laughed nervously. "I think your train has finally jumped the track. Spike in love with Buffy? That's insane."

Cordelia shrugged. "Well he is insane. So why would it surprise anyone that maybe he's in love with the Slayer? He hunts Slayers doesn't he? Maybe this time, instead of killing one he wants to..."

Before she could finish her statement, four sets of voices yelled in protest. "Ew, no way!" Buffy cried. "That's the most disgusting thing anyone's ever thought of. Spike wants to... no way. Absolutely, positively no way."

Cordelia shrugged once more and returned to filing her nails. She had dated a lot of boys and was wise beyond her years in the ways of men. If Buffy wanted to pretend that there was no way Spike could want her, well then that was her problem. Cordelia thought that it was better to be aware of a problem than to ignore it, but it was up to Buffy. Cordy didn't really care one way or the other.

"I hate to say this, Buffy, but I think it is time that you took the fight to him instead of waiting for him to attack. It is obvious that he is becoming very dangerous to you and your mother, regardless of whether or not Joyce felt threatened. I think it is time that you tracked him down and killed him."

Buffy felt a chill run through her body at Giles' words. She agreed with him logically. Spike was a vicious and dangerous vampire. He was fixated on killing Slayers, and now he had apparently also become fixated on Buffy's mother. He could not be allowed to continue to live. The only problem was Buffy still was not sure she could kill him.

Chapter 4

A visit to Willie's, a few punches thrown, and Buffy had a pretty good idea where she could find Spike. Stakes at the ready, she moved quietly through the woods to the old private mausoleum. The property had been vacant for decades, something about heirs fighting over an old will. The family crypt was left to crumble and molder on its own, untended by loving family members.

It was a perfect place for a vampire to haunt.

Buffy approached the place all senses alert. It was still daylight, so she didn't have to worry about him leaping out at her from behind a tree. With luck, she would catch him asleep and dispatch him quickly before she had time to think about it. It did no good to remember that he had saved her life just two weeks ago, or that he had probably saved her mother's life last night. No, he was a vicious monster and it was her job to put him down.

The door to the crypt creaked ominously as she pushed it open. Well, no chance of a surprise attack now, she thought. She continued on into the chamber, but was surprised to see no signs of occupancy. If he was here, he was well hidden. Walking down the three steps, she searched with eyes and senses. Nothing. Heaving a sigh of relief, she turned to leave.

He hit her from behind, knocking the stake from her hand as she hit the floor of the crypt. She tried to flip over and dislodge him from her back, but he slammed his fist into her head stunning her. Now he turned her over onto her back and held her hands in a tight grip over her head. His knees and thighs held her body in check and she looked up into his demon visage.

"So, Slayer, you came for our last dance, did you?" His speech was distorted by the fangs; his eyes yellow instead of bright blue. Buffy could not believe that he had disarmed and overpowered her so easily.

"Not much of a dance, Spike." She tried to sound confident. She wasn't sure if she pulled it off. "You snuck up on me. I thought you wanted a real fight."

"Yeah, well, Slayer. That was before you came here to kill me in my sleep."

His eyes mocked her. She felt a blush creep up her face. Why on Earth was she embarrassed because he realized that she had planned a sneak attack? And why wasn't she more scared?

She tried to struggle under him, but that only caused him to tighten his thighs around her until she couldn't breathe anymore. Spots began to dance in front of her eyes until he released the pressure and she was able to draw breath.

"You're a better Slayer than this, pet," he said. "You should've known better than to come here all alone. This is my territory, and I know it better than anyone."

Lowering his head, he breathed in her fragrance, trailing his head up from her shoulder to her ear. A small puff of breath in her ear caused a shiver to flutter down her nerve endings.

"I had hoped to defeat you after a long and bloody fight, but you forfeited that chance when you decided to cheat. Now, I'll kill you for your mistake."

With those words, he lunged for her neck. Buffy felt the bite and cried out in pain. She felt him drawing her life's blood into his mouth, suckling at her neck like an infant at its mother's breast. She tried to struggle, but he was too strong and she was quickly losing strength. Her heart was pounding rapidly, trying desperately to replace the blood he was siphoning from her. Once again, small dots began to float in front of her eyes as she began to lose consciousness. She knew failure, and it was bitter on her tongue.

Suddenly he withdrew his fangs from her neck and sat up. She looked at him through drooping eyelids, confused as to why he had stopped before she was dead. Her heart twisted as she feared she knew what he was going to do and it frightened her more than death had ever done.

"No, please, Spike, no." She hated the pleading tone in her voice, but if it would make him grant her this one request, she would beg for all she was worth. He looked down at her, and then shook off his demon face.

"Don't what, pet? Don't turn you?" he smiled a smug, victorious smile. "You have no say in that you know. I can kill you, I can turn you, I can keep you just weak enough that you can't fight me and feed off of you for days. You belong to me now, Slayer, and you have no say in it."

She looked up at him helplessly. She knew that he was right. She was so weak from loss of blood that she couldn't fight anything he wanted to do to her. She blinked back tears. She would be damned, literally, before she let him see her cry.

He leaned down over her again. She felt his tongue lap at her still bleeding neck. "Sweet," he murmured. She felt another shiver course through her body as he licked her. "Your blood is so very, very sweet. I could drink you for days and days."

Buffy blinked in surprise when he abruptly stood up and walked away from her. She lay there for a moment, stunned by her release. She struggled weakly to sit up, but a wave of dizziness overcame her and she had to lie back down. Then he was there again, bending down and picking her up in his arms. Going to the crypt door, he pulled it open and walked out carrying her. Twilight had come since she entered the crypt and the woods were deep enough that no sunlight threatened him.

"Where?" she began.

"I'm taking you home, Slayer. I'm going to tuck you up all safe and warm in your own little bed."

"Why?" God, now he was confusing her all over again.

"I told you. I'm going to kill you after a fair fight. This tonight was just a little lesson about going into places before you do the proper reconnaissance. I knew you were coming from about a mile away. You're just lucky it was me you were after and not some other vamp. Your blood would be completely drained by now and the rats would be eating your flesh." Buffy shuddered at the word picture he had drawn for her.

She tried not to relax against his body as he carried her, but she was too weak and finally gave up and rested against him. His arms were like steel cables and his chest was hard and unyielding. She could feel the coolness of his skin through his shirt, and it both repulsed and excited her. She wondered if she was losing her mind.


True to his word he carried her straight home. He set her down briefly so that she could dig out her house key and open the door, then he swooped her up again and carried her inside. Buffy almost giggled for a second, feeling like a bride being carried over the threshold by her groom. Too much blood loss, she told herself.

He quickly carried her upstairs, paused until she pointed to her bedroom and then continued on until he came to her bed. Once again setting her on her feet, he pulled down the covers and then gently placed her on the bed. He leaned down and removed her shoes, then pulled the sheet and blankets over her. Turning he left the room. Buffy lay where he left her, too weak to move. She felt thirsty, but couldn't find the strength to get up and get some water from the bathroom. She was startled when she felt him re-enter the room.

"Here, Slayer, drink this," he said, holding her head up so that she could drink from the glass he held. She was surprised to find that it was orange juice.

"Did you use to work for the Red Cross?" she asked faintly. She had expected her voice to be strong and mocking. She had failed miserably. "Yeah," he snorted. "Me and the Red Cross work hand in hand. They collect the blood, and I steal it."

She glared at him as best she could, but she continued to drink until the glass was empty. Laying her back down for a minute, he switched glasses. Holding her up again, he placed another glass to her lips. Cool water flowed into her mouth and down her parched throat. She made a slight moan of pleasure. She was so caught up in her own sensations that she failed to notice how her cry had caused a tremor to pass through his body.

As she finished drinking the water, he allowed her to relax into her pillow. "When's your mother due home?" he asked.

"Probably not until after midnight," she answered. "They have a big showing going on tonight, so it'll be late."

He nodded and then looked at the phone on her nightstand. "What's Giles' number," he asked. She looked at him in surprise.


He sighed as if he were dealing with a very slow child. "Because you can't be left here alone, and I'm bloody well not your nursemaid. I'll call Giles and have him come over to tend you. I'm leaving as soon as I get through to him."

Once again, Buffy was surprised at this strange vampire. He could have killed her, but he didn't. He could have left her to fend for herself at the crypt, but he had carried her home and placed her safely in her bed. He could have left her then, alone and thirsty until her mother came home and found her, but instead he had brought her orange juice and water. He could have then left her alone until her mother came home to find her, but he insisted on calling her Watcher instead.

"You're very strange," she told him.

"You don't know the bleedin' half of it," he stated flatly.

Chapter 5

Scooby meeting again; this time in her bedroom. Willow and Cordelia had helped her undress and get into nightclothes. Giles was pacing back and forth at the bottom of her bed. He had wanted to call her mother, but Buffy had insisted that he not. "Giles, she's been working on this showing for weeks now. I'm in no danger. You guys are here, so just let her enjoy herself and bask in the glory of her hard work."

Giles had finally relented, and now he was pacing back and forth and back and forth enough to make her want to scream. Buffy reached over and took the glass of water that Willow had refilled for her. It was her third. Spike had brought up a second one before he had left. He's a very strange enemy, she thought once again.

"Buffy, I'm so terribly sorry. I miscalculated. I should have told you to find out where he was and then come fetch the rest of us. I know I said he was a good fighter when he took out the Gr'Racka demon, but still he didn't show himself to be such a formidable enemy last year."

"Well, gee, Giles," Cordelia chimed in. "He almost killed her every time they met. I think that should prove that he's not some lightweight."

Giles glared at the beautiful brunette. "Really, Cordelia. That's not remotely true."

"No, Giles." Buffy said. "Cordelia's right. If mom hadn't come back at the high school, he may very well have killed me there. And if it hadn't been for Kendra, he would have either killed me or had me killed at the old church." Buffy sighed again. "I think we've kind of gotten too smug when it comes to Spike. Each time we've defeated him, it's been more a case of luck than skill, I think. When Ford used me as bait to get Spike to turn him, it was only because I used Drusilla as a hostage that I got away that time."

Giles looked frustrated, but he didn't argue. In truth, when he thought about it logically, she was right. They had been exceedingly lucky that they had not lost Buffy in her encounters with Spike. Even Angel had had a healthy respect for the Slayer of Slayer.


It was nearly 12:30 before Joyce pulled up in the driveway. Giles had sent the others home to bed but he had stayed. Buffy could hear them talking downstairs and then the sound of the door closing as Giles left. Rapid footsteps on the stairs prepared Buffy for Joyce's appearance. Struggling to sit up, she greeted her mother with a wan smile.

"Buffy, honey, are you all right? Mr. Giles told me that Spike attacked you tonight." Joyce's voice was tight with fear.

"It's okay, mom," Buffy answered. "I made a mistake and Spike took advantage of it. It won't happen again."

Buffy hoped she sounded more confident than she felt.

"Oh, Buffy, I know you said that he was dangerous, but I honestly thought he was your friend." Joyce's distress was apparent.

"We're not friends, mom. He's a vampire; I'm the Slayer. Kinda makes us mortal enemies." Buffy tried to keep her tone light. It wasn't easy considering how weak her voice still sounded. However, thanks to Slayer healing powers, she knew that within 24 hours, she would be completely recovered. Spike had taken only enough to weaken her. Her life had never been in danger.

"Honey, what are you going to do about him? You're not going after him again are you?"

"Mom, I know you're scared, but it's okay. I'm the Slayer. It's my job to slay vampires. Spike may be strong and clever, but he's just a vampire. I'll kill him, don't worry."

Joyce began to protest again, but Buffy cut her off pretending to be too tired to continue the conversation. Joyce fussed with her bedclothes for a bit, kissed her on the forehead and finally left the room. Buffy lay back down in her bed wondering once again how she was going to solve the problem of a bleached-blond vampire.

Meanwhile, next to the tree that grew beside her window, the tip of a cigarette glowed bright red.

Chapter 6

Spike watched from behind a crypt as the Slayer took on two vamps. He wasn't worried; the vamps were no threat to her. She played with them, punching, kicking, teasing. Watching her was like watching an artist paint. He remembered the taste of her, the feel, her scent. He remembered sinking his fangs into her sweet white neck, and he closed his eyes as another part of him reminded him that he wanted to sink something else into her. He recalled how she had shivered when he had blown his breath into her ear; how he had caught the slight scent of arousal when he had licked the blood off of her neck. It was making him insane. He was the Slayer of Slayers, but this one...this one he didn't want to slay. Oh no, this one he wanted to...

One vamp got in a lucky punch that knocked her down, but she flipped back up and swinging around, caught him with a kick to the face that sent him flying into a headstone. Tired of her sport, she quickly staked the second vampire, then turned her attention to his fallen comrade. As the vamp struggled to his feet, she kicked him in the head and shoved the stake into his chest. After brushing vampire dust off of her clothes, she twirled her stake like a movie gunslinger and returned it to the waistband of her jeans at the small of her back.

Spike chuckled at the theatrics and Buffy went still. Head up and alert like a deer sensing danger, she looked around her.


He didn't answer, but moved from his hiding place. Walking slowly, sensuously towards her, he looked at her with narrowed eyes. "Looks like you're no worse for wear, Slayer," he mocked.

She drew out her stake and readied herself for his attack. There was no reason why "the dance" shouldn't begin this time. Tonight would prove either his or her last night on Earth.

"I'm fine, Spike. All healthy and my blood level's topped off.

"Good to hear, Slayer. I hate it when I'm still hungry after the main course."

"You won't have to worry about being hungry ever again after tonight, Spike. You'll just be more dust for the wind to blow away."

"Pretty tough talk, Slayer, considering how you've never been able to best me on your own yet."

Buffy flushed with anger. "I'm stronger now than I've ever been, Spike. I'm more than a match for you."

Smiling, Spike began to circle her, beginning the first steps of the dance.

"Oh, I've always known you're a match for me, luv," he said. "I'm just not sure what exactly we're matched for."

Buffy stiffened. She knew what he was implying, but she denied it to herself and to him. "What the hell is that supposed to mean, Spike? Our match is quite simple, I'm the Slayer and you're the Slayee."

At that, Spike chuckled. Leaning in he teased in a low, growly voice, "Oh I think we're matched in more ways than that, Slayer. I can smell it you see."

Buffy involuntarily took a step back. "I don't know what you're talking about. In fact, I don't care what you're talking about. I think it's time I killed you." With those words she attacked. Spinning, she kicked out just missing him as he jumped back. The fight was on. Punch, kick, jab, flip, roll. She was deadly serious, he toyed with her. The finale, when it came, was quick and unexpected. One minute, he was retreating from her attack, the next he was on top of her, once again restraining her. She looked up at him with wide, surprised eyes. He merely grinned down at her with smug assurance.

"I told you you've never been able to best me on your own, Slayer." She struggled, but once again he controlled her with pressure of arms and thighs. "Beg me not to kill you," he whispered in her ear.

"Go to hell," she ground out.

His chuckle irritated her, made her furious. "Oh, I'm going there all right, Slayer. Just not tonight." With that, he started nibbling at her earlobe, her neck. Buffy felt a white hot flame of desire shoot through her. What the hell was he doing to her?

"I smell it, Buffy," his voice was low and throaty, full of want and heat. She started struggling again.

"No! Get off of me, Spike! Get off!"

He leaned back, confident of his effect on her. "Do you really want me off of you, pet, or maybe closer?"

Leaning down again, he trailed soft kisses over her eyes, down her cheeks and then lightly brushed his lips against hers. She gasped, involuntarily opening her mouth. It was the chance he was looking for. Quickly he placed his mouth over hers, tongue invading, drawing out a response from her. She moaned softly, tried to move her head but ended up returning his kiss. Their tongues dueled. At some point he had released her hands, and she was running them through his hair, over his shoulders, down his back. His hands had made their way to her breasts, teasing her nipples to hard peaks. He was rubbing himself against her; she was thrusting her hips up to him. She had never felt anything like this. It was overwhelming, consuming, almost painful in its intensity.

It was his voice that broke the spell. A low soft "God, I want you, Slayer."

Buffy stiffened realizing exactly what they were doing, what she was doing. Placing her hand on his shoulders she gave a shove and threw him off of her.

Scrambling to her feet, she went into attack stance ready to renew the fight. This time she was determined she would kick his ass. No more games and certainly no more defeats.

Spike laughed at her. "What's the matter, Slayer. Afraid you want me as much as I want you?"

"You're a pig, Spike. I don't want you. I would never want you."

"'S right? Funny, didn't seem that way to me when you were grinding your hot little pussy against me."

Buffy gasped at his crudeness and swung out, landing a kick on his chest, knocking him back. Spike staggered but quickly came at her. A punch caught her on the face, but she quickly countered with her own fists. Neither gave quarter. It was Spike's mistake that ended the fight this time. His foot slipped on uneven ground and Buffy smashed him into a headstone, stunning him.

Quickly she straddled him, stake poised over his heart pressing into his flesh. He looked up at her with surprised eyes. Then a mocking smile curled over his lips.

"Well, Slayer. Looks like you win after all. Guess if I gave you enough chances, you were bound to win sooner or later."

Buffy just narrowed her eyes. "Yeah, Spike. Too bad for you that I don't feel the need to give you another chance to try and kill me."

With that Buffy began to press the stake further into his chest.

Chapter 7

Spike prepared for a one-way trip to Hell. Looking into the Slayer's determined eyes he knew that his long road had come to a dead-end. He was therefore unprepared when Buffy cried out in distress and leaped off of him.

Tossing her stake away she began to pace, hands wrapped in her hair, head down. "God, why can't I just kill you already? You're evil, a killer. It's my job damn it!"

Spike braced himself on his elbows and watched in amazement as the Slayer walked back and forth before him, chastising herself for not killing him.

"Buffy," he began.

"No! If you value your unlife, Spike, then just keep your mouth shut!"

Spike clamped his lips tight. In truth however, he wasn't really in danger and he knew it. She had thrown away her stake and was in too much distress right now to give him much of a fight. Not that he wanted to fight, of course. No he had other things he wanted to do with this particular Slayer.

Turning to him, Buffy had finally calmed down enough to address him directly. "Okay, Spike. Here's the deal. You saved my life and my mom's. You didn't kill me when you had the chance at your crypt. So I'm going to let you go this one time. Leave town. Don't ever come back. Next time, you die."

With that, Buffy turned and started to walk away. She gasped when she suddenly found herself with a faceful of Spike chest. Stepping back, she looked up into a deadly serious visage.

"I don't think so, pet." Lifting up one hand he drew a finger down her cheek and neck. He watched her as she shivered from his touch. Leaning down, he once again whispered in her ear. "I want you, and I'm not leaving town until I have you."

"No!" Buffy cried, backing away from her tormentor. "Spike, I gave you a chance. Leave town. Don't make me kill you!"

Spike tilted his head, looking at the distraught slayer. Nodding his head as if coming to a decision, he replied, "Tell you what, Slayer. You don't want to kill me. I don't want to kill you. Right?"

Buffy nodded weakly. Why was she admitting to her enemy that she didn't want to kill him?

"I'll make another deal with you," Spike continued. "You come to my bed one time. Let me make love to you for one night. Once I've got you out of my system, I'm gone. You never have to see me again."

Buffy stared at him in total shock. "You're insane. Totally insane. I'm not going to go to bed with you, Spike. I hate you, remember?"

"Yeah, well I hate you too, Slayer. Doesn't mean I don't want to fuck you."

Buffy gasped at his crude words. Never had she had a man talk to her in such a way. When she had been with Angel, his words were all tender and loving.

"God, you are so disgusting, Spike. I'm not going to go to bed with you or, or anything with you except kill you. Leave town. This is your last chance."

With that, Buffy swung around and ran away from the dangerous, tempting, evil, sexy vampire. ***

The next morning, Buffy was a bundle of nerves. She had spilled her morning juice all over the kitchen counter and dropped her schoolbooks on the front steps of the school holding up traffic and pissing everyone off as she gathered them up again. Unable to concentrate in class, she had been reprimanded by Ms. Barton for not paying attention.

"Buffy, is something wrong?" Willow asked after Buffy had jumped as if bee stung when Willow had tapped her on the shoulder at lunchtime.

"No, no," Buffy prevaricated. "Just late slayage last night. Not enough sleep. I'll go to bed early tonight and be a-okay tomorrow."

"Oh, all right," Willow accepted Buffy's word without question. "Any Spike sightings yet?" she asked.

"What!? No. No sightings of Spike." Buffy wanted to jump up and run away. Hide from questions of Spike and bed and oh god she just thought of Spike and bed in the same sentence. With a moan, Buffy lowered her head onto her arms.

"Buffy, you sure you're okay. You're acting kinda weird," Willow asked with concern.

"I'm fine, Willow, really. Oh look. There's Oz. Hey, Oz, hi!" Buffy's enthusiastic greeting caused the laconic teen to look at her with some bemusement.

"Hey, Buffy. Hey, Willow." The young werewolf leaned down and gave his girlfriend a quick peck on the lips. "Hi, Oz," Willow beamed. She still couldn't believe her luck in dating such a sweet guy as Oz.

Buffy breathed a sigh of relief as Willow and Oz began talking about the gig Dingos Ate My Baby, was going to be playing at The Bronze that Saturday night.

"So can you come, Buffy?" Willow asked. "Huh?" Buffy replied. She hadn't been listened to the discussion. Her thoughts never seemed to stray too far from Spike's ridiculous suggestion last night. Go to bed with him. That was crazy talk. And she was crazy for even thinking about it. No! Not thinking about doing it, she reminded herself. Just thinking about how crazy the suggestion was.

"Uh, can you come to The Bronze Saturday to hear Oz's band?" Willow was saying. "We could maybe make a slumber party of it. You know go to The Bronze and then have a sleepover at my house afterwards."

Why did an excuse for being out of her house all night suddenly sound so appealing to Buffy? She would be at her best friend's house. Not anywhere else. Not in a dirty crypt with her mortal enemy.

"I guess so, Willow. I'll have to ask my mom first, but I think I can spend the night."

Oh boy, she thought. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Chapter 8

The noise at The Bronze seemed even louder than usual to Buffy. All the gang was here to listen to the band. Buffy sat between Xander and Willow and felt completely out of the loop, unable to join in the fun.

She had managed to keep away from Spike's crypt. Even had stayed away from the cemetery where she had run into him. Which was so not a good thing. She couldn't allow the vampires of Sunnydale to figure out that the Slayer was avoiding certain areas of town. Well, it was only for a day or two. Just until she got up her nerve to confront Spike again and this time end it once and for all.

It was her nerves tingling that warned her that a vampire was near. Going on the alert, she swung her head around trying to locate the source. She caught a glimpse of him from the corner of her eye and felt her heart give a lurch. Reaching out, she picked up her glass of diet soda and then set it down again quickly. Her hand was shaking as if she had palsy.

"Buffy, you want to dance?" Willow asked. Buffy realized that Xander and Cordelia were already on the dance floor and Willow was waiting to see if Buffy wanted to join them. Shaking her head, Buffy answered, "No, I think there's a vampire here. I'm going to scout around."

"You want me to come with?" Willow asked bravely.

"No go ahead and join Xander and Cordy. This won't take long." With that Buffy headed towards the back of the club where she had spotted the bane of her existence.


Spike watched the Slayer walking towards him. God, she was beautiful. He felt himself harden just from watching her move, hips swaying gracefully in her short skirt. Spike imagined lifting that skirt and discovering the pleasures that lay hidden underneath.

Then she was in front of him, hissing through clenched teeth. "What the hell are you doing here? Do you want me to have to kill you here and now? What if the others see you?"

"Worried about me, are you, luv?" Spike whispered in her ear, his rich voice causing her to throb in places she definitely did not want to throb.

"Spike, please," Buffy whispered back. "I am not going to go to bed with you. Leave town or I will have to kill you."

Spike chuckled. "You can't and you won't and you know it and I know it," he answered her. "Give it up, Slayer. You want me as much as I want you and this game won't be over until we play this out. Come with me now."

Buffy looked at him helplessly. Was he working some kind of thrall on her? Is that why she wanted him so desperately? It made no sense otherwise. She dreamt of him while asleep and daydreamed of him while awake. She couldn't concentrate at school or on patrol. If she didn't rid her mind of him soon, she was going to flunk out of school or get herself killed.

Turning abruptly on her heel, she walked away from Spike. He watched her as she pushed her way through the mob on the dance floor and talked to her redheaded friend. The girl looked concerned but nodded to Buffy in understanding. Buffy then pushed her way back off the dance floor and went to their table. Gathering up her purse and jacket, she headed for the door.

Spike felt a surge of triumph. She was leaving. Seeing that her friends were watching her as she left, he quickly exited by the back door and made his way through the alley to the front. At first he didn't see her, but then a movement down the street caught his eye and he realized that it was Buffy walking quickly away from the club.

Running to catch up, he was soon walking beside her.

"I have my car, pet," he said, pointing to the lot across the street. Without a word, Buffy changed her angle and headed in the direction he pointed.

He led her to the old DeSoto and opened the passenger door. Buffy looked at the car with distaste, but climbed in. Shutting the door, Spike hurried around the front of the car and got in behind the wheel. Turning to her, he reached out and lightly trailed a finger down her bare arm.

Buffy jerked away from his touch. "Don't touch me until you absolutely have to," she snapped. Then turning to face him she added in a cold voice, "One time, Spike. We do this one time and then you go. You do not come back. Not to Sunnydale, not to California, not to the United States. You leave forever. Agreed?"

Spike looked at her and then shook his head. "You got it wrong, pet. Not one time. One night. You stay with me all night long. You let me have you as many times as I want until the sun comes up. That's the deal."

Buffy looked confused. "You can do it more than once?"

It was Spike's turn to look confused and then he burst out into laughter. "Oh this is rich," he gasped out. "Are you telling me that poof Angel was only up for one go?"

Chapter 9

Buffy was surprised when instead of his crypt he drove to a house set well back from the street. Looking at him curiously, Spike explained, "It's a foreclosure. People left the furniture and all and just cleared out. Since no one lives there, I could get in without any trouble."

"You're taking me to a house you broke into?" Buffy asked incredulously.

"Well, yeah," Spike answered. "Did you want me to kill enough people to steal enough money to rent a place, Slayer?"

At Buffy's look of outrage, Spike sighed. "Look, I didn't hurt anything. I picked the lock so that the door isn't even damaged. We'll make use of the bed and then leave it all nice and neat in the morning, okay? It even still has running water so you can use the loo if you need to."

Buffy supposed that she should feel grateful for the consideration, but the whole thing was just wrong and she knew it. No amount of consideration on Spike's part was going to make her comfortable. Once again she thought about just staking him.

Spike drove around to the back of the house so that the car was well hidden from view. Shutting off the engine, he got out and came around to open her door. Buffy sat there for several minutes, working up her courage. Every instinct yelled at her to kill this vampire and go home. Her hand was reaching for the stake in her jacket pocket when Spike's quiet voice called to her. "Slayer, you coming luv?"

Turning her head she remembered why she was here in the first place. The rush of heat she felt run through her body caused her skin to flush. Reaching out her hand, she took his pro-offered one and exited the car.

With Spike leading the way, they walked up to the back door. Once again Spike held a door open for her. She wasn't used to this old fashioned courtesy and it felt strange that it was coming from a vicious killer. Buffy kept reminding herself just exactly what Spike was. He wasn't her boyfriend, he wasn't her lover. He was a fever, an infection that she was going to purge from her body tonight.

Entering the dark kitchen, Spike took the lead. Although Buffy's slayer's eyes could see very well in the dark, Spike's eyes were even better. Taking her hand, he led her through the house and up the stairs to the bedroom. Leaving her standing by the door, he entered and with the flick of his lighter, began lighting candles all around the bedroom. Buffy was aware that the drapes were tightly drawn. The candles lent a soft glow around a surprisingly pretty bedroom. A dresser, vanity and armoire in a warm golden oak were placed throughout the room. But pride of place was held by the king-sized bed.

Spike finished lighting the candles and went to the bed. Buffy watched in bemusement as he removed the pillow shams and then turned down the bed revealing crisp linen sheets.

Turning to her, he nervously ran a hand through his hair. "'S this okay, Slayer?"

Buffy nodded, her mouth suddenly dry. She couldn't have uttered a word if her life depended on it. Then Spike was there in front of her. Lifting up his hand he said softly, "I absolutely have to now, Buffy."

Looking into his eyes, she nodded her head. Holding her face gently in one hand, he lowered his head and took her mouth. The kiss was so sweet. He didn't force his tongue into her mouth, just lightly swept his lips over hers. When she willingly parted her lips, he pressed a little harder, letting his tongue trace over her lips and into her sweet, hot mouth. They touched the tips of their tongues together lightly, causing moans to escape from mouths now closely pressed together.

Spike's hands moved over her body and finally came to rest on her back pulling her tighter against him. Buffy pulled her mouth from his so that she could gasp for breath. Spike took the opportunity to trail hot kisses down her neck and across her collarbone. Buffy didn't understand. He was a vampire, how could his kisses be so hot? Was he picking up her own heat and reflecting it back to her?

Buffy's head was thrown back, exposing her vulnerable neck to his questing mouth. But she wasn't afraid. He could have killed her any number of times. Tricking her into coming here with him just to kill her? Buffy never even considered it.

Buffy heard moans and realized that they were coming from her. Turning her head she sought out his mouth once again, kissing him deeply while clinging to him as if he were the only thing holding her safely on the ground.

Spike bent his knees slightly and swept his arms beneath her legs. Lifting her up, he carried her over to the bed and gently placed her on the mattress. Following her down, he covered her body with his own all the while loving her with his mouth. Buffy became aware that he still had on his leather duster and she began pushing at it, trying to force it off his body. Spike pulled back for a moment and shrugged out of it. Buffy heard it slither onto the floor but paid no more attention to it. She was too busy trying to move her hands under his shirt, along the firm muscles of his back.

Spike ran his hand down her leg and up under the hem of her short skirt. Lifting her leg so that it bent slightly at the knee, he roamed up her thigh to her firm rounded ass. God, he felt as if he were going to explode he was so hot for her. The little sounds she was making every time he touched her were like flames licking around his sensitive nerve endings. By now the kissing was hard and wet and desperate. Pulling his hand out from under her skirt, he began to remove her blouse. He wanted to taste flesh, to suckle at her breasts. Buffy lifted up to ease the removal of her top and bra. Then lying back down, she moaned and arched her back as he pulled one taunt nipple into his mouth.

Spike sucked and licked and nibbled at first one nipple then the other. Buffy was mad for his touch. Needing to feel more than the clothing that covered him, she began pulling roughly at his t-shirt, tugging it out of the waistband of his jeans. When she had finally loosened it, she ran her hands and nails over his smooth, muscular back.

Spike jerked away from her and tore his outer shirt off his arms tossing it aside, then grabbing the hem of his t-shirt he ripped it over his head, throwing it aside to join his other garments.

Reaching for Buffy he pulled her head up to his chest. "Lick me Buffy, taste me, luv, please," he begged. Buffy lathed her hot tongue over his nipples, sucking as he had just done to her. A groan came from Spike as he felt flames of desire shoot all the way down to his cock.

All pretense of gentleness left them now. All they were aware of was a burning need. Tugging, pulling, scratching, biting, they quickly dispensed with the rest of their clothing. Flesh calling to flesh, they merged together. Buffy opened her legs wide to allow him to settle between her aching thighs. Spike's mouth was everywhere. Trailing kisses and licks and nibbles he moved from neck to breast to belly. Buffy was crying out now, begging for him to give her the release her body so desperately craved. When his head started to go even lower, she grabbed his hair and pulled.

"What are you doing?"

"Shhh, luv. You'll see. Trust me," Spike rasped out. Moving down he started kissing her inner thigh. Up to the juncture between leg and crotch he planted hot wet kisses over every inch of flesh. When he moved his head between her thighs, Buffy cried, "No!" and tried to close her legs.

"Trust me, Buffy, trust me," Spike moaned again and then his mouth was there. And, oh God, Buffy thought she was going to die. Never had she felt anything like this. Angel had touched her with his hands and had then entered her, but this, oh sweet Jesus, this was like nothing ever. Spike's tongue caressed her and flicked short hard licks against her clit. Going down even farther, he pushed it into her dripping wet passage.

Licking, sucking, pressing her with his tongue, Buffy felt things too marvelous, too intense to even understand. Then something began to build. She could not even control her reactions anymore. Bucking her hips against his mouth, she was pulling his hair and pushing his head at the same time.

"Ahhh, ahhhh, arrrrrrgggggh!" Her climax was so strong that her body completely lifted off the bed. Back bowed, feet flat on the mattress, her hips pushed up into his face while wave after wave of the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced ripped through her body.

Spike rode out the waves, mouth still firmly affixed to her clitoris. Tongue lapping at her flowing come, he barely held off his own climax. When Buffy began to relax he crawled up her body and settle himself between her thighs. Pushing himself into her, he marveled how tight she was even soaking wet. Inch by inch he insert himself into her all the while kissing her and murmuring sweet words into her ears. When he had at last fully seated himself in her, he rested, allowing her to adjust to him and him to compose himself.

Lifting his head he stared into her eyes as he began to move. Sliding his hand down, he pulled her legs up so that they were wrapped around his back, first the right and then the left. Slowing flexing his hips, he pulled almost all the way back and then plunged completely into her as far as he could go. Again and again and again; lift, plunge, lift, plunge.

Buffy had barely recovered from her climax, but this new sensation was pulling her up again. Thrusting with him, she clung to him. Arms and legs wrapped around him, she hung on riding with him. Lowering his head, Spike moved faster and faster, changing angles, changing pace until he found what he was looking for.

At Buffy's strangled cry he looked into her eyes and saw that he had found that special bundle of nerves inside her. Increasing his pace he saw that she was climbing higher and higher. Her breath was labored and her nails dug deeply into his back drawing blood. Inarticulate sound escaped her throat as she was carried away by Spike's thrusts. Spike pounded harder, harder, deeper, deeper, until with a scream she locked up under him. The spasms of her climax grabbed hold of his cock and caused him to cry out in pleasure-pain. A few more thrusts and he found his own release. With a loud growl, he filled her and then collapsed.

Chapter 10

Buffy became aware that Spike was a boneless mass on top of her. Her legs were splayed out on either side of his and her arms were still tightly wrapped around his back. As she tried to control her breathing, he weakly lifted his head to stare at her.

"You okay?" he asked softly.

Buffy smiled nervously, feeling a little embarrassed now. "Yeah, I think so. You?"

Spike brushed her hair back from her face and leaned down to lightly kiss her swollen lips. "I think I'll do," he answered.

Realizing that he was crushing her into the mattress, he rolled off her with a groan. One hand rested on his firm stomach while his other grabbed Buffy's. Intertwining their fingers, he pulled her hand to his mouth and placed a tender kiss upon it.

Turning his head to face her he smiled and said, "I knew it would be bloody marvelous with you."

Buffy looked at him for a second then turned her head away and said in a barely audible voice, "Did it seem like I was a pro?"

Spike looked at her curiously wondering where that particular question had come from. Rolling over onto his side, he place one finger under her chin and pulled her face back around till she was looking at him again.

"Why do you ask that, luv? I know you haven't had much experience."

Buffy blushed and tried to turn away from him again, but Spike merely held her in place and said again, "Why do you ask that?"

Buffy swallowed hard and then with tears in her eyes said, "Angel said..."


Startled by the violence in his voice, Buffy looked up to see Spike's eyes had gone demon yellow.

"Don't you dare bring his name up while you're here in bed with me," Spike spat.

Slightly frightened by his reaction, she stuttered, "You wanted to know why I asked..."

Closing his eyes, Spike tried to rein in his temper. "Are you telling me that Angel said you were like a pro after your first time with him?" Spike asked.

Buffy merely nodded too humiliated to answer. Spike heaved a deep sigh and said, "Was it Angel that said that or Angelus?"

As Buffy eyes widened, he knew what the answer was. "Angelus said that to hurt you, Buffy. Don't think about it again."

"But you said I was 'marvelous'. What does that mean?"

Spike grinned at her wickedly. "I didn't say you were marvelous, luv, I said the it was marvelous with you. Of course, I guess you did have something to do with it."

Buffy nibbled uncertainly at her bottom lip and then asked, "So I wasn't any good?"

Spike sighed again, determined that the next time he saw Angelus he was going to drive a stake right into the bastard's heart. Rolling onto his back, he pulled Buffy with him, wrapping one arm around her.

As Buffy cuddled against him, Spike told her, "Buffy, you were wonderful, luv. But you have a lot to learn about sex." Turning his head he gave her a knowing smirk and added, "And I'm going to teach you all about it tonight."


Buffy's scream echoed throughout the room as she reached another climax. It could have been her tenth or her twentieth that night. She had lost count. This time he had her on her hands and knees while he entered her from behind. His hands had stroked breasts, belly and clitoris while his cock had once again found her g-spot and massaged it with long, hard thrusts. Spots had formed in front of Buffy's eyes, as the blood had seemed to drain from her head and settle around her swollen pussy. Spike soon followed her into release and collapsed onto his side, pulling Buffy with him.

She wasn't sure just how much more she could take. Every nerve ending was sensitized to his touch. She didn't think there was an inch of skin on her body that he wasn't now intimately familiar with. Even her feet proved to be erogenous zones when it came to Spike. Who knew that someone sucking on your toes could be so stimulating?

This last time had started with Spike rolling her onto her stomach, straddling her and then gently massaging her shoulders. As he lightly stoked her, he leaned down and pressed soft kisses to flesh just kneaded by his hands. Lower and lower he stroked and kissed. When he had reached her ass, he had added sharp little nips. Spreading her legs, he had then lain flat on his stomach and pushed his tongue forward until he was licking her from underneath. Buffy had started sobbing as the tension in her built up. She wanted him to stop, but if he had she would have staked him. At last, when she was sure she would go insane with pleasure, he had pulled her up, positioned her and then entered her. His hands rubbed, pinched, stroked and held her firmly in place as she at last succumbed to her pleasure.

Now lying cuddled up against him once more, she noticed that light was beginning to filter from behind the curtains. "It's morning," she murmured tiredly.

"Yeah, just about," Spike answer. "Little while yet till the sun's up though. Time enough for a shower before we get dressed."

Buffy moaned, not sure that she had the strength to stand, let alone shower and dress.

Spike chuckled softly. "Come on, Slayer. Where's that supernatural stamina you're supposed to have."

"I think I've been showing it to you all night, Spike," she groaned. "You haven't given me much rest, you know."

Spike leaned forward and pressed a kiss at the point between her neck and shoulder. "One night only, Slayer. I'm a greedy dog, y'know. Wanted as much as I could get."

Sighing, Buffy turned around to face him. "You'll keep your word then?" she asked. "You'll leave and not come back?"

Pushing her hair back from her face, he brushed his thumb over her cheek. "Yeah, if that's what you really want, Buffy. I'll leave as soon as I drop you off."

Buffy was silent for a while. Spike began to have the faint hope that she would ask him to stay. But Buffy was made of sterner stuff than that. This night had been a cure for what ailed her, a sick passion for an undead monster. She would not allow herself to think of it as anything else.

"It's best if you go, Spike. I couldn't allow you to stay, to hunt and feed in my town and not take you out. You know that."

Spike closed is eyes and pulled her close to him again. Wrapping his arms around her he held her for a few minutes, then said, "You rested enough to shower now, pet?"

Nodding her head, Buffy moved from his arms, got out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. Spike watched, feeling a loneliness he didn't understand. She was just a little human girl after all. There were plenty more where she came from. He would be better off with another vampire anyway. Someone with whom he could hunt, enjoy the spoils of the kill, and then fuck on the bodies. He was evil and he reveled in it.

Wiping away moisture from his face that he hadn't even realized was there, he went to join Buffy in the shower.

The End

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